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Friday, December 28, 2007

Only Love Remains

When all aspects of this life inevitably crumble and melt into the void , all that remains is reality itself ! And what is that reality ? It is nothing other than Love. When you truly Love , you connect to that ultimate reality and become one with your own essential nature which lives eternally in that love ! So let go of all thoughts , emotions , and things that prevent you from realizing the eternal Love that you are and that you were born from! Be totally here and let the eternity blossom from the depths of your heart and soul !!!

My Ascension

Let it be as it should !

Karmic Cleansing

The true purpose of our inner work and practice is to cleanse all our karma from past thoughts , actions , and lives which keep us bound to samsara ( dualistic consciousness )! Through this process of cleansing we can open a way out of this bondage into the true and eternal freedom of nirvana ( unitive consciousness )! The direct and most powerful way to cleanse is by meeting each life situation with joy and compassion , no matter how challenging or difficult the circumstance , and emanating that energy !!! Another equally important factor in this process is the motive or intent by which we practice . When our motives are limited to the little me , our results will be limited as well. When we practice not only for ourselves but for the higher self and collective human consciousness , our results will be boundless and unlimited . So when we rejoice or we suffer , do so together with all humanity . That way your joy and compassion will grow and be strong , and your power of emanation will burn up all karmic blockages. As these blockages are released heaven's freedom will descend upon you !!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Tao of Male / Female Relationships

Man's dominant energy is yang ( aggressive , assertive , active ) while woman's is yin ( passive , receptive , responsive ). However each has the seed of the opposite energy, otherwise life could not flow or function in harmony and balance! If man is always dominant , the woman's yang will feel suffocated and repressed . If the woman is always dominant , the man's yang will feel weak and impotent ! If the man's yang energy is balanced an in alignment with heaven , the woman's yin should function in harmony and beauty. If the man's yang is not aligned however , the woman's yang will naturally activate and create resistence. This then becomes the basis for conflict ! If both have realized the balance of yin/yang within themselves , their relations with others will be balanced and harmonious as well . Therefore imbalance within manifests as disharmony and conflict without ! This also applies to heaven and earth energy as well. The supreme purpose of humanity is to balance heaven's energy and earth's energy centered on heart ( shimjung ) ! When this happens the flowering of the soul essence can be realized and manifest !!!

Domestic Relations

Almost all romantic relationships have moments of great joy as well as moments of difficulty and conflict ! Most start with a spark of love fever and slowly develop over time into ego based co-dependency ! This eventually leads to divorce or to something worse , ego love prison , where both are very unhappy but afraid to leave out of fear of loss. However , even this kind of situation can be turned into a great blessing if one or both partners realize that life is a great Love workshop! In other words , they turn their relationship into a spiritual practice ( darshan ) by learning the art of spiritual alchemy. This is done by cleansing and purifying the neediness or dependency out of the love! To love is our nature and birthright! To love purely and unconditionally is what makes us divine ! When you can love the other with no agenda or outcome in mind , with no attachment to the result , heaven will descend and emerge through your heart chakra turning your love into a great awakening of divine bliss and serenity !!! Your partner becomes your portal into your soul and vice versa ! So no matter how hard or painful it may seem , cherish them from this perspective !

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Momentary Glance

With one brief glance accross the table yesterday , I could see and feel the love from my beloved !!! I knew immediately of our profound heart connection and realized that this is all I need . That one momentary glance from her deep and precious eyes gave me a sense of complete satisfaction and serenity ! Anything thing more is just a great blessing from heaven ! I am fulfilled !!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Nature of Your Work

What is the nature of your work and where is it's focus ! Our first three chakras represent survival , pleasure , and accomplishment or power ! Most of humanity is focused on working with this focus , especially survival and pleasure . The higher chakras ( heart , throat , third eye , and crown ) represent our spiritual life and aspirations . The heart is focused on love , kindness , and compassion , the throat creative expression , the third eye clairvoyance and intuition , and the crown awakening and connection to the higher self! If your work can be centered in one or all of the higher chakras , it becomes sacred work !!! Sacred work has a greater purpose and higher vibration than the baseline ego centered survival/pleasure game that most of us play ! Through trusting life more deeply , you have the potential to transform and experience the profound bliss and deep compassion of sacred work . Every word and action then becomes a portal through which life can reveal the divine nature of existence ! As St. Francis prayed " Lord make me an instrument of Thy Peace " . This work is within reach of all of us !!!

The Great Let Go !

Spiritual awakening is all about letting go or divesting ourselves of the things that keep our consciousness bound to the world of form! These are material things , mental concepts and fixed positions , emotional dependencies or attachments , and self images based on the psuedo self or ego and its idealized version of itself ! From societies normal perspective letting go means losing something or giving up , and is not regarded with positive connotations ! However, this process is based on the realiztion that letting go is not losing ! Letting go is a sort of cleansing of illusory thinking and perception ! In other words by letting go , that which is real is never lost and that which is not can be freed from our consciousness so that we can see life as it is in crystal clarity ! The resulting freedom that arises through this process becomes the ground or space through which nirvana is realized ! The transition from samsara to nirvana can only travel through this narrow path . Once you are on this sacred path , don't look back ! There is nothing but illusion back there !!!

Have You Had Enough ?

Only when you have had enough , can you realize you are buddha ! Buddha is not looking for something ! Buddha is not fulfilling some dream or desire ! Buddha is not lacking for anything , therefore he/she needs nothing ! Buddha is reality in all its splendor and completeness !!! Rest in that place of abundance where all of life is available and manifesting through your soul essence ! This is where you and the transcendant peace of buddha meet forever ! It is the only eternal reality and you are that !!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Basis of Life

On what basis do you create your life ? Or, in other words , what voice do you listen to , your ego mind or your soul essence ? We are all co-creators of our eternal life ! If we are not successful in this life , we will return in another to continue on the path to eternity! What we create based on ego is impermanent and will never last ! What we create through our soul is eternal and can never be destroyed ! It sounds so simple ! Just listen to the inner voice of the soul and we will find our true way ! In reality it is not that easy ! We must first recognize the difference between ego and soul ! In other words we must wake up to our real identity at the soul level. It is a kind of refinement or sifting. This sifting process is almost impossible without meditation. Through meditation we can separate and clense our mind and consciousness so that our true reality can emerge! Without it the ego basically remains in control as the master !


Posessiveness is the real heart of the disfunction of humanity ! We are constantly trying to posess the different things in our life , money , material goods , people , concepts etc. in an effort to alleviate our basic sense of insecurity . This insecurity comes from being identified with the ego whom we mistake for who we are! The ego knows that it is subject to the birth and death of the life form . The ego based society is then functioning from a sense of lack or inadequacy. That forms the basis for the competitive " dog eat dog " society we all live in !When we know our deeper reality and soul essence , we know that life is one and eternal ! This oneness forms the basis of a sense of abundance which then translates into sharing , giving , and cooperation !!! That is why all the great spiritual traditions have taught non-attachment and charity as an antidote for this disfunctional ego posessiveness !!! When you give and let go with no agenda or attachment , you begin to feel a deeper sense of peace and oneness with life in your inner being. As you go deeper into it , you eventually reach the Joy and Bliss of Being , which is beyond form and circumstance . When you posess nothing , you have everything ! That is the basic dialectic of life !!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

For Whom do You Cry ?

When you cry , ask yourself this question ! Am I crying for myself or am I crying for others ! The tears shed for the self are the tears of the ego , and the tears shed for others are the tears of your eternal essence and soul. When you cry for yourself you can connect that energy to the soul level by realizing that your own suffering can be a bridge to help understand the suffering of others ! This will help you develope deeper compassion and soul energy !!! When you cry for others out of deep compassion , a deep clensing of your own karma will help you grow and be liberated from future suffering ! So your tears are a very precious thing! Cherish them!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Living in the Eternal Moment

We are all living in one eternal moment ! Within that moment its form is constantly changing and manifesting in a beautiful variety of ways! However, it is not totally predestined from heaven! Life allows us all the freedom and responsibilty to be co-creators of the changing manifestation! In that way your emanation is like sitting on the razors edge. It can manifeat as unconscious ego thouht or behavior , or it can manifest as a real emanation of your heart and soul , which is buddha nature!There is no middle ground or category possible ! So one question to frequently reflect on is this . What kind of energy am I manifesting now , ego or buddha? This is the key to begin to recognize who you truly are!!!!


Non-forgiveness both of ourselves and others keeps us trapped in ego consciousness! Forgiveness on the other hand takes yur energy and consciousness directly to your buddha nature that exists deep within your soul! Let's face it life is not perfect nor was it ever meant to be! We are all subject to mistakes , mishaps and difficulties fronm time to time! If we get stuck in the victim identity or obsessed with the blame game, we make a temporary situation of unconscious behavior or thought ,become sticky and linger much longer than necessary! Difficulties arise so that our soul may learn and grow brighter and stronger! Life gives us these temporary impasses out of love and compassion , not as a punishment of some sort. After going through these difficulties , there will come a time to forgive and move on!This will probably be a time of many tears , however those tears are essential to cleanse the karma associated with the difficulty and grow to the next stage! As you learn to forgive , the compassion of your true buddha nature will grow and bless you whole being! This was one of the most profound secrets of Jesus life ! So Be That !!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Marriage is about a loving committment and devotion to the partner based on compassion ! It is about a shared vision of life and a unity of consciousness! It is the basis for each of us to become engaged in the most beautiful aspect of life , the creation of another human being !!! Through this process life allows us to participate in the miracle of giving birth to a newborn child and thus experience ourselves as co-creators ! What a tremendous joy and blessing ! Our bodies , minds , hearts , and spirits are the vehicle through which life itself works its magic!!!When you experience this deep realization , there can be no doubt that we are all one! We are Life itself !!! As the buddha said there is no separate self! There is no my life ! Marriage is the life workshop where we learn love , compassion , and the unity of all creation as one cosmic symphony !!! Although we may play different instruments in the orchestra of life , the focus and purpose is on the creation and enjoyment of the music !!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finding our Common Center

When one moves from the periphery & circumstantial reality of their ego based life story , and moves to the center or real soul based reality , they are moving to a common ground with others . Your center is not your own ! It is what Carl Jung called " collective consciousness " . The tool or means to make this inward journey is meditation in all it's various forms or practices ! This includes "zazen" just sitting , mantra , yantra , as well as moving meditations like yogassanna , tai chi , & kigong ! The center is like the deep part of the ocean , peaceful and still! The periphery is like the waves or ripples on the surface. When you reach the depths of meditation , you naturally feel a sense of connectness with others that is non-conceptual! In other words you are not trying to become one with others based on a concept or teaching. You are experiencing the reality of immersion in our common center ! Therefore so called spiritual awakening or advancement doesn't create a sense of superiority or distance . Just the opposite is true ! A real sense of closeness and unitive consciousness is the natural by product of moving to our common center !!!

Caring vs. Worrying

To some caring and worrying are the same thing . However , this is not the case from my viewpoint ! They have a totally different energy about them . When you are aligned with life and universal life energy, it is natural to feel care and concern for others out of a sense of the interconnectedness of all things & people. Worry on the other hand generally originates out of a concern for the self as a separate entity or consciousness , which is illusion fundamentally. Worry is an emanation of a fundamntal lack of trust or faith in life , because of the perceived separateness of the ego! It is characterized by anxiousness , unease , and sometimes anxiety or panic ! Concern & care arise out of compassion for the other !!! Do not confuse a lack of worry with a lack of caring ! They are fundamentally different ! In a real sense a true lack of worry is an emanation of a profound trust and faith in Life , because we are all one Life!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Being Agnostic

There is a certain aspect of agnostiscism that is essential to be human . A true agnostic is open to all the possibilties of life ! They are not stuck in potentially limited viewpoints or concepts . They are not attached to dogmas or traditions that imprison their consciousness and diminish their perception of reality ! When we are to too certain about life , we may just be trying to compensate for our fear of the unknown .We may be looking to appease the uneasiness and anxiety we create by our mental fixation on the future , which is just an illusion ! There are no guarantees in this world . Only that our form is impermanent and will eventually return to mother earth from where it came . So embrace the unknown and the idea of not knowing . Embrace the impermanance . Life may then embrace you back with peace and bliss of the joy of being !!!

My Beloved

Whenever we are together it is as if the spring has just blossomed in my heart. When you speak , the sound of your voice goes right to the bottom of my soul and vibrates there in ecstatic bliss . When I see your face , it is as if the face of the divine is looking at me , and when you smile it is as if heaven has opened up and is shining down on my whole being with the radiant splendor of a million suns!!!
You are my beloved ! I love you with every part of my heart and soul and every ounce of my being ! I don't understand why , but heaven has blessed my life with the grace of your presence ! Each day and every moment we have together is like an eternal and unforgetable memory burned into the very fabric of my soul! And although we may never truly be together as one flesh , we are already completely one in our soul essence!!! I will cherish forever each smile , every smell , the sound of your laughter and your gentle loving embrace as our journey together unfolds in all its mystery and majesty !!!

Sobul's Mission

Sobul's mission is simple . To help cure humanity of the disease of ego disfunction , and allow the divine soul essence of each human being to be recognized and blossom !!! It is this disfunction that causes the ego to create a psuedo self image and identity , and place itself in the center of the human mind and consciousness. This then obscures awareness of the true essential nature and identity at the real human center which is the soul ! Each one of us has an external form , including thoughts and emotions , and an internal character or essence which is invisible !This is called our buddha nature which is inherent in each person . When a person awakens to the reality of their real identity at this level , the ego can then function in its proper role and place as the middle manager of the human being , not the master!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let Your Being Shine Forth

Every moment , which is always now the one eternal moment , we can consciously choose to live in the dream of the mind based ego drama , or we can allow our inner being to shine forth from the depths of our soul essence. In reality it is in no one's hands except our own , what we choose to emanate , heaven or hell ! If you feel trapped in misery or suffering , know that the inner power of your being is stronger than any darkness that the ego can muster. It is kind of like ice . It seems so hard and solid at first , however with the shining brilliance of your soul essence that ice will be melted down into a pool of beautiful water and the warmth and radiance of life will shine forth like a thousand stars from within! So let that shine forth now !!!!

Heaven is not Far

Most of us think of heaven as a far off place where we go after we die . We think of it as some kind of reward for good behavior or for our faith in this life . However , heaven is really not so far away as that ! Heaven resides in the center of your being ! It dwells in the bottom of your soul and the souls of all human beings!And how could it be otherwise ?
Each one of us has the ability to access that divine dimension within us. Unfortunately because of our spiritual slumber , and our addiction to living based on a psuedo self called ego , it goes along as a relatively unknown part of life where we only occasionally see it surface. However , if you are very attentative and know where to look , it will unveil itself in all its beauty and splendor right before your eyes. When we put aside our ego dramas and live from the genuine depth of our soul , by allowing that to come forth and blossom , heaven will manifest in your life and spread accross the face of the earth like a gentle breeze of the most fragrant perfume !!! It will raise you up to a place of the greatest joy and bliss that is beyond your wildest imaginination ! Fortunately for humanity , that day is soon at hand ! Be part of it !!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Long Way To Go

There is a long way to go !

But, the path is the goal , the goal is the path !

Yes, however there is a long way to go !

But , the path is the goal , the goal is the path

the path is the goal

Still a long way to go !

A long way to go yet the path is the goal and the goal is the path ,

the path is the goal and the goal is the path !

Ahhhh , but still a long way to go !!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Hands & the Penis

The hands and the penis ,for males, & vagina for females, are just tools of, and connected to the heart! Through these primary tools we are given the chance to express our divinity, or to express our disfunctional, ego based ,unconscious mind! On the surface they seem totally unrelated , however the connection is important to realize on the spiritual path ! Untold misery can be created and manifested through them . as well as untold bliss and joy ! When you are rooted in the joy of being and connected to your soul essence , they will naturally function as the divine instruments of their original purpose of creation ! As such they are a very sacred place where heaven resides . The same hand that prays for humanity,however , can also strike out in anger , and the same penis that loves with unconditional compassion the beloved , can rape in a massive , destructive , domination of the partner! Please treat these tools with the utmost respect and reverance when you choose to use them !!!


When the french philospher Descarte wrote " I think therefore I am ' he basically got it ass backwards from my perspective . From my view it should be " I am therefore I can use thinking to to manage my life affairs , or I can choose to rise above thought and rest in a place beyond thinking , A place of pure conscious awareness which is the ground of primordial purity from which all thought and manifestation arise ". Thinking arises from being ! Not the other way around!

Letting Time Slip Away

As you let time slip away , you let go of the illusion of time and slip into the timeless dimension of eternity , which is now. In that dimension you may find that it is not empty or void , but fully pregnant with all the potentiality of creation . It is from this source all manifestation arises ! It is from here all peace originates ! It is from here all joy and bliss emanates ! It is here that you are yourself in all original purity. It is here that you connect to the eternal !!!
A place of no fear , doubt or distress ! So Be It !!!

Nothing Sticky

Real pure heavenly love is not sticky ! It has no other agenda than to love the other unconditionally ! The are no strings attached , no hidden agendas or posessiveness to it . When you give freely from this place , you give with your whole being and then drop the memory of your giving ! It is based in the reality that we are all one life without any separate , or ego consciousness. In a way when you give to so called others, you are really giving to yourself as well ! When you see the suffering of others , you feel it as your own as well ! This is the basis of compassion and the way of the boddhisatva !!!

Only the Ego Suffers

Only the ego suffers ! Your soul essence is made of love and bliss ! Although it can experience longing or missing along with a full range of positive emotions, it cannot experience psychological suffering. When you think that you are suffering deep emotional trauma such as loneliness , bitterness , hatred , anxiety , etc. , this is not coming from your real self . It is coming from your identification with the ego, which is not personal. It is a collective phenomena of all humanity ! It functions exactly the same in all human beings ! So when you feel it suffer within your being , rejoice as this is the pain of disidentification from the addiction to egoic consciousness . It is almost like coming clean off of heroine or some other chemical intoxicant. Just on the other side of the tremendous pain is the peace and joy of being as you can finally realize who you truly are at your soul essence ! So try your best to embrace this pain , which will start the alchemical process of transmuting that suffering into spiritual food for your awakening and liberation !
LET IT BE !!!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Realm of the Heart lll

This morning our master called again from Korea . He asked if my wife's heart was okay or not ! My wife at the time was on an airplane to california to visit her niece . I told master Khan that as far as I knew she was okay, that I had no knowledge of any problem with her heart ! After hanging up the phone with him ,five minutes later, my wife called me from her stopover in Phoenix AZ. She said that about 30 minutes earlier she had had heart palpitations and a racing pulse , but that she was fine after she rested and meditated a bit ! Once again there is no time and space in the realm of the heart !!!

Monday, November 05, 2007


The need for disillusionment is created by the fact that our minds are always creating an illusory or psuedo self ! It is much easier and safer to live in the mind based egoic consciousness than it is to live genuinely from the reality of our heart and soul , or so it seems to the ego! It takes tremendous courage to awaken our deepest essence or real self and allow it to blossom fully! The only way out of the self imposed prison of the mind is to have the illusions disolve so there is nothing left but the bare naked truth of who we are ! So when disillusionment visits you , rejoice the fact that reality it not far away, and that life is waking you up to your true soul essence !!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sobul's Creed

As taught by my master : Trusting Compassion !

1. I will honor, love, and support the essential life energy in all human and
sentient beings, and all creation

2. I am devoted to and love my master, and will do my best to inherit the lineage
of infinite love through him

3. I am devoted to and love my twin soul as one life essence

4. I am devoted to and love my wife and children with the same infinite love

May our work enhance and hasten the awakening of all humanity !!!!!

Eternal Life Energy

Science has proven that energy cannot be destroyed ! It only changes the way it is manifested ! We can also see that at our very core or essence , we are soul energy beyond all illusory identifications with form ! The reality of eternal life is therefore not simply a matter of religious faith ! It is a fact of existence and reality ! The question is not whether eternal life is true , it is whether you realize it or not! Eventually you will know it in the core of your being ! That will be the day of your liberation !!!!

Our Journey Home

From the moment of our birth we are on a rendevous with death at some point ! We don't know when that meeting will take place , only that it is inevitable! So what is the whole reason or purpose for this journey , if it inevitably brings us back to where we started , back to the realm of the unmanifested ? This question has been pondered throughout the ages . In my view there is only one simple answer . We take this journey lifetime after lifetime , circumstance after circumstance , for our soul essence to blossom into complete wisdom and creativity. At the point of this extraordinary soul realization , we can then choose to rest or return to help other soul's on the same journey. That return is called the way of compassion or the way of the boddhisatva !

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Realm of the Heart cont'

Today it happened again ! I was thinking about a friend who is suffering and needing time and space to heal ! I thought to myself even if I never speak or hear from them again for the rest of my life I will send them healing energy every day until I die ! I then began to weep uncontrolably as I was driving to the store . At that moment they called and told me not to worry , that they would be okay !!! My heart was releived and lifted in that eternal moment of heart!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Realm of Heart

On monday this week our master flew back to his homeland of Korea ! As we said our final goodbye's and he walked thru the security gate to board his plane , we all started to weep uncontolably . He then waved a final farwell and disappeared into the plane boarding area ! At that moment I felt my heart chakra open like it had never before and the energy of deep compassion flowing powerfully thru me! I felt him totally enter the depths of my being and rest there!
The next day as I was driving home with my wife and friend , I started thinking of him and missing him intensely! Again my eyes burst open and a flood of tears rushed down my face ! It become almost impossible to drive and stay on the road. Our friend then said to my wife in Korean " master Khan just woke up and is missing Sobul". The very next moment after she said that the phone rang! It was master Khan from Korea calling ! He said " How are you?" He said that he had just fallen asleep one hour earlier and in his sleep he felt our love energy emanating so strongly that it woke him up and he had to call!!! I then said to him as I struggled to speak" There is no time and space in the realm of heart"!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For the Love of Nothing

If you were to tell a friend that you were in love with nothing , they probably would look at you as if you had a few screws loose in the head! We are all so accustomed to loving the things in life that for most it borders on obsession. We are addicted to things of all kinds shapes and sizes , physical forms , mental concepts and projections , and especially our emotions both positive & negative!It is this addiction or attachment that is really the fundamental disorder in the human psyche ! Most spiritual traditions , and especially eastern esoteric ones teach the concept of non- attachment which somehow will loosen the egos grip on the mind and lead to spiritual freedom. From my perspective we should actually go a couple of steps further . The first step would be feeling comfortable with having or pursuing nothing , followed by total embrace and love for nothing! This again sounds ludicrous to the rational mind , however nothing really means " no thing " or no objective reality ! In other words the only thing that nothing can be is supreme subjectivity or creative potential , otherwise it would be something and bound to the world objective form! By loving nothing we are actually loving our own unmanifested ground of potentiality that is the space that allows our creativity to be manifested ! Aha ! Now we are getting to the heart of it all ! The only real antidote for our addiction to things , is to love "no thing" . That is the path out of darkness and into peace and real freedom ,the peace that transcends all and has no opposite!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Awakening or enlightenment is ultimately about transcendence ! What keeps us bound in the world of samasra ( duality ) is our attachment to the forms of life including mental concepts and sticky emotions ! One of the greatest challenges and profound opportunities is when you fall totally in love with someone ! A love that makes you feel an inner flame and uncontrollable passion burning within your inner being. A love that makes you long to hear their voice , see their beautiful face and feel their bright abundant energy filling every pore and cell of your body and soul with the music of bliss!!! A love that brings you to the edge of losing your mind and hopelessly surrendering your total being to your beloved ! By passing through this most narrow of gates , you may find as you let go even of this love , that that love is not lost as you may intially fear ! You may find that that love is purified and tranformed !!! You may finally realize that that which is real cannot be lost ,and that which is not real , you never had anyway at all !!! Beyond that gate of total surrender lies a greater Love that has no opposite , That has no agenda or conditions of engagement , and has no stickiness to it whatsoever ! This is called compassion . Compassion happens when human love meets and surrenders to meditation ! It happens when you truly realize that all life is connected and divine ! It happens when you see the divinity within your inner being and recognize it in all of humanity . If you realize this connection , compassion naturally flows abundantly from your heart chakra into everyone you meet and all life that you see and encounter!!! The memory of life before this becomes an empty shell of useless existence , a kind of preliminary look into death . Life after this is then recognized as it is , eternal , and you are that !!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Real Love

Real love is not something you can gain or possess! It is also something you cannot lose ! It flows automatically from heart to heart when all dualistic consciousness is transcended and oneness consciousness is realized ! You are Love itself !!! It is your soul's essence ! It is felt and emanates from within you as you recover your connection to the original Source energy of Life ! Any other so called love is just human ego drama , as we look in the wrong place searching to be fulfilled from outside our own being ! To recover that love you must look deep within your heart and soul beyond your thinking mind to the place of silence and stillness . That is Love's home within. The direct path home is through meditation !!!The journey within is the greatest adventure of all ! Go there with courage and sincerity !!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Balancing Spiritual Paths

The Vedic path is predominantly focused on the experience of Divine Bliss ! The Buddhist path is one of understanding and compassion. Taoists focus on understanding nature and Qi or life energy in its many forms. When one can successfully balance all of these , they have truly become a real master and can open the way for many to be awakened to there Soul Essence!!! The key is finding that central point where we can recover our direct connection to the True Source and live from that! Heaven will then blossom and spread from heart to heart and soul to soul! That day is now at hand!!!!

Sincere Devotion

Central to almost all spiritual paths is the practice of sincere devotion ! Yogananda called it Bakti Yoga! It is the path of love & compassion that is inherited by transmission from master to devotee! To find such a master and experience this direct transmission is one of the most precious and profound things to experience on the spiritual journey!!! Remember , though , your devotion is for your growth and benefit , not for the master. A true master receives it from you as a conduit or representative of the Divine, not for his or her personal benefit! Also your devotion should be offered with the utmost sincerity , unblemished by expectation or personal agenda. When this pure connection is made , Life will become full of magic and synchronicity ,and heaven will dance with joy! Through this path you can be filled with infinite love that has no boundaries!!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beginner's Mind

In Zen it is taught to greet each moment with a beginner's mind. Jesua also taught to enter the kingdom , we must be as a child , pure simple consciousness. It is from that place that true humility arises! When we psychologically bring our past into the present , we slowly build up an ego armour that separates us from reality. It can manifest as a subtle arrogance of mind masquerading as knowledge! A beginner's mind starts with letting go of the past! We can use our memories as helpful tools in dealing with the practical aspects of life. When our memories , traumas and experiences create emotional or psychological barriers in our consciousness, it is best to just drop them and begin again with a pure mind and heart! Life can then remain as it is , fresh and vibrant!!!

The Shades of Love

There are many shades of love in the vast spectrum of life! From the instinctual fire of raw sexuality , to the divine heart and compassion of Jesus and the Buddha, we are meant to experience and grow in all of these tastes of Love. Be careful not to inprison love in your own mind based constraints or limitations !!! The experience of love will go deeper and higher, with no end, as long as you keep your heart open and allow it to happen. Surrender to that possibility in all its vulnerability , tenderness and blissful glory. As Osho said " when love meets meditation , compassion is truly born " .Then and only then , will you know life as it is.


The obstacles to finding God are not outside yourself! They are within your own mind , heart and energy system ! You cannot become like God. You already are God at your center or core. The path is not going outside, it is going within! When you encounter limitations both mental & emotional, know that as you go deeper & through these doors of consciousness , God is waiting for you in non-duality!!! He/She is rooting for you to transcend the barriers of illusory separation , and come home to who you are! You are an inseparable part of the the universe and cosmos. The same power , grace , and compassion that created the planets and vast stars in the heavens , created you!!! Everything exists in an interdepent flow of cosmic life energy!!! So Be That as You Are !!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Tantric Cycle

There is no judgement in Tantra. It is the way of total acceptance of what is ! When you judge you stray off the tantric path. Discernment is consistent with tantra as long as the flow of life energy is not interupted . Judgement usually creates resistance and blockage which then builds up over time into ego armour. The best way to release this armour is through the tantric cycle! It follows this flow or pattern!
Accept / Tolerate / Grow / Create / Celebrate / Accept / Tolerate / Grow / Create / Celebrate. This flow of total surrender then re-connects us to the Source where surrender is no more, only stillness !!! In stillness you can feel the Source energy pulsating through your entire being!!! This is the blessing of the tantric cycle!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Where Beauty Arises

Not even one ounce of beauty in this world has ever been created by the rational mind ! It is incapable of such a feat . Beauty arises and is created from a deeper part of our mind or being , from the heart and soul. Each expression of beauty in the world is but a window into the artists inner world and reflects the deepest aspect of their existence. The rational mind can help us with the practicalities of life and the organization of our affairs, however it can never nourish our inner being . This is why humanity suffers from soul malnourishment. We have exalted and worshipped the rational mind as the supreme center of life long enough! It has had its day and look where we have wound up! Division, separation , hatred, envy , greed and war etc. etc. Soon the soul of humanity will be liberated and a new era of life centered on the heart will emerge ! If not, humanity will perish and life will start again!!!

The Driftwood

As the Buddha said " we are a piece of driftwood floating on the ocean of Life". The ocean of Chi( life energy ) is everywhere. We cannot exists separate from that ! With that profound awareness , a deep trust will blossom within your being and your life becomes a symphony of existence!!! Each new day will offer new opportunities to see the miracle of the extraordinary in the ordinary. Can you allow that trust to emerge? Or will fear and resistance block the way to that place of conscious awakening? The choice is in your hands always!!! Let it Be!

Selfishness & Selflessness

Both selfishness and selflessness can only exist based on the assumption of a separate self . To an awakened consciousness this separate self is an illusion. The hedonist exalts self-centered pleasure and the religionist exalts self sacrifice. These are two ends of the same obsession with a separate self ! When you love and care for your so-called self , you are loving the whole of life and when you love and care for the so-called other you are loving your self as part of life. When this distinction melts away into nothing , the bliss of heaven is there and the dharma of oneness is abundantly evident.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Truth in the Koan !

The Truth in the zen koan lies at the heart of the seeming contradiction ! This contradiction creates a window thru which to see & know directly the natutre of reality itself !! The contradiction shatters the conceptual framework that created the misperception in the first place leaving only the bare naked truth !!!

Divide and Conquer ?

When we divide , we dissect. And when we dissect , we disconnect from the fundamental life energy (Qi) and trap ourselves in an ego capsule within our minds! This is the basis for separation consciousness. To Divide ! Having our fundamental connection to this Cosmoc energy severed , we live almost lifeless lives with an addiction to forms. This addiction to forms grows and grows as we try desperately to fill the void created by the dis-connection. ! There is only one solution to this most fundamental problem. Re-connect to the Source or Center and begin the healing flow of Cosmoc life energy again! This is the basic purpose and intention of Yoga , QiGong , and Meditation ! When we re-connect to the Source and feel the Source energy flowing , our consciousness is transformed and we become illuminated with Light! This is Enlightenment !!! It is not found or achieved ! It happens naturally when we move to the center and become aware of the truth( Dharma ). The Dharma is not an intellectual concept . It is a living reality ! To know the Dharma is True Wisdom !!!!! When you feel the life energy and know the living Dharma , nirvana magically appears and surrounds you! It has been revealed thru your realization !!!! So Realize It !!!

The Atman & the Brahman

The Atman ( Soul ) and the Brahman ( Source ) exists as one in non-duality. This means that we do not need to look for or find God. God in its essence in not perceivable and God in its manifestation is perceivable in everything. So the connection between these seemingly contradictory facts, lies and transcends you , and all things ,at the center. The Source simply IS and connot be found because it cannot be lost! It is the basis & ground for everything ! This is why science hasn't found God and will never find God in its essence. Science is the study of objective reality. God's essence is not objective , it is Supremely Subjective! God's manifestation is objective reality , which science knows extremely well !
This is the core truth and shows the core reason humanity lives in samsara ( ingnorance ). Science is simply a manifestation of human consciousness. It knows many things but remains ignorant of the core truth.
If mankind continues to look for or seek God , it will continue in ignorance and live in separation consciousness. We need to realize God by waking up from our fundamental core ignorance! Ignorance is not stupidity! It means to "ignor" while the truth is staring us right in the eyes. Intellectual accumulation of knowledge is not fundamental awareness. Awareness knows beyond concept. Awareness is the basis for realization and the solution ignorance! All this means is come home to your Center!!!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Divine Goddess

Look carefully at each woman you meet ! She is a manifestation of the Divine Goddess or Yin energy of the Tao. How precious is that . She is there to help each of you feel and realize your own yin energy and come into balance within ! Without that balance you cannot realize the Tao within yourself and will continue to be stuck on your periphery ! It is there that the ego can decieve you into a false identification with itself. This is the fundamental disfunction, knowing yourself only as form and personality and not at your essence which is the Tao! Relate to each woman as your sister or mother or lover, as appropriate , with the awareness of where they come from and why they truly are here. They are here to help you know yourself at the deepest level by activating your own yin energy! Each man has the seed of the feminine within and each woman has the seed of the masculine within. Jeaus said in the gospel of Thomas " You will enter heaven only when the male and female become one within yourself" Men and Women are not from Mars & Venus ,that is ego speaking , they are from the same source , the Tao. Only by cooperation can they return to the Tao or enter heaven as Jesus put it long ago!

One Continuum

All aspects and all levels of life are one continuum! There is no separation between spirit and matter , metaphysical and physical , mental , emotional , spiritual , and soul ! We have been used to thinking of them as separate for thousands of years because of the egoic consciousness that has controled humanities awareness and thinking. Life and death are one ! When one thing dies and disintegrates , another arises in its place. The flow of energy continues forever ! All that changes is the form or manifestation . The essence or source of all forms in life is eternal! How can it be otherwise ? If the Source was not eternal , nothing could exist. The manifested needs the unmanifested as a base or ground to exist. In Taoists terms it is said that from the one came the ten thousand things ! Or from the Wu Chi came the Tai Chi ( yin & yang ). If you know yourself at the essential level , then you know you are eternal. At that point you just watch as your manifestation or form changes! It is a beautiful thing! We are constantly changing every moment ! The only thing that doesn't change is the witness in you ! Even death will be beautiful from that witnessing perspective. Can you feel and embrace that all the way to the marrow in your bones???. If so you have conquered fear itself!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Where is Your Energy Centered ?

We all have seven major chakras or psychic energy centers that start at the base of the spine and end at the crown of our head. Each one represents psychologically a different aspect of our life . The first three lower chakras ( root , sacral , and solar plexus ) are more related to the physical and emotional aspects of life, and the four higher ones ( heart , throat , third eye , and crown ) are related to the spiritual aspects of life. Here are the central issues or focus for each . 1st or Root relates to physical security & survival , 2nd or sacral relates to pleasure , 3rd or solar plexus relates to self esteem and success , 4th or heart relates to kindness and compassion , 5th or throat relates to creative expression , 6th or third eye relates to intuition and clairvoyance , 7th or crown relates to spiritual awakening and connection to higher Self or God. The question to ask yourself is this! Are these energy centers healthy and balanced or is the energy stuck or to focused in one area? Many people are too focused or stuck in the lower chakras with the issues of survival, physical pleasure including sexual issues or success and self esteem issues! Without understanding how our life energy flows between these different centers we can easily get out of balance and suffer. By learning to manage and balance our life energy , we can create a life of happiness and fulfillment on all levels . Without that knowledge and experience we can never reach our full potential as divine human beings and fulfill that birthright!

The Game of More

At the age of thirty I began to play the game of more. I didn't realize it though it until almost forty-five. One day it just struck me hard. No matter how much success I accomplished , or how many things or experiences I accumulated , I still somehow was not fulfilled! It seemed as if I had been chasing my tail for over fifteen years and my tail was called More. Alot of so called innovation and progress in our society & culture is based on a feeling of lack and dissatisfaction. Many of us believe that the only solution to this perceived "not enough " mentality , is to pursue the elusive More! The problem is that More is future based and never arrives which just compounds the frustration and leads to a desire again for More. The ultimate destination of this journey is the Hungry Ghost realm where we float around in spirit in a perpetual state of lack and emptiness. It is just another way our ego traps us in our own mind and thinking! How can we be free of this greed and lack cycle? The only way out is through appreciation and satisfaction of what we already have , as well as generosity towards others. This can re-direct the energy back towards back towards a healthy state of balance! True fulfillment lies at the heart of that balance!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What God Wants !

Do you think you know what God wants ? He/She simply wants to caress you hair , kiss your rosy red cheeks and blow in your ear all the way down to the bottom of your soul ! He/She wants to awaken in you your essential energy and nature , the buddha within. He/She didn't put it there to remain asleep and dormant . It is there to flower and manifest true love and joy into the world in a creative expression of your unique divinity ! So invite Him/Her to touch your depths and begin the awakening ! Twenty seconds there is worth more than a lifetime not !!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Which kind of Crazy are You?

From the ego's point of view , the enlightened master is totally crazy. How can he be totally at peace within himself and not be concerned oe worried about the future ? Where is his fear of death ? Where is the pursuit of success and financial abundance & financial security ? Why doesn't he or she try to get the most out of life like the rest of us ? Where is the drama ? From the awakened point of view , egoic consciousness is synomous with insanity or mental illness . It traps us in an ego centered encapsulization within our consciousness that makes us feel that we are separate , vulnerable , lonely and sometimes hostile. It deceives us into thinking that life is limited. We feel that the pie is only so large and we must fight to get our share or die. From the enlightened perspective , the universe is totally abundant. It is not a static , confined ,or limited resource. It is a living , breathing , abundant life form that we are an integral part of !!! The universe , including mother earth has its own intelligence and is alive with abundant cosmic energy!
The direction of human consciousness is now strongly moving from the ego prison towards the freedom and expanse of awakened , nirvanic awareness ! The ego can never understand enlightenment , however the enlightened mind can totally understand and be aware of ego ! Thank goodness there are many masters emerging now to lead us out of our ego prison into the Light !!!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Enlightenment Process

We are all in the enlightenment process. Although many masters in the past have spoken about it like it was an attainment, I feel it is a healthier perspective to view it as an evolution of consciousness. It is the awakening and flowering of the divine seed of soul within us all! This is not only happening to us as individuals, it is happening on a collective level as well. This collective awakening of divine energy and consciousness has huge implications for all of humanity as well as the earth and universe itself. As we awaken , we can begin to see the connectednes and interdependence of all of life and especially the human race. With this realization that transcends concept, dogma and ideology, humanity can fulfill its proper roll as the center and connecting point between heaven and earth! The soul is the connecting point to the divine ! As this pure divine energy emanating from the soul blossoms , a new era of love, compassion , creativity and blessing will fill the earth and have dominion. The earth and universe as we know it will then be transformed and a new heaven and earth will arise as human consciousness elevates to the divine vibration that lies asleep at the depths of each soul !!! May that day of transformation come soon and bless us All !!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Be Present & Be Patient

The Will & Flow of Heaven are unfolding continuosly in your life. The question is one of attunement. Are you tuned in to that frequency and if so to what degree. To be attuned you need to be present and patient and allow things to manifest in their natural course. This allowance is like water. It bends , molds , and flows according to its circumstances with no resistance. It is still even in movement , and moves even in stillness ! It is yielding yet unbreakable ! That is the way of the Tao ! The way of supreme balance and harmony. So be present and be patient and you will find that center or middle way. It is there where you can meet heaven!!! So Be It !

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Power of You !!!

Einstein said we use only a small portion of our brain ! The question then arises. What is going on with the rest of it? How can we begin to unwrap and unfold the full capacity of our mind . Are we destined to live our lives and then die while only using a small portion of our mental acumen. Are we wasting and losing the tremendous human potential we are all born with? The ancients have taught that we are the creators of our own reality! That ultimately what we feel and experience comes from within ourselves not from our external circumstances. In other words we are all creative beings with tremendous untapped potenetial just waiting to be expressed into the fabric and beauty of existence! We were all born with that seed and purpose, each one a totally unique expression of divinity. You are nothing less than that. Your mind , heart , and consciousness have unlimited potential. When you touch your center and feel that creative energy, you can transcend the seeming limitations of your body and thinking. A great philospher once said " What the mind can conceive , it can achieve " That IS the Power of You!!! The whole world and cosmos is waiting for you to awaken and blossom into that potential!!! Just BE IT !

Where is Your Focus ?

Being Present has become almost cliche' in this day and age ! While the concept has been around for a long time , the practice is still challenging to master. The catch is this , when you try to be present , your doing creates a goal for the future which brings you out of presence . It is almost like a catch 22. If you grab at it , like fog it will slip away! To be present we need to expand our awareness first beyond thinking . This is why meditation is so important ! Meditation is just being. It is not about doing , reaching , accomplishing anything. It is just relaxing into your center , where your essential nature lives. At your center is your Being ! Your Being is essentially creative energy given to each of us by the Tao. When you touch that place and experience that taste of presence, concentrate on the person and the work you are involved with whether it be with yourself or another. Give full present moment to moment attention to that engagement! The individual person is a full microscosm of the entire cosmos. When you relate to another or yourself , you are relating to the whole of creation! This is why human interaction is divine interaction. Just Be It !!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Soul & the Ego

When your Soul first incarnates it has an ego seed which over time and conditioning developes into your ego. This in and of itself is not a problem ! We need a healthy and functioning ego to relate to the world of form. The ego is our form identity and manifest through the persona ( mask ) . However if we do not feel and cultivate our connection to our center which is our essential nature of divinity and oneness, we get lost and begin to identify soley with the form based on the egoic mind. This propels us on a downward spiral into illusory separation , loneliness and sometimes hostility ! A hard , thick defensive shell then develops around us out of fear based on egoic separate consciousness. It then becomes Life's task to break down this shell and liberate us from our own self imposed prison. This is done by acceptance of the suchness of life in the NOW ! Everything can be solved and resolved in the present moment by total surrender to what is! If you then want to change what is, do so out of a place of acceptance and alignment to life with a positive mind. Nothing can ever truly develop out of resistance or negativity unless it is transmuted to positive energy! This is spiritual Alchemy!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Surrender to Surrender

Surrender to surrender ! Do not surrender to achieve . Then you are still involved in the game ! Make your present surrender a foundation for deeper surrender . This is the path back ! Then surrender again and make another foundation for further surrender ! If you stop you will get stuck . When you realize you are stuck then surrender again and move deeper !!! Merge into the Tao where there is no surrender . YOU SIMPLY ARE !!!

Lao Tsu

Over three thousand years ago the ancient One said " Best be empty , Best be still "
It is still true !!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Sea of Chi

We are all floating in the sea of chi!!! Chi is the ancient Taoists term form life energy in all its various forms . It is the vital energy that creates and animates life itself! It comes from the true source, the eternal Tao, and contains not only raw energy , but intelligence , emotion , and purpose or intent. It is the source of our mind and nourishes all of our vital organs and functions. Through dilligent training we can begin to feel and percieve the presence and flow of chi as it moves and embraces us in the eternal dance of bliss. When we don't feel it , we feel separate and alone in a hostile world fighting for our survival. This is ultimately an illusion. Chi Kung is the practice of feeling , cultivating , and managing this precious gift of life. When you understand and begin to know it , you begin to feel and know God !!! We can then realize our common source and basic oneness !!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Purpose of Orgasm

Most of humanity believes that there is only one purpose for us to experience sexual orgasm. They feel it is simply for the sake of pleasure as a climax to lovemaking with their partner. This is a very limited viewpoint , however. The energy created during orgasm is the very same energy that created everything in the cosmos. It has as its primary purpose to manifest and generate new life! It can also be used to heal or regenerate life from a state of illness or disease. It also serves as the most potent energy for spiritual growth for the soul and spirit. Finally it is the way for all of us to experience spiritual union with the divine in the most intimate sense. As such the act of lovemaking and experience of orgasmic bliss is the most sacred part of life. Treat it with the utmost respect and dignity based on a more complete understanding of it purpose and potential!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Last Year & This Year

I downloaded over 498 pictures from my digital camera from a period of about 15 months last night. Through the windows media player I created a slide show of images of my life during that time. What an amazing experience!!! All the memories , events , colors and flavors of the past were there to taste and savor again. I recalled each event and experience as if it were only yesterday! I also recalled the state of conscious awareness of the different periods of time and marveled at the range of expereince from heaven to hell and many states in between.
In the morning I awoke to the sound of a symphony of birds in my back woods as they created a natural tapestry of beautiful sound to gently awake to. Only last year at the same time as I lay in bed in total anguish & despair those same birds were like an annoying nuisance which wouldn't let me sleep! I then imagined buying a gun and shooting all of them so they would stop bothering me. What a difference from last year til today! Heaven and hell are within our consciousness. You need look no further than that!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sexality is Life

When you hear the word sex , it normally conjures up an image of some type of intercourse between a man and woman in a private place , on the beach ,or in the bedroom. This is a very narrow and limited view that most of us have because we are so obsessed with the topic. Sex or sexuality is a much broader phenomena! In reality all of life is sex from the Taoists point of view. Life is created and sustained through the give and take between Yin ( female ) and yang ( male ) energy! From the smallest atom to the movement of the galaxies , this one force is there controling and guiding the entire universe. Life is one big cosmic orgasm and we are meant to live in harmony and unity with it!!! It is time to drop our puritan and perverted concepts regarding sex that have created so much guilt and misery throughout the centuries. Sex is creative and generative life force energy that we are all endowed with from the time of our conception to the day we die. Our ability to understand , feel , embrace , and master this essential energy will be the major determining factor in our ability to understand ourselves and be truly happy and fulfilled!!!
All other aspects of life pale in comparison to this! If you get this right , you are truly a master!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Finding Unitive Consciousness

As we progress through deeper and deeper levels of meditation, our brain waves change from beta to alpha to theta and finally delta waves. Delta is the state of dreamless sleep we all experience sometime during the night. As we change wave patterns , we experience a gradual shift from a separation consciousness which is strongest at the beta level to a complete unitive consciousness in dreamless sleep. This is similar to what Jung call the collective subconscious. We all sleep and during that sleep we all experience the void of primordial emptiness. The Taoists call this place Wu Chi. It is here that our energies are replenished and restored!
The fact that we all go through this process is the fundamental basis for the existence of unitive consciousness! This is not theory but reality! The challenge for humanity is to bring that unity of mind into our waking states all the way to the beta state and experience that as the practical reality of our waking consciousness. Our brains were created and have the capacity to live and experience this as our true reality. WE come from one source and therefore are always connected to each other. Separation consciousness is simply an illusion!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Spiritual Exclusivity

There is no such thing as spiritual or religious exclusivity. It is an illusion of egoic consciousness. If you claim that your religion or spiritual path is THE WAY , it is a mind trap! There is only the interconnectedness or oneness of all things! There is only One Source whatever you call him , her , it , nothingness , Tao , etc. On that basis exclusivity cannot exist! It is not real ! Everyone is special in there own unique way. If you can see each person as a unique creation of the divine , then compassion and unity will flow naturally. It doesn't need to be forced or regulated by religious authority. When all of humanity is one , we will not need authorities both political or religious . They will be unemployed!!! Humanity will then rejoice in true freedom , the freedom of knowing what we truly are in our essence!!! That day is soon at hand!

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Doors to Primordial Freedom

We can reach primordial freedom , the freedom that knows no opposite, by walking through one door and only one door. That door is the door that leads us to our original state of true aloneness. To reach the door of true aloneness we must find and pass through the door of not knowing. Each passage leads us closer and closer to our natural state of pure potential that is the exquiste field of nothing. Only then will we remember what we truly are. Sat-chit-ananda ! Being / Consciousness / Bliss!!! May you wake up and remember soon!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Simply Receiving

God cannot force his blessings upon us! That would be a violation of the basic principle of free will and turn us all into nothing more than robotic objects. However, there is a simple path of profound connection that requires only our willingness to receive. It is the path of receiving which reqires no other effort on our part except having an open mind and willingness to receive. It is being demonstrated in today's world by the amazing and profound work of the Oneness Blessing and the Oneness University!!! To recive this blessing is a truly amazing experience. The only word to describe it is amazing and profound grace. God can give us this love and healing power and energy on one simple condition. Our willingness to receive it. It sounds too good to be true especially to Christians who have been taught for centuries by the church what wretched sinners we all are. This thick later of guilty energy can be a major block for us to receive grace from heaven. Guilt is a product of egoic consciousness. It is the ego's way of keeping us separate from the divine. The only useful purpose for guilt is to wake us up from our unconscious spiritual slumber into greater awareness of our own divinity. If it lingers and sticks within us it becomes a spiritual cancer on our emotional & spiritual bodies. The first step in healing this is to forgive ourselves of past unconscious thoughts and behavior , and to receive heavens forgiveness and blessing!!! Within each of us the seed of divinity awaits its own awakening and flowering symbolized in buddhism by the lotus flower. The oneness blessing seems to be a most powerful and profound way to that unfolding within!!! So Be It !

Transcending the Ego

Some spiritual traditions advocate total destruction of the ego and complete surrender to the will of the leader or master. However, the only time when it is possible to totally destroy the ego is at death! During life this practice will be an endless battle leading to frustration and misery! In stead we should focus on transcending the ego both personally and collectively depending on what type of collective we identify with. It is necessary to have a strong and functioning ego in order to live in this world. The ego functions as a sort of middle manager in the overall management of life. The problem is not the existence of ego , it is when the ego creates a separate self identity and tries to assume total control of who we think we are as our master. When we clearly awaken to the reality of our deepest eternal nature that comes from and emanates from the Source , the ego will lose its grip on our identity and fall into its natural functioning! In order to awaken , however, life may create circumstances and challenges that are so extreme and painful that they seem like going through a psychological death of ego . This is how our true nature assists us in exorcising us from the grip of ego possesion which most of humanity suffers from. This ego possesion is the basis of all conflict , misery , and illness in the world! When we can all transcend ego and bring it back to a state of healthy function , our world will naturally become the paradise of unitive consciousness it was designed to be. That day is closer than you may think . We are on the precipice of a major global shift towards oneness or unitive consciousness . Every effort and realization you experience will contribute to the greater transformation as a whole. Please realize how important each one human life is!!! It is a microcosm of the entire cosmos and comes from the same Source no matter how different and separate it may appear on the surface. May we all celebrate and recognize that common divinity that exists in each of us. That will be the basis of the new world!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Peak Experiences !!!!!!!!

Obsession with peak experiences can be just as unhealthy as obsessions with anything else, however let us not be too critical. Many , many millions of human beings go though countless lives without even one peak experience! It is still a profound way for the beginnings of awakening ! If the person who has such a deep and profound experience gets a little carried away, I don't blame them at all. I'd give you all the tea in China and then some just to touch the divine even once! Please remember your own beginnings!!!

The Last Chip

I just finished devouring half a bag of homemade kettle potato chips as I sipped on a diet coke. Towards the end I kepy saying this IS the last chip as I watched my hand continue to pick them out of the bag and deposit them into my stomach through the mouth and throat! I'm sure glad life is dialectic and not logical!!!

Sitting in my room just being here

My back went out this morning after some vigorous excercise! So , I'm just here in my room resting! I am not planning anything or thinking too much. I don't want anything really , just to feel my heartbeat , experience my breathing , just hanging out with myself. Everything is okay. I feel the blood running through my veins. I feel a tightness in my back as I try to relax. My wife gave me a massage a little while earlier and I felt the energy from that roam up and down my body . I've got some mantra music in the background . The sun is coming through the window . A little breeze is blowing in the back window. It is nice to be here. I may leave soon or I may hang out for awhile. We'll see what happens. See ya!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Crack of Light

When you are in complete darkness , you will be overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness , despair , anxiety and even suicide! These are normal feelings and thoughts to experience when all things in our life have fallen apart and that which we have previously found security and peace of mind disappear. This is new ground for most of us! It is a great and difficult challenge , but also a great opportunity. Most saints , sages , and enlightened masters of the past have also treaded this territory. It is as my master puts it " part of the process " . At one point however , you will find a crack of light which will begin to once again illuminate your consciousness and dispel the darkness.This is the beginning of a new phase of the discovery of your Being which lies at your core! This is the alchemical process of transmuting darkness into divine light! When you are once again illumined by that light, be grateful for both its saving grace as well as the path of darkness that got you there! Saint John the Divine called it " The dark night of the Soul ". For most of us a necessary right of passage!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Infinite & Eternal You !!!

You are a created manifestation of the eternal , infinite , omniscient & omnipresent Tao. That connection is permanent & unchanging . Imagine how precious and mysterious you are! Your Being is capable of embracing the whole universe & cosmos in a rapture of love and ecstacy. Celebrate this every morning when you awaken !
Your daily challenges are mere grains of sand compared to the vast ocean of consciousness within you. As you walk your path , let the sand flow through your hands and feet as you feel the cool energy of the earth and gaze at the majesty of heaven above. Rejoice that you are the connecting point between father heaven & mother earth as you bring their energies together to make cosmic love within your alchemical furnace! In that union is conceived and born your immortal fetus!!!


There is NO escape from life and the challenges we all face. That is the law of Karma in essence. "What ye sow ye shall reap" as the bible says. When challenging circumstances come into your path you should remember that trying to escape them is
like running away from your shadow. Even if you get away for a while , they will return again and again until your soul gets what it needs to progress. If you are in difficulty try this approach, Face , Digest , Transcend. Sooner or later that is the path you will go. It is inevitable! This is the alchemical process taught thousands of years ago by the Taoists and Buddhists sages and monks. When we embrace our difficulties and digest our negative emotions , an alchemical process begins to take hold which transforms us spiritually!!! We eventually come through the process as our layers of armour and ego peal away to reveal the glorious essence of our radiant true Self! Your Soul's journey to that place will continue in this process. Let us learn to welcome it!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Strutting Your Stuff

Most men are goal oriented and driven. When they achieve the goal they have a tendency to think that they have arrived and they start strutting their stuff! That is fine for a short time , however if they stay at that place for long it becomes the beginning of their decline. Enjoy it and move on with humility as a new chapter will then begin to unfold on the journey. Ultimately there is no destination, only the journey. If you spend too much time strutting , you will miss the splendor and majesty of the journey itself. Watch out for too much strutting!!!

Sexual Massage

For thousands of years It has been a great hidden secret of the Taoist masters. Jing Chi or sexual energy and the mastery of it is one of the most important practices for health, vitality, and spiritual awakening ! However most of humanity remains trapped by thier failure to understand and master this most essential aspect of Life. The religionist would have you believe that sex is dirty and only for the purpose of procreation. They have taken the joy , life , and vitality out of it through teachings of repression and the advocacy of celibacy. The celibate is only pretending to be holy through willfull personality while going through extreme suffering because of all the life generative energy he or she is repressing.This only leads to illnees and psychological problems because the stagnant repressed energy needs to be released and cannot! Sexual repression is just the flip side of the same coin we call sexual indulgence and license. There is very little difference. Both the celibate and the indulgent are obsessed with sex. It is their master. The one difference ,however is the indulgent does not trap the energy, they let it escape and deplete through the genitals therefore losing vital energy for life and creation resulting in illness and eventually death!
Sex and the Jing Chi that arises from the genital, perineum, anus area is divine life force capable of giving birth to new life. It is sacred and should be treated as such!!! You should practice daily massage of this area either as a couple or on your own. It is here that the dormant kundalini energy sleeps waiting to be awoken!
Feeling , understanding, and mastering the movement and cultivation of the energy to the higher chakra energy centers is central to your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health and development. It is in this practice and mastery you can find liberation from either repression or indulgence and begin to experience your essential divine life force in purity !!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Lesson from an Iron

I started to iron a sweater in my bedroom this morning . After about five minutes the sweater was still wrinkled. I didn't understand why until I looked down at the electrical outlet and realized that the iron was not plugged in! This then reminded me of the current human condition. Most of us are not plugged in to the Source of life and don't realize it. We are like an iron with no power trying to get the wrinkles out with no success. We all need to find the right plug so we can feel the full power and magnitude of Life in all its glory and abundance. Whether that plug is Jesus , Buddha , Mohamed , Krishna , Yoga , Tantra , Deeksha , Mantra or something else, the most important things are to be plugged in, and to realize that there is only one Source. Debating whose plug is true or right automatically gets you unplugged! Those are the rules like it or not. When you feel the Source, all debate is meaningless, so drop it! Let the energy flow through your whole being into all aspects of Life until you are immersed in the profound Oneness!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Belly Full

Chi is the life force energy that permeates all matter and sustains our life. The ancient Taoists masters realized the importance of cultivating and storing this energy in the area just below the navel called the Tan Tien. Science has now shown that this area of the stomach contains neurotransmitters which are similar to the brain. The Taoists called the Tan Tien area the second brain. It is the center of awareness and energy. If this area has low energy and it out of balance with the rest of the body and brain we become imbalanced and centered in our head which causes all kinds of problems & issues. The ancient art of Chi Kung ( energy work )
was developed to create harmony, vitality, and balance to the body, mind, & spirit.
Without this balance we cannot make progress in our spiritual development. It is the foundation of higher celestial work. It is also important to develope a strong base physically and energetically in the calves and thighs , otherwise our thoughts and emotions will blow us around in all directions.
Chi exists in everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat. It can also be cultivated from the sun, moon, and other celestial bodies. The human being is a chi receptor and can receive and store this vital life force energy if they understand how. With no understandng and training we unecessarily lose and waste our precious chi resulting in illness and ultimately death. Chi cultivation & management is the great secret of ancient Taoism ! In ancient times when life expectancy was around 35, the Taoists masters live to bewteen 80 to 100 years and sired children even in their late seventies. We should pay attention to these secrets !!!

Melting Into Heaven

Heaven is not a place you go after death if you have been good or you believe in a certain religion. Heaven is within you in your state of consciousness. When you have completely relaxed all tensions and stress both consciously and in your unconscious mind and have let go all fears and expectations, you will simply melt into a state of samadhi or heaven. It is totally natural and beautiful to taste that sweet nectar of life experience. Be careful though, you may not want to return to the mundane awareness of egoic consciousness. Once you have gotten a glimpse of heaven it is impossible to completely go back !!! It is an inward journey to realize who you are at your essence!

An Exquisite Silence

Last night I awoke at 3 AM! I coudn't sleep, not because of my troubles, but because everything was as it was meant to be . As I wandered downstairs I found myself walking out the back door and into the yard. It was then I noticed an exquisite silence that was as thick as the cream on the milk I had just purchased the other day. It was as if I was swimming in an enegry of peace and stillness that was almost palpable. I then found myself lying naked in the grass feeling every blade caress my back. I felt the gentle breeze play around me in a swirling dance of ecstatic bliss as the subtle sound of night insects serenaded me to sleep. When I awoke, it was a morning that felt like a new awakening of life in all its splendor and mystery. I then realized it is this way every new day, the rebirth of heaven in all its glory is there only just for us to see!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Practice

Finding a spiritual practice is the beginning not the end. The end is dropping the spiritual practice. The End

Good, Bad, and Is

Most of us label our daily circumstances and experiences as either good or bad. This is all there is to the comparative dualistic mind. However, there is one other response which to label that most of us miss. IS . Is is. Good and bad are subjective perspectives and judgements on life . IS is objective reality. To live authentically in the present moment we need to relate to reality and go beyond the
illusion of the subjective mind. This is true of our on self image. We need to look at ourselves as we are . This is the beginning to liberation!

Beyond the Pain , The Stillness

There are two types of pain we experience in our lives. Physical pain and psychological pain. One of the four noble truths the Buddha spoke of is the truth of suffering. He was primarily referring to psychological pain in this case. This kind of pain is not caused by circumstances, but by our resistance to our circumstances. So what is the antitote to suffering ? Accepting and embracing our circumstances whatever they may be. The path is beyond!!! You can also experience this with physical pain as well. When you go beyond pain in all it's forms there is stillness. And in the stillness you meet your soul! When you meet your soul in stillness you experience the Tao!!! At that point you bless your pain as the pathway in to your true Self!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Naturally Divine

Don't expect God to be unnatural! God or divinity is the most natural thing in the world. It is our distorted , illusory consciousness that is unnatural! From that kind perspective we seem to expect God to prove him/herself by acts of the supernatural. This is unfortunate and the tragedy of the current state of human awareness. Humans were, and still are, created by life in God's image and likeness. We cannot and should not use our humanity as an excuse for unconscious behavior and selfish destructive thoughts and actions! Now a new age of divine humanity is arising as a shift in conscious awareness is transforming humanity back to the garden , as Joni Mitchell put so well years ago. Embrace this transformation and see what happens !!! You will realize your true state of total naturalness !

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Okay to just "Be"

It's okay to just "be". In the hustle and bustle of modern life the intense mindstream of doing, acheiving or getting someplace, can pull us away from our beingness. This creates a disunity of mind and body which causes all sorts of problems. It can cause severe stress which leads to physical, mental, emotional, and spirtual breakdown!!! We become disconnected from life and our consciousness becomes trapped in our thoughts and emotions. We need to allow ourselves to "JUST BE".
Not to be something or become somebody. To know our Real Self as we are. Unfortunately this can also be a problem even with so called religious people who are on a mission to save the world. They get so wrapped in the "mission" that they forget who they are and lose themselves in a world of delusion! Two thousand years ago Jesus said " The Kingdom Of Heaven is at Hand". So where is it now? It is hidden in your own beingness. You need look no further!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Be Patient with Your Awakening

We are all in the process of spiritual awakening. Except for a few exceptions, awakening is a gradual process whereby our consciousness slowly dis-identifies from total identification with form and realizes itself as pure awareness. True patience arises from our realization that we are eternal beings in the midst of our own awakening.Be patient and give yourself all the time you need to wake up until you realize that you don't need time anymore. Be patient through your suffering until you realize that you don't need to suffer anymore. All paths lead to this moment!!!

Direct Connections

Laughter is our direct connection to the joy of Being. It is the central place of the Divine. Through this connection we can feel the One Life that we are all connected to.
This becomes the base for realizing unity and peace in the world. To get there however , most of us need a stepping stone . This is the breath. The Breath is the direct connection to the essential life energy of the Divine. It is our connection to Life itself. Without it , life ends in this world! Through highly conscious, deep breathing we can feel the robust energy of our life force and reconnect to the Source. Once reconnected we can feel the Joy of Being from which cleansing , liberating, divine laughter will spring forth from the depths of our souls. This Divine laughter is the energy that can heal the world. It's power is greater than any religious dogma or new philosophy. It is greater than any government or political system.
Through the breath and laughter we can recognize the Divinity within us all!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Some attempt to find God through living a monastic life of self denial and self sacrifice. They seclude themselves either mentally and emotionally, or in some cases even physically in a monastery or ashram, in an effort to become pure and selfless. However noble and righteous this may seem , it may be more destructive than helpful. It really depends on the motive for their monasticism. If it arises from fear or an attempt to escape the evil world, then they are just creating another hellish prison for themselves. The hell in their minds will just follow them into the seclusion. The only way back to the source or Tao is through the world. The Tao is our transcendent reality. We therefore should embrace the duality of the world and ultimately transcend it. This is what Jesus meant when he said that he had overcome the world. He did so with a transcendent embrace not through fighting or resisting evil. He taught us to turn the other cheek. God created all things of the creation. If we deny any of it, we deny the source. We came to this world to discover the parts of our inner self that still do not know God. You won't find your shadow in a monastery. It will be revealed to you by life itself , our greatest spiritual teacher. Be Alert!!!

What is really permanent?

Most of us are looking for stability, security, and some sense of permanence in life. But , what is really permanent? The only "thing" that is permanent is "no thing"
No thing is the basis or ground for all things. All manifested things are fleeting and constantly in a state of change ultimately returning to no thing. In other words we are born from the primordial purity of nothing and return there when we die, back to the source. In that sense enlightenment is nothing. If you make enlightenment into a thing or object to achieve , you will never find it because all things are fleeting and impermanent. The enlightened state is your essence which cannot be found or lost! It is who you really are , pure divine essence beyond any form yet hidden in the forms of life!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Letting Go

Letting go is the place of transition between samsara and nirvana. It is the narrow pass through neck of the hour glass. But, can we really let go totally? Can we let go of all our pleasures and all of our pain? Can we let go of all our security blankets we feel that we must cling to for our very survival? It seems simple, profound, challenging, yet it is ultimately unavoidable. How long it takes is up to each one of us. In the end it simply is, no doing , no future. Embrace it!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Face of God

Last night I saw the face of God !!! No it was not a vision during deep meditation, nor was it a pillar of fire or burning bush. It was a simple look on the face of my friend as she gazed at her young son who was earnestly begging for a pet rabbit. As the young boy repeatedly petitioned his mother with gentle caresses on her hand and melodic tones of asking, her gaze and countenance became a glow with radiant peace and love that new no opposite. An intense yet profoundly gentle smile which she was totally unaware of hit my spiritual antenna with a jolt . If we could all see that gaze the way I did last night in each other, heaven would magically appear in front and all around us!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Medicine Buddha

In Tibetan Buddhism there is Buddha referred to as the Medicine Buddha. His committment is to heal all sentient beings from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual afflications leading to their liberation and enlightenment. He is the King of medicine and is the color of lapis lazuli. He sits in the vajra lotus position with one hand in the mudra of supreme compassion and generosity holding a myrobalan plant of great medicine. In his other hand he holds a begging bowl full of long life nectar. The different hand positions represent the profound paradox of life. One hand is giving with complete compassion while the other is a begging bowl representing one that may be in need. Finding the balance between giving and receiving is the key to health on all levels. Most people who would find themselves in the position to have to beg for survival may not be capable of compassionate giving . These mudras represent a profound trust in life that if one is truly giving in any circumstance without regard to themself, life will fulfill all their needs and more!
If one meditates on the Medicine Buddha, Their own health and powers of healing others will greatly increase. It is also said that even upon just hearing the name of the Medicine Buddha one will avoid re-birth in the lower realms.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Looking in the Mirror

What do you see when you look in the mirror in the morning? Do you see yourself as you truly are or do you focus on the things you don't particularly like. Do you only see the wrinkles, pot belly, sagging this and aching that. Your body is the temple of your life energy. It has an inherent intelligence that has developed over two billion years. It regulates all the extensive and necessary functions that allow you to live and enjoy life. No matter what you see , be kind and loving to your body. It is a miracle of existence. Loving and caring for your body is the foundation for loving and caring for others. It never stops caring for you no matter what attitude you bring to it each day. In essence your body is not your possession. It belongs to and comes from the earth and is made up of the basic earth elements. Your physical health is the basis for your emotional health!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Who Are You????

To understand who you are, you must understand who you are not! In other words life will and must dismantle your own self image. The self image is the raw material out of which the masterpiece is carved. The masterpiece is that which remains when all illusion and confusion is dropped or stripped away! It is there within you longing to be revealed.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chasing the Illusion

As we grow up in this culture we are taught that it is our right to pursue the American Dream! WE are then taught and programed by our teachers, politicians, religious leaders , and especially the media what the exact details of our dream should be. Is that dreaming or is it conforming to the societal system? Are we masters and creators of our life,or have we been brainwashed into believing in Illusion? Is our true creative genius being cultivated and nourished ,or is it being stifled and suppressed? Are we courageous enough to really allow that which wants to creatively manifest through us blossom, or have we given control of this over to those who would take it from us? In the act of ceding this power to others, we have lost our true freedom and creativity. True Freedom cannot be legislated! It is not a gift from the government or society as a whole. It is not attained or bought through financial wealth and success. It doesn't come from seeking or chasing or becoming anything. True freedom comes as we turn within and discover who we are ! It comes from knowing our inner reality not from chasing illusions. If you chase the American Dream you just might find the American Nightmare !!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Tao & the Intellect

The intellect can only know "about" the Tao. It is indirect knowledge. At best a rode map to realization. At its worst a source of confusion and conflict with another's knowledge "about" the Tao. The intellect can talk about it forever without getting any closer to it. Direct knowledge comes through the conscious mind located in the heart center, and the awareness mind located in the being center just below the navel. The mysterious gate starts from there into the eternal Tao!!! So study, but do so with this awareness! Once you have the map that is right for you, drop it!

Pain is not Pain

Pain is only painful because the mind labels it as so. If you remove the conceptual label, it reveals itself as a form of energy. It then becomes easier to allow it to be as it is. If your allowance is total it can be transmuted into spiritual energy for your growth! This process is not necessarily easy, however it does present an opportunity to make progress on the spiritual path. If you can transcend resistance to pain or attachment to pleasure, a deeper dimension within you will open up!This is called the path of tantra. The middle way is not a fixed position in the middle. It is realized through experiencing and transcending the polar extremes resulting in true balance. This is the door to the middle way. The Buddha within is on the other side of that door!

Friday, February 16, 2007

From Success to Samahdi

Most of us live for the dream of success or, because of failure , are just trying to survive. In either case, success and failure are not mutually exclusive! They are like the light and shadow sides of our selves. The same is true for pain and pleasure. This is the stuff of samsaric existence. What is Samsara? When we live in samsara we live on the periphery or circumference of life. We do not know our center!The circumstances of life have us firmly in there grip much like a tornado. Because of this we seek certainty or security by attaching to those things that we believe will protect us. Our hearts become closed and fearful of being hurt. In other words, we exist in a defensive posture trying to hold on as the Bull of life takes us for a ride.This is why no matter how much success we have, we are not content or satisfied. Out of a sense of lack or fear we always want more.
If we can somehow break this samsaric cycle and move to our center, like the center of the tornado or eye of the hurricane, we can find stillness and peace. This is Samahdi. From the peace and bliss of samahdi , we can witness our life without getting caught up in the circumference. From this place our hearts can truly open and live without fear. Samadhi is the doorway to Nirvana and liberation. The path from success to samahdi is through the fear and hell of the tornado to your center. In samahdi, you are not!

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Practicality of Our Oneness

Unitive Consciousness is the state of awareness describe by many sages , mystics , and enlightened masters of the past and present. In this state of spiritual awakening, you clearly perceive and feel the total oneness and unity of humanity and the universe. It is a remarkable experience that is felt at the core of your mind , heart , and being. It dramatically changes or transforms you forever!
However, most of humanity has never experienced this profound state of consciousness.Instead, they focus on the things that seemingly separate and isolate us turning our perception of life into a struggle to "get the most Out of life" even if it is at the expense of others!
Let us focus on the practical aspects of our oneness , or what I would call our common ground . This is not dependent on a spiritual experience or change in consciousness. We all share and walk the same earth . We all sleep and dream at night. We all have to eat and breath to survive. We all must put our clothes on and off, and use the restroom in basically the same way. We all feel the warmth and light of the sun in the day, and gaze at the moon and stars at night. We all see the beauty of the flowers in spring, and the brilliant colors of the trees in the fall. We all have a mind, heart, soul, and spirit. In essence we are all energy and basically the same. We are all one humanity! When we miss this reality, our minds are turning our perceived differences from the beautiful tapestry and variety of life into a conceptual illusion of seeming separation. This literally takes the life energy out of life. So instead of getting the most out of life , you separate yourself from the tremendous flow and energy the universe was created by and with. It is a sad state of affairs the we unconscuosly and literally turn ourselves into the walking dead in the spiritual sense. Look at this one more time and try to see our common ground!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Transcendent Dimension

In Life we always have a choice. We can resist, fight, avoid, run from, attach to, enjoy, or transcend our circumstances. How we relate to Life is up to each of us. True freedom ,however, is only possible thru transcendence. How can we be transcendent and free? Transcendence is only possible in the place where there is no resistance and no attachment. It is the door into our eternal dimension, where our authentic self lives. And how do we find that door? Meditation is the path to find that door.It is the only path to Freedom!!!

Eternal Life

Eternal Life is not a gift from God for good behavior on the earth. Eternal Life is our birthright. It cannot be earned or taken away! All forms are born and die , temporal and everchanging. However, we arose from that which is never born and never dies. We arose from the Eternal Tao and we are Eternal. Even scientists confirm that energy cannot be destroyed , it can only be transformed. We are essentially energy that can and will be transformed , but will never die. Eternal Life is our birthright!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Meditative Perspective

When most people think of meditation, they have an image of sitting in the lotus position on the floor and reciting a mantra like OM or following their breath as it goes in and out. There are also many other ways to bring you to a peaceful meditative state that combine breathing , humming, and moving . Yoga , Tai Chi, & Chi Gong are also ancient practices that facilitate meditation. One of the main purposes of meditation is to learn to just watch yourself , your thoughts , emotions , & sensations etc. The reason to just watch or become the witness of these aspects of your self , is to understand how to experience your life from a non-attached perspective. Your thoughts , feelings , emotions , and experiences are not the problem in and of themselves. It is the tendency to become attached to them and let them absorb all your consciousness , thereby making an identity that is separate from who you are out of them. A non-attached perspective does not mean fighting or repressing them. It is allowing them to be as they are fully, without being pulled into identification with them !
In addition to practicing various forms of meditation, this training or experience is meant to be brought into every aspect of your daily life and not left on the floor or at the yoga studio after you are finished. This is called living with a meditative perspective. By living in this way you can bring the energy of your deepest Self into all aspects of life. This is the joy of Being!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Which is Bigger >

Which is bigger ? Your mind or the Universe . That is an interesting question. Often when we think of ourselves in relation to the vast cosmos, we seem very very small and insignificant. In one sense part of that is true . We are a spark of Divine life flowing in the incredible ever expanding beauty of existence. However, to you and all other human beings, the universe arises within your mind. It is so. It cannot be otherwise ! Your mind contains all of life ! So how big, vast and deep are you ? There is something to meditate on !!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Where does laughter come from ? What is it's nature? To quote master OSHO who said" Laughter is the only true religion , Everything else is just metaphysics " says alot. When we truly laugh, we do so from our being center just below the navel. It does not come from the intellectual mind or from analytic thinking. It explodes from our deeper self. When we laugh together with others, it reveals the common ground or oneness of life. There is no room for superior or inferior here. It also creates a space or gap in our thinking , what Zen masters call no-mind ! It is extremely beneficial for our physical and emotional health , especially the lymphatic system as well. What a gift from Life that we can laugh.
When Gautam Buddha was looking for a successor that was enlightened and could carry on his work, he gathered many disciples in a large room. After many hours of serious and deep silence , the Buddha made a gesture with a flower to give to the chosen one. All the sudden one disciple began to laugh uncontrolably. The Buddha brought him to the front of the room, gave him the flower and said "You are my successor " The other disciples looked on with utter amazement.
This is the power and beauty of laughter !!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Healing the Ego

Throughout history the spiritual aspirant of most faiths were required to recluse themselves from the world in order to undertake the perceived necessity to annihilate the ego in their path towards God. Although this may very well have been a necessary process or stage in the evolution of human consciousness, in today's world and environment, we can no longer afford to, nor is it necessary to adopt this approach. We are now at the stage as mystic Caroline Myss eloquently puts it " to resolve the paradox for the need for a strong and healthy ego and the still fundamental need to release the ego in order to experience God or the Higher Self ".On the surface this seems like an almost impossible contradiction to reconcile. How can we both strengthen our ego and at the same time release it or transcend it. In my view the ego itself is not the problem. It is the unhealthy ego that creates the void and separation from our basic divine nature and realty. This begs the question , what is a healthy and unhealthy ego ? An unhealthy ego which perplexes 99.9% of humanity, is based on the idea that our are fundamental identity is our ego. In other words it is confused about its role in the overall functioning of the human being. Thinking that it is the be all and end all of life itself , it is attached to things and tries to control or dominate our being. It has become ,and we have allowed it, to be a maniacal tyrant over us both individually and collectively. This happens on many subtle levels and reveals this disfunction when we face minor and major difficulties or challenges in our lives. It becomes very resistant to the perceived erosion of control and creates tremendous fear in defense of its territory. The healthy ego , which was created by life is one that functions in the role of servant and supporter of our deeper nature . So instead of blocking or distorting our aspirations to know ourselves at the essential level of heart and spiritual being , it would help point the way and lead us to that ultimate place within the depths of life itself. At this point we should focus our attention and energy on educating the ego of its true role and place , and make Friends with it. This seems like a much more healthy approach than the old days of total annihilation!!