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Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Process of Conscious Awakening

All of us, whether we realize it or not are being awakened by Life. It is a spiritual process that cannot be accomplished by our limited mind and effort alone. The majority of the work is done by Life itself as it leads us on a path of awakening and clensing. We all have emotonal resistance not only to the current moment, but lodged in our psyche from past resistance in this life as well as past lives. This material all must come out of the unconscious mind and be brought into awareness. Otherwise, it will remain stuck in our unconscious mind and cause blockage between our conscious mind and our soul essence. When these challenges emerge from our unconscious mind, it presents us with both opportunity and challenge. If we can open our hearts and embrace that energy, we can remove the blockage and realize a deeper level of awakening. If however, we resist and close down, that energy may take us into further unconscious spiritual slumber which is not a pretty place to be. Sometmes it is necessary to be pulled down in order to be awakened to ultimate reality. This trip into the valley is called purgation. Even if this happens to you, have courage and use it for your further awakening and growth. Nothing is ever lost when you bring it back to the path!

The Futility of Resistance

When we experience resistance to what may be happening to us currently, we usually do so out of fear and insecurity. It arises out of a deep seeded distrust of Life. This distrust originates from our spiritual slumber cause by the thinking mind and unconscious mind. The irony is that the very sense of trust and security we are looking to hold on to through our resistance. can only be realized when we surrender to life and give up resistance. Therefore resistance is basically insane. Life including each human being is one organic whole and ultimately cannot be resisted in any real sense or way. Resistance is just an illusory self defense or delusion.

The Purpose of Life

The majority of humanity believes that the purpose of life is the pursuit of happiness. This then manifests in a wide variety of activities and pursuits that are driven by that persons definition of happiness. Some doggedly pursue money in an effort to buy their way to fulfillment. Others may have more lofty definitions which are related to helping others in different and unique ways. And for others, power and prestige are their view of the ultimate. However, whatever pleasure or limited happiness that may be derived from these pursuits will wither away when the body, mind and ego disappear at death. From my view the purpose of life is happiness, however I differ as to how it is attained or realized. If happiness is pursued or gotten through dualistic activity, it is but a small echo of the real non-dual happiness that is available to all of us that is hidden deep within ourselves.
Here is my definition of true happiness. To become aware of our deeper soul essence, and to nurture it's growth and flowering until we realize our own divinity which is the source of eternal happiness. True happiness is realized as we transcend all duality and attachment to things, and realize who we are at our core! This is why whenever we experience some kind of loss or tragedy in life, underneath that surface experience lies an enegry and experience of boudless peace and joy which has no cause in the manifested world. Ah, the peace of God!It is omnipresent.