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This Blog is a compilation of revelations, inspirations, and meditations that come from the distinctive perspective of eastern spirituality and mysticism! Please enjoy and share your thoughts, impressions and inspirations if any.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Power of You !!!

Einstein said we use only a small portion of our brain ! The question then arises. What is going on with the rest of it? How can we begin to unwrap and unfold the full capacity of our mind . Are we destined to live our lives and then die while only using a small portion of our mental acumen. Are we wasting and losing the tremendous human potential we are all born with? The ancients have taught that we are the creators of our own reality! That ultimately what we feel and experience comes from within ourselves not from our external circumstances. In other words we are all creative beings with tremendous untapped potenetial just waiting to be expressed into the fabric and beauty of existence! We were all born with that seed and purpose, each one a totally unique expression of divinity. You are nothing less than that. Your mind , heart , and consciousness have unlimited potential. When you touch your center and feel that creative energy, you can transcend the seeming limitations of your body and thinking. A great philospher once said " What the mind can conceive , it can achieve " That IS the Power of You!!! The whole world and cosmos is waiting for you to awaken and blossom into that potential!!! Just BE IT !

Where is Your Focus ?

Being Present has become almost cliche' in this day and age ! While the concept has been around for a long time , the practice is still challenging to master. The catch is this , when you try to be present , your doing creates a goal for the future which brings you out of presence . It is almost like a catch 22. If you grab at it , like fog it will slip away! To be present we need to expand our awareness first beyond thinking . This is why meditation is so important ! Meditation is just being. It is not about doing , reaching , accomplishing anything. It is just relaxing into your center , where your essential nature lives. At your center is your Being ! Your Being is essentially creative energy given to each of us by the Tao. When you touch that place and experience that taste of presence, concentrate on the person and the work you are involved with whether it be with yourself or another. Give full present moment to moment attention to that engagement! The individual person is a full microscosm of the entire cosmos. When you relate to another or yourself , you are relating to the whole of creation! This is why human interaction is divine interaction. Just Be It !!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Soul & the Ego

When your Soul first incarnates it has an ego seed which over time and conditioning developes into your ego. This in and of itself is not a problem ! We need a healthy and functioning ego to relate to the world of form. The ego is our form identity and manifest through the persona ( mask ) . However if we do not feel and cultivate our connection to our center which is our essential nature of divinity and oneness, we get lost and begin to identify soley with the form based on the egoic mind. This propels us on a downward spiral into illusory separation , loneliness and sometimes hostility ! A hard , thick defensive shell then develops around us out of fear based on egoic separate consciousness. It then becomes Life's task to break down this shell and liberate us from our own self imposed prison. This is done by acceptance of the suchness of life in the NOW ! Everything can be solved and resolved in the present moment by total surrender to what is! If you then want to change what is, do so out of a place of acceptance and alignment to life with a positive mind. Nothing can ever truly develop out of resistance or negativity unless it is transmuted to positive energy! This is spiritual Alchemy!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Surrender to Surrender

Surrender to surrender ! Do not surrender to achieve . Then you are still involved in the game ! Make your present surrender a foundation for deeper surrender . This is the path back ! Then surrender again and make another foundation for further surrender ! If you stop you will get stuck . When you realize you are stuck then surrender again and move deeper !!! Merge into the Tao where there is no surrender . YOU SIMPLY ARE !!!

Lao Tsu

Over three thousand years ago the ancient One said " Best be empty , Best be still "
It is still true !!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Sea of Chi

We are all floating in the sea of chi!!! Chi is the ancient Taoists term form life energy in all its various forms . It is the vital energy that creates and animates life itself! It comes from the true source, the eternal Tao, and contains not only raw energy , but intelligence , emotion , and purpose or intent. It is the source of our mind and nourishes all of our vital organs and functions. Through dilligent training we can begin to feel and percieve the presence and flow of chi as it moves and embraces us in the eternal dance of bliss. When we don't feel it , we feel separate and alone in a hostile world fighting for our survival. This is ultimately an illusion. Chi Kung is the practice of feeling , cultivating , and managing this precious gift of life. When you understand and begin to know it , you begin to feel and know God !!! We can then realize our common source and basic oneness !!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Purpose of Orgasm

Most of humanity believes that there is only one purpose for us to experience sexual orgasm. They feel it is simply for the sake of pleasure as a climax to lovemaking with their partner. This is a very limited viewpoint , however. The energy created during orgasm is the very same energy that created everything in the cosmos. It has as its primary purpose to manifest and generate new life! It can also be used to heal or regenerate life from a state of illness or disease. It also serves as the most potent energy for spiritual growth for the soul and spirit. Finally it is the way for all of us to experience spiritual union with the divine in the most intimate sense. As such the act of lovemaking and experience of orgasmic bliss is the most sacred part of life. Treat it with the utmost respect and dignity based on a more complete understanding of it purpose and potential!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Last Year & This Year

I downloaded over 498 pictures from my digital camera from a period of about 15 months last night. Through the windows media player I created a slide show of images of my life during that time. What an amazing experience!!! All the memories , events , colors and flavors of the past were there to taste and savor again. I recalled each event and experience as if it were only yesterday! I also recalled the state of conscious awareness of the different periods of time and marveled at the range of expereince from heaven to hell and many states in between.
In the morning I awoke to the sound of a symphony of birds in my back woods as they created a natural tapestry of beautiful sound to gently awake to. Only last year at the same time as I lay in bed in total anguish & despair those same birds were like an annoying nuisance which wouldn't let me sleep! I then imagined buying a gun and shooting all of them so they would stop bothering me. What a difference from last year til today! Heaven and hell are within our consciousness. You need look no further than that!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sexality is Life

When you hear the word sex , it normally conjures up an image of some type of intercourse between a man and woman in a private place , on the beach ,or in the bedroom. This is a very narrow and limited view that most of us have because we are so obsessed with the topic. Sex or sexuality is a much broader phenomena! In reality all of life is sex from the Taoists point of view. Life is created and sustained through the give and take between Yin ( female ) and yang ( male ) energy! From the smallest atom to the movement of the galaxies , this one force is there controling and guiding the entire universe. Life is one big cosmic orgasm and we are meant to live in harmony and unity with it!!! It is time to drop our puritan and perverted concepts regarding sex that have created so much guilt and misery throughout the centuries. Sex is creative and generative life force energy that we are all endowed with from the time of our conception to the day we die. Our ability to understand , feel , embrace , and master this essential energy will be the major determining factor in our ability to understand ourselves and be truly happy and fulfilled!!!
All other aspects of life pale in comparison to this! If you get this right , you are truly a master!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Finding Unitive Consciousness

As we progress through deeper and deeper levels of meditation, our brain waves change from beta to alpha to theta and finally delta waves. Delta is the state of dreamless sleep we all experience sometime during the night. As we change wave patterns , we experience a gradual shift from a separation consciousness which is strongest at the beta level to a complete unitive consciousness in dreamless sleep. This is similar to what Jung call the collective subconscious. We all sleep and during that sleep we all experience the void of primordial emptiness. The Taoists call this place Wu Chi. It is here that our energies are replenished and restored!
The fact that we all go through this process is the fundamental basis for the existence of unitive consciousness! This is not theory but reality! The challenge for humanity is to bring that unity of mind into our waking states all the way to the beta state and experience that as the practical reality of our waking consciousness. Our brains were created and have the capacity to live and experience this as our true reality. WE come from one source and therefore are always connected to each other. Separation consciousness is simply an illusion!