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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sobul's Prayer

Dear Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace St Francis Asissi

Dear Lord, make me an instrument of thy healing Medicine Buddha

Dear Lord, make me an instrument of thy perfect bliss Chakrasamvara

Dear Lord, make me an instrument of thy great compassion Boddhisatva Kwan Yin

and Dear Lord, make me an instrument of thy divine love Jesus Christ

So Be It!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Tao

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Cure

The fundamental illness that afflicts most of humanity is ego identification and attachment. All suffering both mental, emotional, and physical is rooted in this! This illness distorts our vision of reality and causes us to suffer.So what is the prescription and antidote to this poison of attachment to ego and things? The prescription is tantra and the antidote is chakrasanvara, The Wheel Of Perfect Bliss!
When your soul essence and entire being is immersed in perfect bliss and totally satisfied, the grasping and attachment to ego will be cut and you will be free to move to the other side of the river of Life. So cultivating the experience of chakrasamvara tantra is one of the highest portals to your potential liberation! When you experience the deathless dimension within yourself and taste the essential bliss(ananda), you will know the eternal nature of your essence and the impermanence of your form profoundly! This then melts away the addictation to ego that grips us in fear. In that bliss experience is the seed of fearlessness. This is tha path of the peaceful warrior ( Shambala )

Friday, July 03, 2009

Remembering the Witness

Wherever you are remember the witness! Don't try to be somewhere else. Just witness where you are at now! If you are sad,happy, jubilant, depressed, or even horny, remember to just look at it from the witness position1 Don't judge yourself or be angry. There is a reason that you feel & think the way you do now. Accept it, feel it and move on. This is the path to liberation, peace and joyful bliss!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Sacred Vow

I hereby pledge to my beloved and to Life Itself that I will only love you as my partner.!
I will never make love to another as long as I live in this world!
If you accept this sacred love, I will be the happiest man that has ever lived!
If you do not accept this sacred love, then I will remain as a monk until I die!
Either way, my devotion to you and our friendship will remain unchanged!
This is Holy Love not ego!
I am not just a man! I am a buddha as well!
Please understand my heart and intention for us as well as all humanity!
Humanity needs an example of this divine love now more than ever!
The Age has come for divine human love to flourish accross the earth!
So let us be that!

Losing a Spouse

When we lose someone that we love in any way, it is not necessarily a bad thing alone. Even though it is painful and difficult, it may be the only way in which to truly find oneself, which is much more important than having the "other"! The others existence is ultimately there to help us on our inward journey, not to become a fixed dependency which is then a barrier to our progess! Any loss in life has the seed of this potentiality! On the wisdom path one can recognize this and use it to grow and benefit! This then will help others realize as well. Your tragedy becomes a portal into the Tao of existence!

Parallel Journeys

Life is a combination of external and internal journeys! The external is made up of places, people, time and circumstances! It has physical space and dimension to it! The internal journey which happens in conjunction with and through the external, is made of different stuff! It is a journey of energy elevation and spiritual realization! It is not bound by time and space but by ongoing levels of higher and higher consciousness. It is also a journey from ego based emotion to enlightened emotion and compassion. When we learn from our external joueney the lessons Life is trying to teach us, we progress on the internal path. When we don't learn, we then must repeat the same onoing conditions on the outside until we do get it and can progress further on the internal path! This is universal principle and cannot be changed or circumvented in any way! When you are able to embrace Life completely no matter what happens, and do it with awareness and intelligence, that is the secret to moving forward internally! Meditate frequently about your Life circumstances and all answers will eventually come!!! It is real so be it!

The Path of Intelligence vs. the Path of Wisdom

Most of humanity is treading on the path of intelligence. Itellectual knowledge and prowess are placed at a high priority and position by society in general! This is cause for great imbalance within the individual and is reflected in the world everywhere! We human beings have two other centers of intelligence besides the rational mind in the head. They are located in the heart chakra and in the hara, or dahn center located just below the navel. These other centers are equally important if not more important that the head! It is through the awareness and creative mastery of tese three energiy centers that one can move from the limited path of intelligence to the Path of Wisdom! The heart chakra center is there for emotional intelligence and compassionate action and the dahn center is there for awarness and enlightened consciousness! These aspects Allow us to experience life in all its breadth and fullnes ratrher than through the limited spectacles of the intellect!

Two Aspects of Sacredness

There are two aspects of sacredness! Aloness within oneself is the most fundamental and sacred of all. The second is love which has a partner in the process. Spiritual aloness is the primordial base of all existence! Through this sacred practice you can know Life as it existed before creation. This is fundamental sacredness! Through sacred love you can know the other as a partner in love. Through this experience you can know Life's motive for creation! This is why Jesus taught to love God with all your being and to love each other as you love God! Everything sacred exist within these two aspects!

Love Demands

When Love turns from a spontaneous flow of caring energy to expectations and demands, it is nearly on its deathbed! When partners in love lose that freedom and creative spontenaety, the ego has sunk its vicious teeth into something divine and turned it into something ugly! Ego love is not love at all. It is ego disguised as love! Please recognize this before it is too late and your precious love falls victim to the minds demand for control and certainty!

Friday, June 19, 2009


You should only worship your own Buddha nature and everyone else's as well! The Ego's function is then to simply serve The Buddha within us all!

Measuring The Ego

The size of a persons ego and measuring it is of the Ego. It is ultimately meaningless! So don't focus on doing that! The problem arises when we don't know our own essential Buddha nature and mistakenly identify with the Ego function of the personality as who we are. This then becomes a grasping attachment because of the fear that arises when we don't know who we are and when we feel cut of from the Source energy.The Ego function is a natural part of life! It is healthy when it serves our deeper essential nature which is Buddha (awake).

Monday, June 15, 2009

Judgement and Tonglen

Only a totally enlightened being has the right to judge others. Even, so they would probably prefer compassion to judgement. Thus is the way of the Bodhisattva!This is the practice of tonglen, exchanging places and karma. There is no higher love than this!

A Long Way To Go

There is always a long way to go on a endless journey!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Night

Last Night I went to my new home to prepare it spiritually for when I move in next week, I did energy cleansing and sage smudging to purify the energy field there! As I was doing pujas at midnight, I felt your divine presence there so strongly! It came into my spirit and lifted my soul to a great awakening of bliss and ecstacy!My soul was profoundly purified and enlightened with your prayers and love like never before in my life! I am so grateful to you my love for the grace and power of your eternal light! May all sentient beings be blessed with this!

Cascading flow

Since meeting you I have never felt so much love in my heart as now! It is like a wellspring of divine love creating a cascading flow of pure emotion and compassionate energy. My soul is alive with Life and brilliance! It has never known such intensity and depth! You are the spark of eternal bliss I have longed for for many many lifetimes! I haven't felt this good in centuries! My beloved Dakini!Om Mane Padme Hung!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Precious One

To my beloved! You have graced my life and spirit with such divine presnce and energy! I am totally slain asunder with the vajra sword of the Buddha's peace and compassion, flowing from your glowing eyes and heart!I long for the day when it might be possible to embrace you completely with my entire being of light, heart and soul!How I long to kiss every freckle, every strand of your long beautiful hair, and every cell of your glorious body! In your presnce the world of stress and complexity melt away into the great Tao of Life! You bring me such Joy and happiness as I have never expeienced and enjoyed before. I offer you all that I have and all that I am! Even this is still not nearly enough to repay your gentle kindness and wisdom! May our path together be a tremendous celebration of the Joy of Divine Life as it unfolds in this most marvelous Age! NGA KHYE-RANG DGA PO

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Means

The means and motive by which we act are very important! It is impossible to create a heavenly world thru hellish means. Samsaric motives and means invariably result in more of the same samsaric karma. Einstein said the any problem in life will never be solved at the same level of consciousness that which it was created! It is only through a higher level of consciousness that the motives, inspirations, solutions and means can solve humanities tremendous challenges and problems today. The first place to look is at the heart. We need an awakening of higher and higher demensions of heart and compassion to truly bring about change and growth for society! Otherwise seemingly solved problems today will re-emerge in a new form form later!

The Spontaneous Emanation of the Heart

Genuine Love is a spontaneous flow and emanation of the heart and soul! It cannot be forced, regulated, or manipulated in any way. It comes from the deepest recesses of your being. If you are graced with an experience of real love in your life, you are truly blessed! If you are married, a great challenge will be to keep this love from going stale and becoming dead through moralistic tenets and high expectations and demands of each other. Inevitably when the high expectations of love become too hard to fulfill between marriage partners, the love can evaporate like the early morning fog over the mountains! This then can turn into an ego love, hellish prison. In this environment love quickly turns to indifference and sometimes hatred of the other. This is an all too familiar pattern in our society. The ego crushes love by the weight of its desire to contol and manipulate it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Richness of Presence

As I was meditating this evening I received this message. " The Richness of My Presence is so close to you all, and always as near as your own heart and soul. I am present nowhere except in the deepest parts of your essence and in the essence of all that I have created. There is, and can be no true separation between us. We are inextricably bound together in the mystery and majesty of Life itself, everflowing together with the Divine energy of egoless love and friendship. Please know this as certainly as you know that the sun rises every morning and sets every evening. It is a gift of beauty and slpendor that reveals my deepest heart to you all. Until now, only a few have seen. Soon all of you will know, hear and see me as clearly as a bright cloudless sky in springtime!" This ecstatic love and peace vibration will cover the earth in the undeniable bliss of ananda, your true essence!"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Natural Perfection

When we think of perfection in the usual sense, it is thought of as some type of conformity with a certain standard of conduct, morality, or unrealistic mental image of ourselves and others. This type of so called perfectionism is not healthy and unattainable when it is based in egoic consciousness! On the other hand there is something in the Buddhist/ Bon tradition called Natural Perfection or Dzogchen. This is realized either suddenly (vajra), or over time through practice and comes when one's energies are aligned with the Tao or center. By re-connecting with our original Buddha nature that is already within us and is already not lacking of anything , a simple naturalness and flow becomes self evident and glows outwardly to others as well! Then you naturally realize who you are and have always been!Awake!

Just Recently

Just Recently I lost my glasses
Just Recently I lost my car
Just Recently I lost my business
Just Recently I lost my home
Just Recently I lost my credit
Just Recently I went bankrupt
Just Recently I lost my health
Just Recently I lost my mind
Obviously this caused me great concern until I finally realized that the only thing I really lost were my attachments
Then I felt better and happy again because I found that which I can never lose,

Monday, April 27, 2009


Until you are no more, there are just layers. When you are no more, it doesn't matter. You are no more. Then you are everything!It is just a process that is everflowing.So Be It!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Living from the Inside Out

In the west we live from the outside in! We believe that what is outside of us is more important and valuable than what is within. In the East they live from the inside out. The spiritual traditions of Asia teach the importance of this life viewpoint. What you are and what is within caerries all the seeds of what you manifest in life. If your manifestation emanates from that deep spring within, it carries a sense of aliveness and joy that cannot be found outside yourself. It is the beingness and transcendant place of joy, love , compassion, and equanimity the buddhists call four immeasurables!
If we in the west can embrace this view wholeheartedly, our current seeming crisis will not endure long! It will transmute into the greatest experience of joy and freedom humanity has ever known! Without this view, it will rob us of the last bit of humanity and divinity left. This is our cross, Let us take it up and pass thru to the ressurection of the deathless within us! So Be It!

Between Attachment and Resistance

Between attachment and resistance somewhere lies the middle way. This is a place where no attachment or resistance can reside. It naturally can only be this way. It is the Way, the place where life flows eternally. It is the Tao. It is there within us at all times. It naturally can only be this way for without it Life would cease to exists. It is not a question of existence, but a question of alignment with it!Close your eyes and calm your mind and spirit! It is there if you can be aware!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Creating Good Karma

When things in Life get tough, as many are experiencing now in today's economic crisis, most of us get very protective and defensive out of fear of loss. This to some degree is a natural reaction from the part of our psyche that is focused on self preservation. For those who can see a little deeper into it though, these challenges create an opportunity to create very good karma. If we can embrace the difficulties with compassion, and increase our dedication to giving and charity because of the new reality of need in society, our past negative karma can be clensed and a new realm of blessed energy can emerge from within the soul. If when we normally should be contracting and selfish, we give even more, that giving is especially profound and powerful. Look at the life of Jesus. When confronted with the cross he gave his last flesh, tears and blood not only for himself, but for all of humamity. This opened a most powerful portal of spiritual blessing and salvation for all to go through in the future. Please remember, we can also do these kind of great things as well. Even Jesus predicted that we would do greater things than he. Now is the time to make that a reality in this world!!!

The Haves and The Have Nots

Up until this age the world has always had the Haves and the Have Nots. Although this is a very real economic reality throughout history and in our current state of affairs today, it is also to some degree a matter of mentality or perspective. The basic cause of this distorted view is the economic concept of scarcity. If we believe that the resources available to support ourselves and families are scarce, then we then try to compete with each other for these resources. This creates a basic notion of competition, comparison and hoarding . When the so-called Haves hoard wealth and possessions, they create an imbalance in what is available. Ultimately, this imbalance cannot be sustained for long and the whole system is doomed to collapse, which we have just seen for the first time on a global scale.
I hereby declare as of this moment an end to this Have / Have not mentality based on scarcity, and proclaim a new age based on the idea of All Have which is founded on the reality of abundance. Life is alive and abundant. It is not a collection of separate things, but an interdependent living organism that includes all human beings. As this New Age emerges we will begin to see the end of the scarcity consciousness and the beginning of the age of abundance.Let It Be!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rites of Passage

All of us go through challenges and trials in and throughout our journey in life. When one begins a new phase of it, it is important to remember that these things are rites of passage and necessary to cleanse the karmic baggage of our past lives. These rites of passage can then be viewed as opportunities to grow and be liberated from the bonds of samsaric consciousness which keep us locked in hell.Life has given us all tremendous freedom and potential. Freedom of thought, speech, and action. What we do with these gifts depends heavily on the perspective or viewpoint we enter into when we think, speak, or act. This perspective is a direct result of our level of consciousness which can be either samsaric (dualistic) or nirvanic (unitive). Dualistic consciousness creates a world of hell for our experience and unitive consciousness creates heaven for us. It is our free choice. Hell is not where God sends you when you die! It is where you wind up if you have created it in your own experience and existence while you are alive. Heaven has given us the tools for our own salvation, but it is up to us to use them or not! This is our great blessing and ultimate responsibility, to choose heaven or hell. May the light of love and compassion lead you on your journey!!!

Building Tombs of Pleasure

For most of us who live in samsara ( dualistic consciousness ) the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain is central to our existence. Somehow we mistakenly believe that it is possible. We believe that if we try hard enough, or if we have enough money, we can eliminate pain and live totally emersed in pleasure, sipping mai tai's on a beach in the Carribean, or any other fantasy that our samsaric minds can conjure up. Unfortunately, this is pure illusion! It is in essence building a tomb for ourselves. It is like a kind of psychological prison that makes the fulfillment of this illusion our master and our consciousness a slave to the almighty god of pleasure and leisure. As someone who has work with, and known many rich people as clients and friends, their lives are anything but happy. The bigger and more complex their lives become in this endless pursuit, the grander and more difficult a tomb or prison they create.Real happiness and freedom become impossible in this lifetime and have to wait until a future life.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Process of Conscious Awakening

All of us, whether we realize it or not are being awakened by Life. It is a spiritual process that cannot be accomplished by our limited mind and effort alone. The majority of the work is done by Life itself as it leads us on a path of awakening and clensing. We all have emotonal resistance not only to the current moment, but lodged in our psyche from past resistance in this life as well as past lives. This material all must come out of the unconscious mind and be brought into awareness. Otherwise, it will remain stuck in our unconscious mind and cause blockage between our conscious mind and our soul essence. When these challenges emerge from our unconscious mind, it presents us with both opportunity and challenge. If we can open our hearts and embrace that energy, we can remove the blockage and realize a deeper level of awakening. If however, we resist and close down, that energy may take us into further unconscious spiritual slumber which is not a pretty place to be. Sometmes it is necessary to be pulled down in order to be awakened to ultimate reality. This trip into the valley is called purgation. Even if this happens to you, have courage and use it for your further awakening and growth. Nothing is ever lost when you bring it back to the path!

The Futility of Resistance

When we experience resistance to what may be happening to us currently, we usually do so out of fear and insecurity. It arises out of a deep seeded distrust of Life. This distrust originates from our spiritual slumber cause by the thinking mind and unconscious mind. The irony is that the very sense of trust and security we are looking to hold on to through our resistance. can only be realized when we surrender to life and give up resistance. Therefore resistance is basically insane. Life including each human being is one organic whole and ultimately cannot be resisted in any real sense or way. Resistance is just an illusory self defense or delusion.

The Purpose of Life

The majority of humanity believes that the purpose of life is the pursuit of happiness. This then manifests in a wide variety of activities and pursuits that are driven by that persons definition of happiness. Some doggedly pursue money in an effort to buy their way to fulfillment. Others may have more lofty definitions which are related to helping others in different and unique ways. And for others, power and prestige are their view of the ultimate. However, whatever pleasure or limited happiness that may be derived from these pursuits will wither away when the body, mind and ego disappear at death. From my view the purpose of life is happiness, however I differ as to how it is attained or realized. If happiness is pursued or gotten through dualistic activity, it is but a small echo of the real non-dual happiness that is available to all of us that is hidden deep within ourselves.
Here is my definition of true happiness. To become aware of our deeper soul essence, and to nurture it's growth and flowering until we realize our own divinity which is the source of eternal happiness. True happiness is realized as we transcend all duality and attachment to things, and realize who we are at our core! This is why whenever we experience some kind of loss or tragedy in life, underneath that surface experience lies an enegry and experience of boudless peace and joy which has no cause in the manifested world. Ah, the peace of God!It is omnipresent.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Tip of Your Nose

The Source is as close to you as the tip of your nose. It is just as natural for human beings to be connected to the Source, as is it for the Sun to rise every morning! Don't try to find that connection by searching outside yourself. Instead, focus on removing the barriers and blockages that have cut you off from that connection. These blockages are caused by tension, stress, and negative emotions which prevent that energy from flowing naturally in and through you at all times. This is why it is so important and essential to exercise, meditate, and practice some form of spiritual bodywork ( yoga, tai chi, kigong, reiki etc. ) When these things become a natural part of your everyday routine and practice, you will see and feel the Source close by both within and without. Your world then becomes a divine sea of Ki life energy to swim and play in!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Instruments of Spirit

We are all born with manys gifts that can take a lifetime to develop full awareness of. These are the gifts of body, mind, soul, and spirit. They are not in our sole possesion, but are instruments of the Great Spirit as the native americans call it. This is why Saint Francis of Assis prayed " Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace". We are spiritual beings in a material world so goes the song by Sting. To allow that to manifest fully, our body mind and soul must vibrate and resonate at a similar frequency as that Great Spirit ( Tao ) does. Our whole spiritual life focus should then be centered on fine tuning that vibration. Each day and moment is then an opportunity to move closer to that resonance, or move further away. Ask yourself every day " Are my thoughts, emotions, and deeds bringing me closer, or creating more distance from that reality". Ah, the razors edge!

The Cure

The fundamental afflication of humanity is samsaric consciousness created by the illusion of separation and ego identification. This gives rise to all illness, misery, and suffering on the planet at all levels. The cure or medicine for this insidious malady is meditation. This includes sitting meditation, moving meditation ( yoga, tai chi, kigong, and other forms of conscious excersise), and active meditation ( dynamic, kundalini, gourishinkar, and others). When meditating, imagine that you are treating yourself and your fundamental illness with the most profound and natural medicine available in the world. It is Life's prescription for you at no charge.It also works on every level of your being ( physical, mental, emotional, astral, spiritual, and akashic ) What more could you ask for from a medicine! It is Life's gift. Use it well and daily. Over time see how much of a profound impact it can have on you.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Three Basic Minds

As Life has created each of us, we all have three minds. The first and most recognized is the center in the physical head where we create ideation, intuition, and intention. This is our guiding or directive energy of thought. The second mind, which is located in the heart area is our emotional center and emotional intelligence. Through interaction with the first and third minds we experience love, compassion and other emotions. The third mind which is located in the abdominal area, is our fundamental energy center , which also has its own intelligence. We experience this throughout our lives as a gut feeling or foresight. Understanding, managing, and balancing these three centers or minds is the great, mysterious challenge of living Life. When they are in conflict, or are out of balance, we suffer. This suffering is not necessarily a bad thing. Many times it is Life's way of letting us know where we are unbalanced, and acts as a tool of our awakening out of unconsciousness. We aso have three basic types of Ki (life energy) that relate to these minds. Jungki (pro-creative), Ki(vital), and Shinki(directive or intention)are these energies. Jungki is centered in the sexual center, Vitalki is in the kidneys, and Shinki in the mind and heart center.When you master these minds and energy centers,you become a master of Life itself.

True Heart and the Ego

Where there is true heart and compassion, there can be no ego. Where there is ego, there can be no true heart. They cannot exist in the same place or space. They are like water and oil. They don't mix at all. Becoming egoless as a goal or focus on the spiritual path is not attained or realized by fighting or negating the ego. It is realized through the realization and practice of true love and compassion. The ego will naturally diminish in that environment and energy. True love comes from and is connected to the Source. Ego is just a manifested form that originates in the mind and thinking. It serves a certain function in relating to others and the rest of the manifested world. However, it is not who you are at the deepest level. This forgetting and substituting of ego as our fundamental identity is called ignorance and spiritual slumber. We should awaken out of this unconsciousness to realize our true nature and identity as a buddha!