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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Finding Balance & Harmony

As human beings , we exist in two dimensions, the spiritual and the physical. As such it is important to understand, realize , and master both. This apparent duality may look like competing poles , or in conflict with each other, however this is really not the case. When we emphasize one by denying the other , we split ourselves into two polarities creating stress and discord. As eloquently stated in the teachings of the Tao, these seemingly polarities are actually complimentary. As also taught in many tantric paths , it is by accepting the whole of existence and moving through the physical plane by feeling and experiencing all of life's energies , can spiritual growth and liberation truly be! This was the teaching of the Buddha ( the middle way )
which is based on balance , peace and harmony. It is our task and challenge to realize this for ourselves. May you truly find that balance !!!