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This Blog is a compilation of revelations, inspirations, and meditations that come from the distinctive perspective of eastern spirituality and mysticism! Please enjoy and share your thoughts, impressions and inspirations if any.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Until you are no more, there are just layers. When you are no more, it doesn't matter. You are no more. Then you are everything!It is just a process that is everflowing.So Be It!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Living from the Inside Out

In the west we live from the outside in! We believe that what is outside of us is more important and valuable than what is within. In the East they live from the inside out. The spiritual traditions of Asia teach the importance of this life viewpoint. What you are and what is within caerries all the seeds of what you manifest in life. If your manifestation emanates from that deep spring within, it carries a sense of aliveness and joy that cannot be found outside yourself. It is the beingness and transcendant place of joy, love , compassion, and equanimity the buddhists call four immeasurables!
If we in the west can embrace this view wholeheartedly, our current seeming crisis will not endure long! It will transmute into the greatest experience of joy and freedom humanity has ever known! Without this view, it will rob us of the last bit of humanity and divinity left. This is our cross, Let us take it up and pass thru to the ressurection of the deathless within us! So Be It!

Between Attachment and Resistance

Between attachment and resistance somewhere lies the middle way. This is a place where no attachment or resistance can reside. It naturally can only be this way. It is the Way, the place where life flows eternally. It is the Tao. It is there within us at all times. It naturally can only be this way for without it Life would cease to exists. It is not a question of existence, but a question of alignment with it!Close your eyes and calm your mind and spirit! It is there if you can be aware!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Creating Good Karma

When things in Life get tough, as many are experiencing now in today's economic crisis, most of us get very protective and defensive out of fear of loss. This to some degree is a natural reaction from the part of our psyche that is focused on self preservation. For those who can see a little deeper into it though, these challenges create an opportunity to create very good karma. If we can embrace the difficulties with compassion, and increase our dedication to giving and charity because of the new reality of need in society, our past negative karma can be clensed and a new realm of blessed energy can emerge from within the soul. If when we normally should be contracting and selfish, we give even more, that giving is especially profound and powerful. Look at the life of Jesus. When confronted with the cross he gave his last flesh, tears and blood not only for himself, but for all of humamity. This opened a most powerful portal of spiritual blessing and salvation for all to go through in the future. Please remember, we can also do these kind of great things as well. Even Jesus predicted that we would do greater things than he. Now is the time to make that a reality in this world!!!

The Haves and The Have Nots

Up until this age the world has always had the Haves and the Have Nots. Although this is a very real economic reality throughout history and in our current state of affairs today, it is also to some degree a matter of mentality or perspective. The basic cause of this distorted view is the economic concept of scarcity. If we believe that the resources available to support ourselves and families are scarce, then we then try to compete with each other for these resources. This creates a basic notion of competition, comparison and hoarding . When the so-called Haves hoard wealth and possessions, they create an imbalance in what is available. Ultimately, this imbalance cannot be sustained for long and the whole system is doomed to collapse, which we have just seen for the first time on a global scale.
I hereby declare as of this moment an end to this Have / Have not mentality based on scarcity, and proclaim a new age based on the idea of All Have which is founded on the reality of abundance. Life is alive and abundant. It is not a collection of separate things, but an interdependent living organism that includes all human beings. As this New Age emerges we will begin to see the end of the scarcity consciousness and the beginning of the age of abundance.Let It Be!