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This Blog is a compilation of revelations, inspirations, and meditations that come from the distinctive perspective of eastern spirituality and mysticism! Please enjoy and share your thoughts, impressions and inspirations if any.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Spiritual Exclusivity

There is no such thing as spiritual or religious exclusivity. It is an illusion of egoic consciousness. If you claim that your religion or spiritual path is THE WAY , it is a mind trap! There is only the interconnectedness or oneness of all things! There is only One Source whatever you call him , her , it , nothingness , Tao , etc. On that basis exclusivity cannot exist! It is not real ! Everyone is special in there own unique way. If you can see each person as a unique creation of the divine , then compassion and unity will flow naturally. It doesn't need to be forced or regulated by religious authority. When all of humanity is one , we will not need authorities both political or religious . They will be unemployed!!! Humanity will then rejoice in true freedom , the freedom of knowing what we truly are in our essence!!! That day is soon at hand!

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Doors to Primordial Freedom

We can reach primordial freedom , the freedom that knows no opposite, by walking through one door and only one door. That door is the door that leads us to our original state of true aloneness. To reach the door of true aloneness we must find and pass through the door of not knowing. Each passage leads us closer and closer to our natural state of pure potential that is the exquiste field of nothing. Only then will we remember what we truly are. Sat-chit-ananda ! Being / Consciousness / Bliss!!! May you wake up and remember soon!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Simply Receiving

God cannot force his blessings upon us! That would be a violation of the basic principle of free will and turn us all into nothing more than robotic objects. However, there is a simple path of profound connection that requires only our willingness to receive. It is the path of receiving which reqires no other effort on our part except having an open mind and willingness to receive. It is being demonstrated in today's world by the amazing and profound work of the Oneness Blessing and the Oneness University!!! To recive this blessing is a truly amazing experience. The only word to describe it is amazing and profound grace. God can give us this love and healing power and energy on one simple condition. Our willingness to receive it. It sounds too good to be true especially to Christians who have been taught for centuries by the church what wretched sinners we all are. This thick later of guilty energy can be a major block for us to receive grace from heaven. Guilt is a product of egoic consciousness. It is the ego's way of keeping us separate from the divine. The only useful purpose for guilt is to wake us up from our unconscious spiritual slumber into greater awareness of our own divinity. If it lingers and sticks within us it becomes a spiritual cancer on our emotional & spiritual bodies. The first step in healing this is to forgive ourselves of past unconscious thoughts and behavior , and to receive heavens forgiveness and blessing!!! Within each of us the seed of divinity awaits its own awakening and flowering symbolized in buddhism by the lotus flower. The oneness blessing seems to be a most powerful and profound way to that unfolding within!!! So Be It !

Transcending the Ego

Some spiritual traditions advocate total destruction of the ego and complete surrender to the will of the leader or master. However, the only time when it is possible to totally destroy the ego is at death! During life this practice will be an endless battle leading to frustration and misery! In stead we should focus on transcending the ego both personally and collectively depending on what type of collective we identify with. It is necessary to have a strong and functioning ego in order to live in this world. The ego functions as a sort of middle manager in the overall management of life. The problem is not the existence of ego , it is when the ego creates a separate self identity and tries to assume total control of who we think we are as our master. When we clearly awaken to the reality of our deepest eternal nature that comes from and emanates from the Source , the ego will lose its grip on our identity and fall into its natural functioning! In order to awaken , however, life may create circumstances and challenges that are so extreme and painful that they seem like going through a psychological death of ego . This is how our true nature assists us in exorcising us from the grip of ego possesion which most of humanity suffers from. This ego possesion is the basis of all conflict , misery , and illness in the world! When we can all transcend ego and bring it back to a state of healthy function , our world will naturally become the paradise of unitive consciousness it was designed to be. That day is closer than you may think . We are on the precipice of a major global shift towards oneness or unitive consciousness . Every effort and realization you experience will contribute to the greater transformation as a whole. Please realize how important each one human life is!!! It is a microcosm of the entire cosmos and comes from the same Source no matter how different and separate it may appear on the surface. May we all celebrate and recognize that common divinity that exists in each of us. That will be the basis of the new world!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Peak Experiences !!!!!!!!

Obsession with peak experiences can be just as unhealthy as obsessions with anything else, however let us not be too critical. Many , many millions of human beings go though countless lives without even one peak experience! It is still a profound way for the beginnings of awakening ! If the person who has such a deep and profound experience gets a little carried away, I don't blame them at all. I'd give you all the tea in China and then some just to touch the divine even once! Please remember your own beginnings!!!

The Last Chip

I just finished devouring half a bag of homemade kettle potato chips as I sipped on a diet coke. Towards the end I kepy saying this IS the last chip as I watched my hand continue to pick them out of the bag and deposit them into my stomach through the mouth and throat! I'm sure glad life is dialectic and not logical!!!

Sitting in my room just being here

My back went out this morning after some vigorous excercise! So , I'm just here in my room resting! I am not planning anything or thinking too much. I don't want anything really , just to feel my heartbeat , experience my breathing , just hanging out with myself. Everything is okay. I feel the blood running through my veins. I feel a tightness in my back as I try to relax. My wife gave me a massage a little while earlier and I felt the energy from that roam up and down my body . I've got some mantra music in the background . The sun is coming through the window . A little breeze is blowing in the back window. It is nice to be here. I may leave soon or I may hang out for awhile. We'll see what happens. See ya!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Crack of Light

When you are in complete darkness , you will be overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness , despair , anxiety and even suicide! These are normal feelings and thoughts to experience when all things in our life have fallen apart and that which we have previously found security and peace of mind disappear. This is new ground for most of us! It is a great and difficult challenge , but also a great opportunity. Most saints , sages , and enlightened masters of the past have also treaded this territory. It is as my master puts it " part of the process " . At one point however , you will find a crack of light which will begin to once again illuminate your consciousness and dispel the darkness.This is the beginning of a new phase of the discovery of your Being which lies at your core! This is the alchemical process of transmuting darkness into divine light! When you are once again illumined by that light, be grateful for both its saving grace as well as the path of darkness that got you there! Saint John the Divine called it " The dark night of the Soul ". For most of us a necessary right of passage!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Infinite & Eternal You !!!

You are a created manifestation of the eternal , infinite , omniscient & omnipresent Tao. That connection is permanent & unchanging . Imagine how precious and mysterious you are! Your Being is capable of embracing the whole universe & cosmos in a rapture of love and ecstacy. Celebrate this every morning when you awaken !
Your daily challenges are mere grains of sand compared to the vast ocean of consciousness within you. As you walk your path , let the sand flow through your hands and feet as you feel the cool energy of the earth and gaze at the majesty of heaven above. Rejoice that you are the connecting point between father heaven & mother earth as you bring their energies together to make cosmic love within your alchemical furnace! In that union is conceived and born your immortal fetus!!!


There is NO escape from life and the challenges we all face. That is the law of Karma in essence. "What ye sow ye shall reap" as the bible says. When challenging circumstances come into your path you should remember that trying to escape them is
like running away from your shadow. Even if you get away for a while , they will return again and again until your soul gets what it needs to progress. If you are in difficulty try this approach, Face , Digest , Transcend. Sooner or later that is the path you will go. It is inevitable! This is the alchemical process taught thousands of years ago by the Taoists and Buddhists sages and monks. When we embrace our difficulties and digest our negative emotions , an alchemical process begins to take hold which transforms us spiritually!!! We eventually come through the process as our layers of armour and ego peal away to reveal the glorious essence of our radiant true Self! Your Soul's journey to that place will continue in this process. Let us learn to welcome it!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Strutting Your Stuff

Most men are goal oriented and driven. When they achieve the goal they have a tendency to think that they have arrived and they start strutting their stuff! That is fine for a short time , however if they stay at that place for long it becomes the beginning of their decline. Enjoy it and move on with humility as a new chapter will then begin to unfold on the journey. Ultimately there is no destination, only the journey. If you spend too much time strutting , you will miss the splendor and majesty of the journey itself. Watch out for too much strutting!!!

Sexual Massage

For thousands of years It has been a great hidden secret of the Taoist masters. Jing Chi or sexual energy and the mastery of it is one of the most important practices for health, vitality, and spiritual awakening ! However most of humanity remains trapped by thier failure to understand and master this most essential aspect of Life. The religionist would have you believe that sex is dirty and only for the purpose of procreation. They have taken the joy , life , and vitality out of it through teachings of repression and the advocacy of celibacy. The celibate is only pretending to be holy through willfull personality while going through extreme suffering because of all the life generative energy he or she is repressing.This only leads to illnees and psychological problems because the stagnant repressed energy needs to be released and cannot! Sexual repression is just the flip side of the same coin we call sexual indulgence and license. There is very little difference. Both the celibate and the indulgent are obsessed with sex. It is their master. The one difference ,however is the indulgent does not trap the energy, they let it escape and deplete through the genitals therefore losing vital energy for life and creation resulting in illness and eventually death!
Sex and the Jing Chi that arises from the genital, perineum, anus area is divine life force capable of giving birth to new life. It is sacred and should be treated as such!!! You should practice daily massage of this area either as a couple or on your own. It is here that the dormant kundalini energy sleeps waiting to be awoken!
Feeling , understanding, and mastering the movement and cultivation of the energy to the higher chakra energy centers is central to your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health and development. It is in this practice and mastery you can find liberation from either repression or indulgence and begin to experience your essential divine life force in purity !!!