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This Blog is a compilation of revelations, inspirations, and meditations that come from the distinctive perspective of eastern spirituality and mysticism! Please enjoy and share your thoughts, impressions and inspirations if any.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beginner's Mind

In Zen it is taught to greet each moment with a beginner's mind. Jesua also taught to enter the kingdom , we must be as a child , pure simple consciousness. It is from that place that true humility arises! When we psychologically bring our past into the present , we slowly build up an ego armour that separates us from reality. It can manifest as a subtle arrogance of mind masquerading as knowledge! A beginner's mind starts with letting go of the past! We can use our memories as helpful tools in dealing with the practical aspects of life. When our memories , traumas and experiences create emotional or psychological barriers in our consciousness, it is best to just drop them and begin again with a pure mind and heart! Life can then remain as it is , fresh and vibrant!!!

The Shades of Love

There are many shades of love in the vast spectrum of life! From the instinctual fire of raw sexuality , to the divine heart and compassion of Jesus and the Buddha, we are meant to experience and grow in all of these tastes of Love. Be careful not to inprison love in your own mind based constraints or limitations !!! The experience of love will go deeper and higher, with no end, as long as you keep your heart open and allow it to happen. Surrender to that possibility in all its vulnerability , tenderness and blissful glory. As Osho said " when love meets meditation , compassion is truly born " .Then and only then , will you know life as it is.


The obstacles to finding God are not outside yourself! They are within your own mind , heart and energy system ! You cannot become like God. You already are God at your center or core. The path is not going outside, it is going within! When you encounter limitations both mental & emotional, know that as you go deeper & through these doors of consciousness , God is waiting for you in non-duality!!! He/She is rooting for you to transcend the barriers of illusory separation , and come home to who you are! You are an inseparable part of the the universe and cosmos. The same power , grace , and compassion that created the planets and vast stars in the heavens , created you!!! Everything exists in an interdepent flow of cosmic life energy!!! So Be That as You Are !!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Tantric Cycle

There is no judgement in Tantra. It is the way of total acceptance of what is ! When you judge you stray off the tantric path. Discernment is consistent with tantra as long as the flow of life energy is not interupted . Judgement usually creates resistance and blockage which then builds up over time into ego armour. The best way to release this armour is through the tantric cycle! It follows this flow or pattern!
Accept / Tolerate / Grow / Create / Celebrate / Accept / Tolerate / Grow / Create / Celebrate. This flow of total surrender then re-connects us to the Source where surrender is no more, only stillness !!! In stillness you can feel the Source energy pulsating through your entire being!!! This is the blessing of the tantric cycle!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Where Beauty Arises

Not even one ounce of beauty in this world has ever been created by the rational mind ! It is incapable of such a feat . Beauty arises and is created from a deeper part of our mind or being , from the heart and soul. Each expression of beauty in the world is but a window into the artists inner world and reflects the deepest aspect of their existence. The rational mind can help us with the practicalities of life and the organization of our affairs, however it can never nourish our inner being . This is why humanity suffers from soul malnourishment. We have exalted and worshipped the rational mind as the supreme center of life long enough! It has had its day and look where we have wound up! Division, separation , hatred, envy , greed and war etc. etc. Soon the soul of humanity will be liberated and a new era of life centered on the heart will emerge ! If not, humanity will perish and life will start again!!!

The Driftwood

As the Buddha said " we are a piece of driftwood floating on the ocean of Life". The ocean of Chi( life energy ) is everywhere. We cannot exists separate from that ! With that profound awareness , a deep trust will blossom within your being and your life becomes a symphony of existence!!! Each new day will offer new opportunities to see the miracle of the extraordinary in the ordinary. Can you allow that trust to emerge? Or will fear and resistance block the way to that place of conscious awakening? The choice is in your hands always!!! Let it Be!

Selfishness & Selflessness

Both selfishness and selflessness can only exist based on the assumption of a separate self . To an awakened consciousness this separate self is an illusion. The hedonist exalts self-centered pleasure and the religionist exalts self sacrifice. These are two ends of the same obsession with a separate self ! When you love and care for your so-called self , you are loving the whole of life and when you love and care for the so-called other you are loving your self as part of life. When this distinction melts away into nothing , the bliss of heaven is there and the dharma of oneness is abundantly evident.