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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Other quotes from Facebook

~~Other Qoutes that have stuck with me~~

If you are drawn to an enlightened teacher, it is because there is already enough presence in you to recognize presence in another. - Ania Jasiejko

"By feeling the vibrational state you wish to be in, you amplify it; you strengthen it. And if you also include a coherent emotional state such as appreciation or gratitude for the vibrational reality, you will hasten its birth."

"The beliefs held in your subconscious affect your life immeasurably. It's your best friend and more. It is your obedient servant and will always cause you to act on whatever beliefs you program into it. Most of your life is lived based on what your subconscious is led to believe. It dictates whether you fail or succeed, have a poor lifestyle or a great one."

If a thousand people stand up and say something stupid, its still stupid! Consensus does not make the untrue true. In fact, sometimes the majority just means that all of the fools are on one side! - Casey Combden

Quote from a friend on Facebook

★¸¸.☆¨¯`★☀♥ ~~My Personal Qoutes that I have made~~ ★¸¸.☆¨¯`★☀♥

One must willingly break down through fear, to naturally break open in Love. One must become (((Aware))) of all the ego has absorbed through its own illusion of time, to then let go of it. One must willingly break from their limited illusion of reality, to naturally crack the shell into their Infinite spiritual existance. Freeing one's spirit, cleanses the experience of that which IS Now~

The egoic mind is like a closed box containing a maze, always cycling dead-ends. When the shell of the ego breaks, to allow Soul to flow through us, the mazes become open-ended and more confusing for awhile. When Soul takes over, comprehension of a box or maze evaporates, as we simply enjoy our Freedom...♥
*• °♫ ♥¸. • **• °♫ ♥¸. • *Honored I Am, Beauty I Am, Love I Am, Light I Am, Eternal I Am, Within the Presence of my Brothers and Sisters I Am, Shining So Brightly I Am, the Torch of Divine Light at hand, Ever So Grateful to be One with God's Band *• °♫ ♥¸. • **• °♫ ♥¸. • *

~♥~ When one truly understands ONEness with all that is or even living in the moment. It almost becomes mind-blowing in a sense, to try to understand our own separation or conflict with one another ~♥~

~The Best Remedy For Depression Is Meditation, Not Medication~

Spirituality is a natural evolving enlightenment where we find pure truth through the immense light and love that it gives us and through the knowing of our true being we access our God-mind and collective Divine (Christ) consiousness.

Earth = Heart. May all our Hearts be One with Earth and All that IS~

Picture a ball of light in our being trapped within us struggling to be noticed. And Once we start to find this Light within us, we begin to embrace the feeling of unconditional Love and this light starts to grow and expand until it overlaps the surface of our physical being... this is when you truly begin to radiate waves of Love~

When we begin to embrace the Love and Light that we are, we start to feel this spiritual euphoric feeling and we become very sensitive to any and all energy around us. We begin to feel how positive/negative energy really does affect us. Now when we look back in our lives our mind almost regrets or feels guity for things we have done or did not do or ways we did not feel. After we embrace the Love and Light, we than realize and understand how our ego tries so hard to bring us back to living in the condtioned mind. We all know there is no going back and I Know we would not have it any other way.

The smallest seed(s) in the mind can make the biggest creations~

When we begin to live in the moment and let positive energy consume us we start falling away from the negative people in our lives and suddenly new positive people start to come into our lives. And then the negative people we once knew come back to us wondering... What happen?! :)

May the Waves of Love in this ocean of Life carry on within you and around you~

~One who becomes of the Light, deems to shed that Light unto others~

The words from the Soul are the best kind of words. They are words of Pure Truth and Feeling~

The most Beautiful connection is when time seems to just fly by, or feels like you are not even aware of the sense of time~ ♥

I feel that when people notice another overcoming fear or showing that they really are overcoming fear makes the people living in fear even more afriad because they themselves dont understand how you could overcome it and it becomes very intimidating and people do get turned off by you or they get inspired or their ego becomes very jealous of you but they cant help it~

Feelings have a much Higher state of Vibration than the Mind does. If you Feel you Live in Darkness you attract negative energy and a Lost path. If you Feel Afraid, you Attract more 'things' that will make you Fearful. If you Feel Unconditional Love, then Love for all, without Negative Attachment will surround you. If you Feel you Live in Light, you Attract Positive Energy and your path will Be Truly Brightened.

If you Feel Attachment, you are in a state of Wanting or Lacking.

If you Feel Temptation, you Attract Desire to want.

If you Feel you Live in Drama, Drama will surround and Escalate around you.

If you Feel that people are Annoying you, then they will even more.

If you Feel Anxiety, then you are almost always in a state of Uncomfotable Nervousness.

If you Feel Selfish, people will Sense a very powerful Ego and you Push them away before you Realize it.

If you Feel Guilt, then you are always Feeling obligated to that Guilt.

If you Feel Depressed, then you are almost constantly in a state of Negative Vibration.

~Do not dwell on the suffering of 'past' for it has already passed~ Do not feel or think of the 'future' as an obstacle or it will be. Live Life, in the Here and Now~ For the Here and Now is what matters~ This present moment in which are Beings are existing in~ Just Be!