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This Blog is a compilation of revelations, inspirations, and meditations that come from the distinctive perspective of eastern spirituality and mysticism! Please enjoy and share your thoughts, impressions and inspirations if any.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Truth in the Koan !

The Truth in the zen koan lies at the heart of the seeming contradiction ! This contradiction creates a window thru which to see & know directly the natutre of reality itself !! The contradiction shatters the conceptual framework that created the misperception in the first place leaving only the bare naked truth !!!

Divide and Conquer ?

When we divide , we dissect. And when we dissect , we disconnect from the fundamental life energy (Qi) and trap ourselves in an ego capsule within our minds! This is the basis for separation consciousness. To Divide ! Having our fundamental connection to this Cosmoc energy severed , we live almost lifeless lives with an addiction to forms. This addiction to forms grows and grows as we try desperately to fill the void created by the dis-connection. ! There is only one solution to this most fundamental problem. Re-connect to the Source or Center and begin the healing flow of Cosmoc life energy again! This is the basic purpose and intention of Yoga , QiGong , and Meditation ! When we re-connect to the Source and feel the Source energy flowing , our consciousness is transformed and we become illuminated with Light! This is Enlightenment !!! It is not found or achieved ! It happens naturally when we move to the center and become aware of the truth( Dharma ). The Dharma is not an intellectual concept . It is a living reality ! To know the Dharma is True Wisdom !!!!! When you feel the life energy and know the living Dharma , nirvana magically appears and surrounds you! It has been revealed thru your realization !!!! So Realize It !!!

The Atman & the Brahman

The Atman ( Soul ) and the Brahman ( Source ) exists as one in non-duality. This means that we do not need to look for or find God. God in its essence in not perceivable and God in its manifestation is perceivable in everything. So the connection between these seemingly contradictory facts, lies and transcends you , and all things ,at the center. The Source simply IS and connot be found because it cannot be lost! It is the basis & ground for everything ! This is why science hasn't found God and will never find God in its essence. Science is the study of objective reality. God's essence is not objective , it is Supremely Subjective! God's manifestation is objective reality , which science knows extremely well !
This is the core truth and shows the core reason humanity lives in samsara ( ingnorance ). Science is simply a manifestation of human consciousness. It knows many things but remains ignorant of the core truth.
If mankind continues to look for or seek God , it will continue in ignorance and live in separation consciousness. We need to realize God by waking up from our fundamental core ignorance! Ignorance is not stupidity! It means to "ignor" while the truth is staring us right in the eyes. Intellectual accumulation of knowledge is not fundamental awareness. Awareness knows beyond concept. Awareness is the basis for realization and the solution ignorance! All this means is come home to your Center!!!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Divine Goddess

Look carefully at each woman you meet ! She is a manifestation of the Divine Goddess or Yin energy of the Tao. How precious is that . She is there to help each of you feel and realize your own yin energy and come into balance within ! Without that balance you cannot realize the Tao within yourself and will continue to be stuck on your periphery ! It is there that the ego can decieve you into a false identification with itself. This is the fundamental disfunction, knowing yourself only as form and personality and not at your essence which is the Tao! Relate to each woman as your sister or mother or lover, as appropriate , with the awareness of where they come from and why they truly are here. They are here to help you know yourself at the deepest level by activating your own yin energy! Each man has the seed of the feminine within and each woman has the seed of the masculine within. Jeaus said in the gospel of Thomas " You will enter heaven only when the male and female become one within yourself" Men and Women are not from Mars & Venus ,that is ego speaking , they are from the same source , the Tao. Only by cooperation can they return to the Tao or enter heaven as Jesus put it long ago!

One Continuum

All aspects and all levels of life are one continuum! There is no separation between spirit and matter , metaphysical and physical , mental , emotional , spiritual , and soul ! We have been used to thinking of them as separate for thousands of years because of the egoic consciousness that has controled humanities awareness and thinking. Life and death are one ! When one thing dies and disintegrates , another arises in its place. The flow of energy continues forever ! All that changes is the form or manifestation . The essence or source of all forms in life is eternal! How can it be otherwise ? If the Source was not eternal , nothing could exist. The manifested needs the unmanifested as a base or ground to exist. In Taoists terms it is said that from the one came the ten thousand things ! Or from the Wu Chi came the Tai Chi ( yin & yang ). If you know yourself at the essential level , then you know you are eternal. At that point you just watch as your manifestation or form changes! It is a beautiful thing! We are constantly changing every moment ! The only thing that doesn't change is the witness in you ! Even death will be beautiful from that witnessing perspective. Can you feel and embrace that all the way to the marrow in your bones???. If so you have conquered fear itself!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Where is Your Energy Centered ?

We all have seven major chakras or psychic energy centers that start at the base of the spine and end at the crown of our head. Each one represents psychologically a different aspect of our life . The first three lower chakras ( root , sacral , and solar plexus ) are more related to the physical and emotional aspects of life, and the four higher ones ( heart , throat , third eye , and crown ) are related to the spiritual aspects of life. Here are the central issues or focus for each . 1st or Root relates to physical security & survival , 2nd or sacral relates to pleasure , 3rd or solar plexus relates to self esteem and success , 4th or heart relates to kindness and compassion , 5th or throat relates to creative expression , 6th or third eye relates to intuition and clairvoyance , 7th or crown relates to spiritual awakening and connection to higher Self or God. The question to ask yourself is this! Are these energy centers healthy and balanced or is the energy stuck or to focused in one area? Many people are too focused or stuck in the lower chakras with the issues of survival, physical pleasure including sexual issues or success and self esteem issues! Without understanding how our life energy flows between these different centers we can easily get out of balance and suffer. By learning to manage and balance our life energy , we can create a life of happiness and fulfillment on all levels . Without that knowledge and experience we can never reach our full potential as divine human beings and fulfill that birthright!

The Game of More

At the age of thirty I began to play the game of more. I didn't realize it though it until almost forty-five. One day it just struck me hard. No matter how much success I accomplished , or how many things or experiences I accumulated , I still somehow was not fulfilled! It seemed as if I had been chasing my tail for over fifteen years and my tail was called More. Alot of so called innovation and progress in our society & culture is based on a feeling of lack and dissatisfaction. Many of us believe that the only solution to this perceived "not enough " mentality , is to pursue the elusive More! The problem is that More is future based and never arrives which just compounds the frustration and leads to a desire again for More. The ultimate destination of this journey is the Hungry Ghost realm where we float around in spirit in a perpetual state of lack and emptiness. It is just another way our ego traps us in our own mind and thinking! How can we be free of this greed and lack cycle? The only way out is through appreciation and satisfaction of what we already have , as well as generosity towards others. This can re-direct the energy back towards back towards a healthy state of balance! True fulfillment lies at the heart of that balance!!!