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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eternal Impermanence

Eternal Impermanance sounds like a huge contradiction. How can something be both eternal and impermanent at the same time ? However this is the case with life. It is the great paradox . The permanent nature of life and existence is to exist in a state of change and impermanence. Nothing which has been born or created stays the same . It is a flow of constant change which has always been and will always be. If we look a little deeper at the nature of life as well we can see that beyond the veil of all these changing forms is an eternal base or ground that all forms come out of and return to . This is consciousness itself . If there were no eternal ground or base , there could also be no life as well . If there was no space , no form could arise in that space.
Unfortunately most of humanity is unaware of these realities and lives, out of a sense of fear, in resistance to that flow of life seeking security and happiness in some state of fixed reality. When that resistance to the flow of life arises , suffering is created. This is why Buddha said life is suffering and the way through that suffering is to align oneself with the "suchness of life" . If we can align ourselves is this way we can find our inherent happiness and bliss and see the eternity beyond the impermanence!!!

Well Being

For most people in the world , well being is an essential goal or objective in life ! However, first we must understand that there are two kinds of well being . They are circumstantial well being and transcendent well being. The first type , circumstantial , is dependent totally upon ones external circumstance or condition. When all is well with your life on an external level , there is a sense of well being or happiness that seems to be . However if one or many aspects of those conditions or circumstances go wrong in some way, that sense of well being can and will evaporate quickly. If this is the case , most will try desperately to fix those circumstances as quickly as possible in an effort to restore that sense of well being . That seems to be the most rational approach . However, if one is successful in getting back to that place , it again can be easily lost if circumstances change again , which is highly likely. Such is the nature of life!
The second type of well being , transcendent , can be found when one uses the difficult conditions or circumstances to look more deeply into ones inner spiritual dimension , and through that connect directly to the source of life itself. When one can start to realize that connection , even in the midst of difficulty a sense of peace and well being will still be felt as an underlying presence. This is transcendent well being. It is a state of freedom and peace that has no opposite!!!
This reminds me of the story of the old Indian sage who was sitting under a tree with a big smile on his face on the day of his death . Many came to him and said how can you be happy and smiling even on the day of your death ? You have always been happy throughout your whole life as well . We want to know your secret. His was response was very simple . He said " No matter what happens , I give it no mind ".
At that point he died a peaceful death with a big smile on his face !!!!
In conclusion , we all face difficulties in life at some time or another . When this happens , it is important to know that we have choices in how we approach dealing with those difficulties. If you limit yourself to purely circumstantial solutions, you will go on playing that game time and time again until the ultimate difficulty arise , which is death . Or you can take the transcendent approach , even though it may be much more difficult , and begin the process of eternal well being and life that emanates from the Source within you!!!