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This Blog is a compilation of revelations, inspirations, and meditations that come from the distinctive perspective of eastern spirituality and mysticism! Please enjoy and share your thoughts, impressions and inspirations if any.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Only Love Remains

When all aspects of this life inevitably crumble and melt into the void , all that remains is reality itself ! And what is that reality ? It is nothing other than Love. When you truly Love , you connect to that ultimate reality and become one with your own essential nature which lives eternally in that love ! So let go of all thoughts , emotions , and things that prevent you from realizing the eternal Love that you are and that you were born from! Be totally here and let the eternity blossom from the depths of your heart and soul !!!

My Ascension

Let it be as it should !

Karmic Cleansing

The true purpose of our inner work and practice is to cleanse all our karma from past thoughts , actions , and lives which keep us bound to samsara ( dualistic consciousness )! Through this process of cleansing we can open a way out of this bondage into the true and eternal freedom of nirvana ( unitive consciousness )! The direct and most powerful way to cleanse is by meeting each life situation with joy and compassion , no matter how challenging or difficult the circumstance , and emanating that energy !!! Another equally important factor in this process is the motive or intent by which we practice . When our motives are limited to the little me , our results will be limited as well. When we practice not only for ourselves but for the higher self and collective human consciousness , our results will be boundless and unlimited . So when we rejoice or we suffer , do so together with all humanity . That way your joy and compassion will grow and be strong , and your power of emanation will burn up all karmic blockages. As these blockages are released heaven's freedom will descend upon you !!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Tao of Male / Female Relationships

Man's dominant energy is yang ( aggressive , assertive , active ) while woman's is yin ( passive , receptive , responsive ). However each has the seed of the opposite energy, otherwise life could not flow or function in harmony and balance! If man is always dominant , the woman's yang will feel suffocated and repressed . If the woman is always dominant , the man's yang will feel weak and impotent ! If the man's yang energy is balanced an in alignment with heaven , the woman's yin should function in harmony and beauty. If the man's yang is not aligned however , the woman's yang will naturally activate and create resistence. This then becomes the basis for conflict ! If both have realized the balance of yin/yang within themselves , their relations with others will be balanced and harmonious as well . Therefore imbalance within manifests as disharmony and conflict without ! This also applies to heaven and earth energy as well. The supreme purpose of humanity is to balance heaven's energy and earth's energy centered on heart ( shimjung ) ! When this happens the flowering of the soul essence can be realized and manifest !!!

Domestic Relations

Almost all romantic relationships have moments of great joy as well as moments of difficulty and conflict ! Most start with a spark of love fever and slowly develop over time into ego based co-dependency ! This eventually leads to divorce or to something worse , ego love prison , where both are very unhappy but afraid to leave out of fear of loss. However , even this kind of situation can be turned into a great blessing if one or both partners realize that life is a great Love workshop! In other words , they turn their relationship into a spiritual practice ( darshan ) by learning the art of spiritual alchemy. This is done by cleansing and purifying the neediness or dependency out of the love! To love is our nature and birthright! To love purely and unconditionally is what makes us divine ! When you can love the other with no agenda or outcome in mind , with no attachment to the result , heaven will descend and emerge through your heart chakra turning your love into a great awakening of divine bliss and serenity !!! Your partner becomes your portal into your soul and vice versa ! So no matter how hard or painful it may seem , cherish them from this perspective !

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Momentary Glance

With one brief glance accross the table yesterday , I could see and feel the love from my beloved !!! I knew immediately of our profound heart connection and realized that this is all I need . That one momentary glance from her deep and precious eyes gave me a sense of complete satisfaction and serenity ! Anything thing more is just a great blessing from heaven ! I am fulfilled !!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Nature of Your Work

What is the nature of your work and where is it's focus ! Our first three chakras represent survival , pleasure , and accomplishment or power ! Most of humanity is focused on working with this focus , especially survival and pleasure . The higher chakras ( heart , throat , third eye , and crown ) represent our spiritual life and aspirations . The heart is focused on love , kindness , and compassion , the throat creative expression , the third eye clairvoyance and intuition , and the crown awakening and connection to the higher self! If your work can be centered in one or all of the higher chakras , it becomes sacred work !!! Sacred work has a greater purpose and higher vibration than the baseline ego centered survival/pleasure game that most of us play ! Through trusting life more deeply , you have the potential to transform and experience the profound bliss and deep compassion of sacred work . Every word and action then becomes a portal through which life can reveal the divine nature of existence ! As St. Francis prayed " Lord make me an instrument of Thy Peace " . This work is within reach of all of us !!!

The Great Let Go !

Spiritual awakening is all about letting go or divesting ourselves of the things that keep our consciousness bound to the world of form! These are material things , mental concepts and fixed positions , emotional dependencies or attachments , and self images based on the psuedo self or ego and its idealized version of itself ! From societies normal perspective letting go means losing something or giving up , and is not regarded with positive connotations ! However, this process is based on the realiztion that letting go is not losing ! Letting go is a sort of cleansing of illusory thinking and perception ! In other words by letting go , that which is real is never lost and that which is not can be freed from our consciousness so that we can see life as it is in crystal clarity ! The resulting freedom that arises through this process becomes the ground or space through which nirvana is realized ! The transition from samsara to nirvana can only travel through this narrow path . Once you are on this sacred path , don't look back ! There is nothing but illusion back there !!!

Have You Had Enough ?

Only when you have had enough , can you realize you are buddha ! Buddha is not looking for something ! Buddha is not fulfilling some dream or desire ! Buddha is not lacking for anything , therefore he/she needs nothing ! Buddha is reality in all its splendor and completeness !!! Rest in that place of abundance where all of life is available and manifesting through your soul essence ! This is where you and the transcendant peace of buddha meet forever ! It is the only eternal reality and you are that !!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Basis of Life

On what basis do you create your life ? Or, in other words , what voice do you listen to , your ego mind or your soul essence ? We are all co-creators of our eternal life ! If we are not successful in this life , we will return in another to continue on the path to eternity! What we create based on ego is impermanent and will never last ! What we create through our soul is eternal and can never be destroyed ! It sounds so simple ! Just listen to the inner voice of the soul and we will find our true way ! In reality it is not that easy ! We must first recognize the difference between ego and soul ! In other words we must wake up to our real identity at the soul level. It is a kind of refinement or sifting. This sifting process is almost impossible without meditation. Through meditation we can separate and clense our mind and consciousness so that our true reality can emerge! Without it the ego basically remains in control as the master !


Posessiveness is the real heart of the disfunction of humanity ! We are constantly trying to posess the different things in our life , money , material goods , people , concepts etc. in an effort to alleviate our basic sense of insecurity . This insecurity comes from being identified with the ego whom we mistake for who we are! The ego knows that it is subject to the birth and death of the life form . The ego based society is then functioning from a sense of lack or inadequacy. That forms the basis for the competitive " dog eat dog " society we all live in !When we know our deeper reality and soul essence , we know that life is one and eternal ! This oneness forms the basis of a sense of abundance which then translates into sharing , giving , and cooperation !!! That is why all the great spiritual traditions have taught non-attachment and charity as an antidote for this disfunctional ego posessiveness !!! When you give and let go with no agenda or attachment , you begin to feel a deeper sense of peace and oneness with life in your inner being. As you go deeper into it , you eventually reach the Joy and Bliss of Being , which is beyond form and circumstance . When you posess nothing , you have everything ! That is the basic dialectic of life !!!