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Friday, December 30, 2011

What Is The Real Struggle?

Many philosophies and religions throughout history have described the human condition, both externally and internally as the struggle between good and evil. It is said that man's inherent nature is a mixture of both. I guess from one perspective that is a legitimate way of viewing it. However this perspective arises basically from the egoic mind and as such keeps us all in a perpetual and endless circle of struggle. Certain religions then offer us salvation primarily in the so called next life or after life.By the way, what is an afterlife anyway? It seems to me that it is just the name for a new life since this life in its current form and incarnation ended.

Let me share a different view about the subject from my own experience. If we look at this deeply from the inside out, this struggle becomes about the limited thinking and emotions of the ego, versus the more profound and limitless intuitive knowing of the heart and soul.On a daily basis we are confronted in our minds by voices and choices. Some of these are originating from our conscious mind and thought stream, while others from a deeper place within our subconscious mind.

If we all continue to listen only to our ego's never ending babble, we will certainly remain stuck in the struggle. However, if we are able to become silent through various means like meditation, that deeper voice can become stronger and stronger which then offers hope for liberation.This then is the true struggle. Ego versus Soul! Bondage versus Liberation. The journey may be very hard and full of obstacles, but well worth the trip!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Is It?

It is no longer about what I have. It is no longer about what I do or who I know. It isn't even about who I love or who loves me. And not about Who I Am!
It is finally about " What I have to Say

" !