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This Blog is a compilation of revelations, inspirations, and meditations that come from the distinctive perspective of eastern spirituality and mysticism! Please enjoy and share your thoughts, impressions and inspirations if any.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Realm of Heart

On monday this week our master flew back to his homeland of Korea ! As we said our final goodbye's and he walked thru the security gate to board his plane , we all started to weep uncontolably . He then waved a final farwell and disappeared into the plane boarding area ! At that moment I felt my heart chakra open like it had never before and the energy of deep compassion flowing powerfully thru me! I felt him totally enter the depths of my being and rest there!
The next day as I was driving home with my wife and friend , I started thinking of him and missing him intensely! Again my eyes burst open and a flood of tears rushed down my face ! It become almost impossible to drive and stay on the road. Our friend then said to my wife in Korean " master Khan just woke up and is missing Sobul". The very next moment after she said that the phone rang! It was master Khan from Korea calling ! He said " How are you?" He said that he had just fallen asleep one hour earlier and in his sleep he felt our love energy emanating so strongly that it woke him up and he had to call!!! I then said to him as I struggled to speak" There is no time and space in the realm of heart"!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For the Love of Nothing

If you were to tell a friend that you were in love with nothing , they probably would look at you as if you had a few screws loose in the head! We are all so accustomed to loving the things in life that for most it borders on obsession. We are addicted to things of all kinds shapes and sizes , physical forms , mental concepts and projections , and especially our emotions both positive & negative!It is this addiction or attachment that is really the fundamental disorder in the human psyche ! Most spiritual traditions , and especially eastern esoteric ones teach the concept of non- attachment which somehow will loosen the egos grip on the mind and lead to spiritual freedom. From my perspective we should actually go a couple of steps further . The first step would be feeling comfortable with having or pursuing nothing , followed by total embrace and love for nothing! This again sounds ludicrous to the rational mind , however nothing really means " no thing " or no objective reality ! In other words the only thing that nothing can be is supreme subjectivity or creative potential , otherwise it would be something and bound to the world objective form! By loving nothing we are actually loving our own unmanifested ground of potentiality that is the space that allows our creativity to be manifested ! Aha ! Now we are getting to the heart of it all ! The only real antidote for our addiction to things , is to love "no thing" . That is the path out of darkness and into peace and real freedom ,the peace that transcends all and has no opposite!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Awakening or enlightenment is ultimately about transcendence ! What keeps us bound in the world of samasra ( duality ) is our attachment to the forms of life including mental concepts and sticky emotions ! One of the greatest challenges and profound opportunities is when you fall totally in love with someone ! A love that makes you feel an inner flame and uncontrollable passion burning within your inner being. A love that makes you long to hear their voice , see their beautiful face and feel their bright abundant energy filling every pore and cell of your body and soul with the music of bliss!!! A love that brings you to the edge of losing your mind and hopelessly surrendering your total being to your beloved ! By passing through this most narrow of gates , you may find as you let go even of this love , that that love is not lost as you may intially fear ! You may find that that love is purified and tranformed !!! You may finally realize that that which is real cannot be lost ,and that which is not real , you never had anyway at all !!! Beyond that gate of total surrender lies a greater Love that has no opposite , That has no agenda or conditions of engagement , and has no stickiness to it whatsoever ! This is called compassion . Compassion happens when human love meets and surrenders to meditation ! It happens when you truly realize that all life is connected and divine ! It happens when you see the divinity within your inner being and recognize it in all of humanity . If you realize this connection , compassion naturally flows abundantly from your heart chakra into everyone you meet and all life that you see and encounter!!! The memory of life before this becomes an empty shell of useless existence , a kind of preliminary look into death . Life after this is then recognized as it is , eternal , and you are that !!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Real Love

Real love is not something you can gain or possess! It is also something you cannot lose ! It flows automatically from heart to heart when all dualistic consciousness is transcended and oneness consciousness is realized ! You are Love itself !!! It is your soul's essence ! It is felt and emanates from within you as you recover your connection to the original Source energy of Life ! Any other so called love is just human ego drama , as we look in the wrong place searching to be fulfilled from outside our own being ! To recover that love you must look deep within your heart and soul beyond your thinking mind to the place of silence and stillness . That is Love's home within. The direct path home is through meditation !!!The journey within is the greatest adventure of all ! Go there with courage and sincerity !!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Balancing Spiritual Paths

The Vedic path is predominantly focused on the experience of Divine Bliss ! The Buddhist path is one of understanding and compassion. Taoists focus on understanding nature and Qi or life energy in its many forms. When one can successfully balance all of these , they have truly become a real master and can open the way for many to be awakened to there Soul Essence!!! The key is finding that central point where we can recover our direct connection to the True Source and live from that! Heaven will then blossom and spread from heart to heart and soul to soul! That day is now at hand!!!!

Sincere Devotion

Central to almost all spiritual paths is the practice of sincere devotion ! Yogananda called it Bakti Yoga! It is the path of love & compassion that is inherited by transmission from master to devotee! To find such a master and experience this direct transmission is one of the most precious and profound things to experience on the spiritual journey!!! Remember , though , your devotion is for your growth and benefit , not for the master. A true master receives it from you as a conduit or representative of the Divine, not for his or her personal benefit! Also your devotion should be offered with the utmost sincerity , unblemished by expectation or personal agenda. When this pure connection is made , Life will become full of magic and synchronicity ,and heaven will dance with joy! Through this path you can be filled with infinite love that has no boundaries!!!!!!