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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Shot vs. Multiple Shots

Do you believe in a one shot God? Or like many people in the world, do you think in a multiple shot God? I’m not going to identify what religions identify with each of these perspectives. First let us all remember that the truth is what it is and not a matter of belief. However, what a person believes about this profound truth will have a significant impact on how they live and die.

If you believe that your soul only has one limited lifespan to make its mark on eternity, and what you believe and do in that one life determines your place in heaven or hell forever, then your choices in life and your psychology as you approach death will be impacted alot by this perspective . On the contrary, if you believe that your soul will re-incarnate again and again on a path of growth and development, your perspective on these issues will likely be quite different. A real example of this is the nation and culture of India. Here life and death are two sides of the same coin and totally out in the open

Finally, and probably more significantly, what kind of God do you envision, one who simply gives us one shot sink or swim, or one through profound forgiveness encourages us to grow in each lifetime but offers us multiple chances to evolve and grow into eternal life?

Think about it!