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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

For Whom do You Cry ?

When you cry , ask yourself this question ! Am I crying for myself or am I crying for others ! The tears shed for the self are the tears of the ego , and the tears shed for others are the tears of your eternal essence and soul. When you cry for yourself you can connect that energy to the soul level by realizing that your own suffering can be a bridge to help understand the suffering of others ! This will help you develope deeper compassion and soul energy !!! When you cry for others out of deep compassion , a deep clensing of your own karma will help you grow and be liberated from future suffering ! So your tears are a very precious thing! Cherish them!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Living in the Eternal Moment

We are all living in one eternal moment ! Within that moment its form is constantly changing and manifesting in a beautiful variety of ways! However, it is not totally predestined from heaven! Life allows us all the freedom and responsibilty to be co-creators of the changing manifestation! In that way your emanation is like sitting on the razors edge. It can manifeat as unconscious ego thouht or behavior , or it can manifest as a real emanation of your heart and soul , which is buddha nature!There is no middle ground or category possible ! So one question to frequently reflect on is this . What kind of energy am I manifesting now , ego or buddha? This is the key to begin to recognize who you truly are!!!!


Non-forgiveness both of ourselves and others keeps us trapped in ego consciousness! Forgiveness on the other hand takes yur energy and consciousness directly to your buddha nature that exists deep within your soul! Let's face it life is not perfect nor was it ever meant to be! We are all subject to mistakes , mishaps and difficulties fronm time to time! If we get stuck in the victim identity or obsessed with the blame game, we make a temporary situation of unconscious behavior or thought ,become sticky and linger much longer than necessary! Difficulties arise so that our soul may learn and grow brighter and stronger! Life gives us these temporary impasses out of love and compassion , not as a punishment of some sort. After going through these difficulties , there will come a time to forgive and move on!This will probably be a time of many tears , however those tears are essential to cleanse the karma associated with the difficulty and grow to the next stage! As you learn to forgive , the compassion of your true buddha nature will grow and bless you whole being! This was one of the most profound secrets of Jesus life ! So Be That !!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Marriage is about a loving committment and devotion to the partner based on compassion ! It is about a shared vision of life and a unity of consciousness! It is the basis for each of us to become engaged in the most beautiful aspect of life , the creation of another human being !!! Through this process life allows us to participate in the miracle of giving birth to a newborn child and thus experience ourselves as co-creators ! What a tremendous joy and blessing ! Our bodies , minds , hearts , and spirits are the vehicle through which life itself works its magic!!!When you experience this deep realization , there can be no doubt that we are all one! We are Life itself !!! As the buddha said there is no separate self! There is no my life ! Marriage is the life workshop where we learn love , compassion , and the unity of all creation as one cosmic symphony !!! Although we may play different instruments in the orchestra of life , the focus and purpose is on the creation and enjoyment of the music !!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finding our Common Center

When one moves from the periphery & circumstantial reality of their ego based life story , and moves to the center or real soul based reality , they are moving to a common ground with others . Your center is not your own ! It is what Carl Jung called " collective consciousness " . The tool or means to make this inward journey is meditation in all it's various forms or practices ! This includes "zazen" just sitting , mantra , yantra , as well as moving meditations like yogassanna , tai chi , & kigong ! The center is like the deep part of the ocean , peaceful and still! The periphery is like the waves or ripples on the surface. When you reach the depths of meditation , you naturally feel a sense of connectness with others that is non-conceptual! In other words you are not trying to become one with others based on a concept or teaching. You are experiencing the reality of immersion in our common center ! Therefore so called spiritual awakening or advancement doesn't create a sense of superiority or distance . Just the opposite is true ! A real sense of closeness and unitive consciousness is the natural by product of moving to our common center !!!

Caring vs. Worrying

To some caring and worrying are the same thing . However , this is not the case from my viewpoint ! They have a totally different energy about them . When you are aligned with life and universal life energy, it is natural to feel care and concern for others out of a sense of the interconnectedness of all things & people. Worry on the other hand generally originates out of a concern for the self as a separate entity or consciousness , which is illusion fundamentally. Worry is an emanation of a fundamntal lack of trust or faith in life , because of the perceived separateness of the ego! It is characterized by anxiousness , unease , and sometimes anxiety or panic ! Concern & care arise out of compassion for the other !!! Do not confuse a lack of worry with a lack of caring ! They are fundamentally different ! In a real sense a true lack of worry is an emanation of a profound trust and faith in Life , because we are all one Life!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Being Agnostic

There is a certain aspect of agnostiscism that is essential to be human . A true agnostic is open to all the possibilties of life ! They are not stuck in potentially limited viewpoints or concepts . They are not attached to dogmas or traditions that imprison their consciousness and diminish their perception of reality ! When we are to too certain about life , we may just be trying to compensate for our fear of the unknown .We may be looking to appease the uneasiness and anxiety we create by our mental fixation on the future , which is just an illusion ! There are no guarantees in this world . Only that our form is impermanent and will eventually return to mother earth from where it came . So embrace the unknown and the idea of not knowing . Embrace the impermanance . Life may then embrace you back with peace and bliss of the joy of being !!!

My Beloved

Whenever we are together it is as if the spring has just blossomed in my heart. When you speak , the sound of your voice goes right to the bottom of my soul and vibrates there in ecstatic bliss . When I see your face , it is as if the face of the divine is looking at me , and when you smile it is as if heaven has opened up and is shining down on my whole being with the radiant splendor of a million suns!!!
You are my beloved ! I love you with every part of my heart and soul and every ounce of my being ! I don't understand why , but heaven has blessed my life with the grace of your presence ! Each day and every moment we have together is like an eternal and unforgetable memory burned into the very fabric of my soul! And although we may never truly be together as one flesh , we are already completely one in our soul essence!!! I will cherish forever each smile , every smell , the sound of your laughter and your gentle loving embrace as our journey together unfolds in all its mystery and majesty !!!

Sobul's Mission

Sobul's mission is simple . To help cure humanity of the disease of ego disfunction , and allow the divine soul essence of each human being to be recognized and blossom !!! It is this disfunction that causes the ego to create a psuedo self image and identity , and place itself in the center of the human mind and consciousness. This then obscures awareness of the true essential nature and identity at the real human center which is the soul ! Each one of us has an external form , including thoughts and emotions , and an internal character or essence which is invisible !This is called our buddha nature which is inherent in each person . When a person awakens to the reality of their real identity at this level , the ego can then function in its proper role and place as the middle manager of the human being , not the master!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let Your Being Shine Forth

Every moment , which is always now the one eternal moment , we can consciously choose to live in the dream of the mind based ego drama , or we can allow our inner being to shine forth from the depths of our soul essence. In reality it is in no one's hands except our own , what we choose to emanate , heaven or hell ! If you feel trapped in misery or suffering , know that the inner power of your being is stronger than any darkness that the ego can muster. It is kind of like ice . It seems so hard and solid at first , however with the shining brilliance of your soul essence that ice will be melted down into a pool of beautiful water and the warmth and radiance of life will shine forth like a thousand stars from within! So let that shine forth now !!!!

Heaven is not Far

Most of us think of heaven as a far off place where we go after we die . We think of it as some kind of reward for good behavior or for our faith in this life . However , heaven is really not so far away as that ! Heaven resides in the center of your being ! It dwells in the bottom of your soul and the souls of all human beings!And how could it be otherwise ?
Each one of us has the ability to access that divine dimension within us. Unfortunately because of our spiritual slumber , and our addiction to living based on a psuedo self called ego , it goes along as a relatively unknown part of life where we only occasionally see it surface. However , if you are very attentative and know where to look , it will unveil itself in all its beauty and splendor right before your eyes. When we put aside our ego dramas and live from the genuine depth of our soul , by allowing that to come forth and blossom , heaven will manifest in your life and spread accross the face of the earth like a gentle breeze of the most fragrant perfume !!! It will raise you up to a place of the greatest joy and bliss that is beyond your wildest imaginination ! Fortunately for humanity , that day is soon at hand ! Be part of it !!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Long Way To Go

There is a long way to go !

But, the path is the goal , the goal is the path !

Yes, however there is a long way to go !

But , the path is the goal , the goal is the path

the path is the goal

Still a long way to go !

A long way to go yet the path is the goal and the goal is the path ,

the path is the goal and the goal is the path !

Ahhhh , but still a long way to go !!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Hands & the Penis

The hands and the penis ,for males, & vagina for females, are just tools of, and connected to the heart! Through these primary tools we are given the chance to express our divinity, or to express our disfunctional, ego based ,unconscious mind! On the surface they seem totally unrelated , however the connection is important to realize on the spiritual path ! Untold misery can be created and manifested through them . as well as untold bliss and joy ! When you are rooted in the joy of being and connected to your soul essence , they will naturally function as the divine instruments of their original purpose of creation ! As such they are a very sacred place where heaven resides . The same hand that prays for humanity,however , can also strike out in anger , and the same penis that loves with unconditional compassion the beloved , can rape in a massive , destructive , domination of the partner! Please treat these tools with the utmost respect and reverance when you choose to use them !!!


When the french philospher Descarte wrote " I think therefore I am ' he basically got it ass backwards from my perspective . From my view it should be " I am therefore I can use thinking to to manage my life affairs , or I can choose to rise above thought and rest in a place beyond thinking , A place of pure conscious awareness which is the ground of primordial purity from which all thought and manifestation arise ". Thinking arises from being ! Not the other way around!

Letting Time Slip Away

As you let time slip away , you let go of the illusion of time and slip into the timeless dimension of eternity , which is now. In that dimension you may find that it is not empty or void , but fully pregnant with all the potentiality of creation . It is from this source all manifestation arises ! It is from here all peace originates ! It is from here all joy and bliss emanates ! It is here that you are yourself in all original purity. It is here that you connect to the eternal !!!
A place of no fear , doubt or distress ! So Be It !!!

Nothing Sticky

Real pure heavenly love is not sticky ! It has no other agenda than to love the other unconditionally ! The are no strings attached , no hidden agendas or posessiveness to it . When you give freely from this place , you give with your whole being and then drop the memory of your giving ! It is based in the reality that we are all one life without any separate , or ego consciousness. In a way when you give to so called others, you are really giving to yourself as well ! When you see the suffering of others , you feel it as your own as well ! This is the basis of compassion and the way of the boddhisatva !!!

Only the Ego Suffers

Only the ego suffers ! Your soul essence is made of love and bliss ! Although it can experience longing or missing along with a full range of positive emotions, it cannot experience psychological suffering. When you think that you are suffering deep emotional trauma such as loneliness , bitterness , hatred , anxiety , etc. , this is not coming from your real self . It is coming from your identification with the ego, which is not personal. It is a collective phenomena of all humanity ! It functions exactly the same in all human beings ! So when you feel it suffer within your being , rejoice as this is the pain of disidentification from the addiction to egoic consciousness . It is almost like coming clean off of heroine or some other chemical intoxicant. Just on the other side of the tremendous pain is the peace and joy of being as you can finally realize who you truly are at your soul essence ! So try your best to embrace this pain , which will start the alchemical process of transmuting that suffering into spiritual food for your awakening and liberation !
LET IT BE !!!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Realm of the Heart lll

This morning our master called again from Korea . He asked if my wife's heart was okay or not ! My wife at the time was on an airplane to california to visit her niece . I told master Khan that as far as I knew she was okay, that I had no knowledge of any problem with her heart ! After hanging up the phone with him ,five minutes later, my wife called me from her stopover in Phoenix AZ. She said that about 30 minutes earlier she had had heart palpitations and a racing pulse , but that she was fine after she rested and meditated a bit ! Once again there is no time and space in the realm of the heart !!!

Monday, November 05, 2007


The need for disillusionment is created by the fact that our minds are always creating an illusory or psuedo self ! It is much easier and safer to live in the mind based egoic consciousness than it is to live genuinely from the reality of our heart and soul , or so it seems to the ego! It takes tremendous courage to awaken our deepest essence or real self and allow it to blossom fully! The only way out of the self imposed prison of the mind is to have the illusions disolve so there is nothing left but the bare naked truth of who we are ! So when disillusionment visits you , rejoice the fact that reality it not far away, and that life is waking you up to your true soul essence !!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sobul's Creed

As taught by my master : Trusting Compassion !

1. I will honor, love, and support the essential life energy in all human and
sentient beings, and all creation

2. I am devoted to and love my master, and will do my best to inherit the lineage
of infinite love through him

3. I am devoted to and love my twin soul as one life essence

4. I am devoted to and love my wife and children with the same infinite love

May our work enhance and hasten the awakening of all humanity !!!!!

Eternal Life Energy

Science has proven that energy cannot be destroyed ! It only changes the way it is manifested ! We can also see that at our very core or essence , we are soul energy beyond all illusory identifications with form ! The reality of eternal life is therefore not simply a matter of religious faith ! It is a fact of existence and reality ! The question is not whether eternal life is true , it is whether you realize it or not! Eventually you will know it in the core of your being ! That will be the day of your liberation !!!!

Our Journey Home

From the moment of our birth we are on a rendevous with death at some point ! We don't know when that meeting will take place , only that it is inevitable! So what is the whole reason or purpose for this journey , if it inevitably brings us back to where we started , back to the realm of the unmanifested ? This question has been pondered throughout the ages . In my view there is only one simple answer . We take this journey lifetime after lifetime , circumstance after circumstance , for our soul essence to blossom into complete wisdom and creativity. At the point of this extraordinary soul realization , we can then choose to rest or return to help other soul's on the same journey. That return is called the way of compassion or the way of the boddhisatva !

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Realm of the Heart cont'

Today it happened again ! I was thinking about a friend who is suffering and needing time and space to heal ! I thought to myself even if I never speak or hear from them again for the rest of my life I will send them healing energy every day until I die ! I then began to weep uncontrolably as I was driving to the store . At that moment they called and told me not to worry , that they would be okay !!! My heart was releived and lifted in that eternal moment of heart!