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This Blog is a compilation of revelations, inspirations, and meditations that come from the distinctive perspective of eastern spirituality and mysticism! Please enjoy and share your thoughts, impressions and inspirations if any.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Two Kinds of Sleep

We are all familar with the reality of falling asleep every night. All of humanity shares this experience without exception. However, even with all the new scientific discoveries and new technologies , scientists and doctors still don't understand sleep very well. Where do we go when we sleep? What is the nature and reality of dreams? Where is our consciousness in dreamless sleep?These are still questions that remain a mystery.
Let's now look at another kind of sleep that is even more difficult to understand. I'm talking about spiritual sleep. What is spiritual sleep? It is a metaphor used in many spiritual traditions for humanities lack of conscious awareness regarding the nature and experience of reality. Even while we are awake physically our minds are usually drifting and dreaming somewhere else. We are not present in the here and now. There is a screen of thoughts , labels , and mental noise that obscure and cloud up are ability to see things as they are. We view reality through a filter of past and future mind projection which blocks our clear perception of the world and more importantly our own essential nature at the core of our being. Another name for this is being spiritually unconscious. Most often we react and relate to our reality with mechanical and conditioned responses that are unconscious mental patterns we have learned from childhood on. Some of these patterns are part of a colective unconsciousness shared by most humans which of course we are unaware of. This is why most eastern spiritual traditions describe the spiritual path as an awakening of conscious awareness from the slumber of spiritual unconsciousness. The word buddha means "awake" or "awakened one". It means they have realized their own basic essential inner nature of full consciousness or buddha nature, and can see reality as it is. The Buddha called it "suchness" .
Of the two kinds of sleep, understanding and awakening from the spiritual slumber has meaning for all of us. This is the essential mission of all religion and spirituality. When we die the need for physical sleep will end . The real question is whether we will be spiritually awake or will continue to let our consciousness remain fast asleep without recognizing and awakening to who we are.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Finding Balance & Harmony

As human beings , we exist in two dimensions, the spiritual and the physical. As such it is important to understand, realize , and master both. This apparent duality may look like competing poles , or in conflict with each other, however this is really not the case. When we emphasize one by denying the other , we split ourselves into two polarities creating stress and discord. As eloquently stated in the teachings of the Tao, these seemingly polarities are actually complimentary. As also taught in many tantric paths , it is by accepting the whole of existence and moving through the physical plane by feeling and experiencing all of life's energies , can spiritual growth and liberation truly be! This was the teaching of the Buddha ( the middle way )
which is based on balance , peace and harmony. It is our task and challenge to realize this for ourselves. May you truly find that balance !!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Being Present in the Now

Life is only Now !!! It is never not Now . The question is where is your consciousness? Is it totally aligned with life in this moment ? Does it stay present in the Now ? If not , how can you re-align your being and consciousness back to life? First you must clearly understand what obstacles prevent you from being present. The first one is your own thinking which wants to dominate and absorb all your consciousness. The second is suppessed emotional pain from the past which is stuck in your memories and resurfaces from time to time as fear , anxiety, or pain both emotional and physical. These obstacles are not easily overcome by simple techniques devised by the mind. Fortunately since you are connected to and a part of Life itself , it understands and will help you with these obstacles. It will give you challenges and life situations that if properly accepted and allowed to be as they are without resistance, will push you deeper and deeper into Presence. The basic practice is to allow this moment to be and surrender completely. In other words , no emotional separation to the form this moment takes no matter how challenging! This sounds simple. However, in reality it can be very difficult depending on the magnitude of the challenge Life presents in this moment. So no matter what happens , try to allow and embrace the form of this moment completely, then respond and take action or not out of full consciousness not out of the conditioned reaction of the ego mind. This will help you be in the Now, which is Life itself !!!

Monday, April 17, 2006


Many people throughout the world suffer from depression. It is a living hell for many as it sucks the joy and will to live out of their lives. The basic cause is the gap between what they expect to happen in their life and what actually does happen. This can come about in two ways. If there is a strong , future based , expectation of what they think will happen which turns out differently, or for many , when the current circumstances of life pile up on them to such a degree that they mentally breakdown and cannot process the stress level it has created . Either way, this gap is the cause of suffering and turns into depression in the extreme form. There is fundamentally one way to deal with this problem. The person must totally accept the life circumstances as they are and emotionally digest them . If there is any resistance to life as it is, the problem of depression will stick and not be resolved. It sounds like an easy solution , however in practice it can be extremely difficult to go through. It is in a way a kind of ego death when a person goes through this. In a very real sense the person feels as if a part of them is dying. They have to remember the part they feel is not their true divine essence which never dies and cannot be destroyed. It is the illusory self that feels the sting of ego death. Ultimately, this is spiritually healthy if the person can surrender to the suchness or isness of life as the Buddha said . This doesn't mean that a person cannot change his circumstances if they are not pleasant or painful. However, first must come acceptance and alignment with life so there is no disconnection from lifes energy. Then a conscious response can be planned and executed to try to change things for the better. If this is done with awareness and consciousness then it is fine. If it is an unconscious reaction based on negative emotion, it is likely that the situation will not change and could get worse. Being totally aligned with life as it is can be the best remedy for depression. Allowance, acceptance, and surrender are helpful tools on this process. Try this approach and see what happens !

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Preparing The Ground

In today's active and busy world our minds tend to become cluttered with thoughts, emotions, and things to do. This creates a certain movement and momentum in our stream of mental activity that is hard to slow down. Most of us think it is important and necessary to engage in thinking and doing from the moment we awake till the time our head hits the pillow at night. We then many times still have active mental activity in our dreams as well, only to wake and proceed to pick up the action where we left off the day before. Just as our physical body needs rest and time to re-energize , our mind and spirit need time to rest as well. This is meditation !
Meditation is a vacation for the mind. It is time to clear out all the mental activity and clutter that is sometimes bordering on addiction , and become aware of the space of consciousness without thought that is the essence of who we are. This is the fundamental spiritual identity crisis of humanity. However, meditation is not easy if you are trying to go from the mind of obsessive thinking and doing to a peaceful meditative state in one step. You must first prepare the groung for this transition. This can be done by a number of means which include any kind of physical activity such as yoga, shaking, dancing , jumping followed by stillness either sitting or lying down in complete motionless position. This is called active meditation ! Another type of preparation is through the use of sound such as mantra chanting, Tibetan bells or bowls, the sound of falling rain or other meditative music. These stepping stones can help you transition from the clatter of a noisy mind to the sublime peace and bliss of deep meditation where you can get to know your own being at the essential level !!! It is truly worth the trouble !

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Masters

To my beloved Masters my heart is beyond gratitude. You have touched my soul at the very core. I feel your presence in every aspect of my life. Jesus , Osho, and Lao Tsu , my internal guides of spirit, you have helped me so much to realize the blessing of eternal life and the spiritual birthright of divine creation. Thank you!!! To my living master Khan Ba Da. You came like a thief in the night without a sign. Through your heart of boundless compassion , you have opened the way to the great ocean of one divine life. As the illusory mind dissolves, and real soul blossoms, please remember , I am eternally grateful to you for giving me this treasure that has changed my life forever. It's value has no equal in the world of things. It is the blessing that words cannot describe. No matter where the Tao leads us both in the future, we are one in spirt and heart, eternally bound through the love and life of heaven! Let it be now and forever !!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nourishing the Soul

The human being is made up of body , mind , spirit, and soul. The body and mind are temporal and the spirit and soul are non-temporal or eternal. However , most human beings spend almost all their tme and energy feeding or nourishing the body and mind. They pursue the physical survival and well being of the body and they thirst for information to satisfy the intellect. In the case of the spirit and soul, which is fundamentally at least as important , or some may say more important , there is not nearly enough time and effort given to nourish these essential aspects of the person. This results in an unhealthy imbalance and leads to physical and mental disease and ultimately death! Think about it ! If you were to make a choice of what aspects of the self to feed and nourish more, would it make sense to emphasize the temporal or the eternal. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't take care of your body and mind. They are gifts from life and should be well cared for. Just don't ignore the more fundamental aspects of spirit and soul. They deserve at least as much care and concern , if not more, because they last forever. In today's world the spirit and soul of the human being suffers from neglect and malnourishment. They live in poverty while the body and intellect are glutonous and overfed. Look within you own being to see if you have a healthy balance or not. Ask your spirit and soul for a report card or survey on how they are doing relative to the mind and body. You may be surprised at what they say!

Self Realization

Some religious people have the perspective that self realization is self-centered. They believe that to be truly religious one must totally deny the evil world including the self. However, in this attitude or posture they fail to realize one critical reality. God created and is living in the self. God is the true Self. Self realization is God realization ! When one becomes totally Self realized , the last delusion is recognized. The delusion that there is a separation between God and the self.
Life is one ! The human being does not exist and cannot exist as a separate entity . The essence of the creator is at the core and center of each expression of life including humanity. If the mind looks for or projects God outside of the self, that is a conceptual God which is an illusion. This type of egoic mental projection is the basis of religious difference and strife. In somes cases it is the basis for violence and war! Without individual Self realization , there can be and will never be true and lasting peace in the world! Violence, war, civil strife, crime, domestic violence or any other form of non-peace in the world originates in the egoic consciousness of the un Self realized human being. True Self realization happens when the egoic mind is recognized for what it is , a mental illness and illusion. As the illusory mind is transcended and the divine mind wakes up and is realized, this becomes the basis for peace. Any attempts or efforts for peace , however noble , that don't rest on this foundation , ultimately are futile and will end up in collapse and frustration. These efforts are like a physician dealing only with the symptoms of disease and ignoring the root cause. Individual Self realization is the basic foundation or building block for true and lasting world peace. The individual is a microcosm of the cosmos. The divine Self realized human is what connects heaven and earth. When the delusion of the egoic mind has been transcended , and each human being is at peace not only outside themseves but more importantly within their essential being, world peace will be finally realized ! Otherwise the illusory egoic consciousness will continue it's reign of terror and violence over humanity !

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Whenever you think you know what is going to happen , or expect things to be a certain way, be prepared for something to turn out differently. The only certainty in life is that it is uncertain. One day you think you have it all figured out and , Wham, it blind sides you . This begs the question " How important is certainty anyway?" If we always new what was going to happen or if we could see or predict the future , wouldn't it get pretty boring after awhile? Life is mysterious, and that is the way it should be. Otherwise we would not grow! Life is organic both externally and internally. Embrace the mystery! It is a great adventure! Be open to let life lead you where it will. Change the word expectations to possibilities. Expectation is too conditional. It is a product of the conditioned mind. You are much more than your conditioned thinking! Your possibilities represent all the possibilities in the universe. You are only limited by your own mental and spiritual limitations. Life is your partner in the great adventure! Explore the massive new frontier of unconditioned pure consciousness! It is waiting for you.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Science and Religion

Science and religion need not be at odds with each other. Science is the pursuit of truth in the external, objective world and religion or spirituality is the pursuit of truth in the internal, subjective world. Just as the mind and body need to harmonize to have healthy life in man, so do these two important aspects of humanity. The strength of science lies in it's ability to look at reality with an open objective framework. When new and better understandings of existence and nature are discovered, the old views simply give way to the more advanced and better viewpoint. With religion and spirituality, it is a little more tricky. This realm of human inquiry attempts to find and explain the internal, subjective world of the mind , heart and soul. This territory is a much greater challenge for obvious reasons. Much advancement has been made also in this regard in recent times. Not only are new and more advanced understandings emerging today from many sources, a global shift of consciousness is happening on a scale that is unprecedented in human history. This shift has allowed for a better understanding of the ancient spiritual wisdom of most traditions and is providing a framework for integration as such. The Eternal Truth is One. It contains all aspects of reality including both subjective and objective aspects. All religions need to adopt the open minded and objective posture of the scientist when searching for internal truth. If advanced understanding emerges, the dogmas and less advanced concepts need to give way to the deeper realizations. This is very difficult for most traditional highly organized religions because their structure and very existence is highly dependent on the old concepts and precepts. At this point in mans evolution however, if they can't transcend their attachment to their limited grasp of reality, they will eventually be left on the garbage pile of history. Ultimate reality is non-conceptual and best experinced directly. It transcends all dogmas and belief systems. It is what Lao Tsu called the first principle. If you can speak about it, that's not it. Scriptures , sutras, words about ultimate reality are the second principle. In other words they are indirect and as such open to great potential for debate and misunderstanding . Even the words on this page are at best pointers to the truth!
Science on the other hand will never find ultimate reality if it continues to believe it is the whole enchilada. The failure to recognize the transcendent spiritual dimension has brought it to a dead end as such. I believe we are stuck at string theory! Even the great Albert Einstein was religious and knew the limits of physical science! What is needed is a scientific religiosity . In other words , both the theists and atheists need to adopt the beginners mind of Zen and take a fresh and open look in an integrated way. In other words, the human being is not simply the physical body including the intellectual mind, it is also not just the dimension of spirit , heart and soul. It is an integration of both. This is so obvious I wonder what all the fuss has been in the past!It must be the ego staking out its territory for survival. Let's drop that narrow view of life! Life is one integrated whole with the primordial energy and intelligence as subject and the manifested cosmos as object. They are totally interdependent and cannot exist without each other . As such there is divinity in all aspects of life! If we can all see through the veil of conceptual obscuration , we may experience life directly as it is. It would be better if we would all take an agnostic approach. Let life in the present moment reveal itself in all it's glory without the mental barriers of the highly conceptualized conditioned mind. We are all much more than that!!!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Returning to the Tao

The beginning of life from conception originates from the primordial energy of the Tao. This is the celestial energy of creation that comes from nothing and manifests into the myriad forms of life including the human form. From birth through infancy , childhood, adolescence and adulthood the unified celestial energy wanes and the dualistic mundane energy emerges as the child learns about reality through the conceptual mind . They see and conceptualize this from that, up from down , right from left, as well as many of the other seeming dualities in life. This divided mental framework causes the illusion of isolation and separateness in the consciousness.
This creates a separation and gap from the celestial pure original mind and from Tao itself. Most humans continue on that path until death. They have been trapped in the mundane mind and have never realized or known the original place from which they came . Subsequently, the process starts again with a new birth and the cycle continues. However this cycle does not have to be repeated again and again. It can be interupted and reversed by spiritual awakening and the process of enlightenment. Enlightenment is not some kind of magical experience available to only a few exceptional human beings. Ultimately it is the destiny of everyone. This process is a scientific process of returning back to the original Tao. The Tao mind is one of total purity and unity. It perceives reality as it is . The seeming illusion of the duality of the mundane starts to wane and is replaced by the celestial mind and energy of the original creation and beyond. It is a unified energy that transcends both being and non-being, both nothing and thing, both void and form and both heaven and earth. Reversing the process of samsara or the mundane is a scientific spiritual journey which can bring total self realization and heaven, nirvana or immortality, whatever you may like to call it. In the totally realized state, the last delusion is recognized and the division between the Tao and the self dissolves.This is the meaning of returning to the Tao!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Finding Balance and Equilibrium

To make beautiful sitar music you need a finely tuned sitar. If the strings are too tight, what will happen? They will break and there will be no music! If they are too loose, what will happen ? They willl fall out of the sitar and again no music. The music can only be played and enjoyed when the right balance and tension are made when tuning the instrument. Your body , mind , and spirit are the instrument of life in the amazing symphony of the cosmos. This balance should be there between all the apparent dualities in your life. Your internal world and your external world. Between male and female energies both within and without. And you as the center of the cosmos between heaven and earth. When you find that central point of balance , you find the Tao energy. This is another name for nirvana or heaven. It is the place where all silence and stillness exists together with all the potential energy of creation. The unmanifested nothingness where all life originates. At that point all the illusion of duality dissolves and reveals its one center. This is the point of balance and equilibrium. It is the place beyond all places that is within everything. If you find that within before you die, you will transcend death and know eternal life as Jesus said. The kingdom is within, do not look here or there. Look within!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sexual Equality

For thousands of years, men have suppressed and dominated women! That is changing now as women are emerging from that place and establishing their true and rightful equality. Humanity is in desperate need of this balance being restored , otherwise the world will be in more and more peril. However, equality does not mean being similar.Life is made of polarities between opposites. There would be no men without women and vice versa. There would be no day without night, no left without right and so on. These seemingly opposite poles are actually complimentary and dependent on each other. That is the basis of equality! Men and women are not similar! If women try to be similar to men this is not how to be equal. They will be divided between their essentially feminine nature and the psuedo masculinity they are trying to establish. This is not how to achieve equality. Sexual equality is a gift of Life. It is a fact that needs recognition , not something to be achieved by changing our basic nature! Bringing awareness to this fact of life to the masculine world is the best way to allow this equality to be and flourish! Fighting and competing with men out of an egotistical consciousness wil only make men more resistant to change. Women must use their natural wisdom and intuitive sense to again claim this true reality. This natural path will result in the best and quickest outcome, and will be welcomed by both sexes! It is the dynamism of the essential differences between the sexes that makes life beautiful and mysterious . Let's not lose that fragrance to a psuedo equality based on becoming similar. Similarity is the death of the spirit. Vive La Difference' !!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Let's get down to the nitty gritty! The problem is attachment. Out of fear and insecurity of not realizing our essential nature, we grab at all the objects in our life or try to fill our world with stuff as a substitue for reality, which has elluded us. This unconscious emotion driven need to attach is what causes the dukka (suffering) in our lives as the Buddha said. It is like a vice grip on life which chokes all the beauty, joy and ecstacy out of our percieved existence. The buddhist term for this state of delusion is called samsara. We desperately try to control life even without being aware that we are doing it . It is very subtle and deceptive. We need to check our state of awareness and emotional sense periodically to see where we are at. Try imagining that you have given up or lost those things in your life that you cherish most! This includes not only material things , but also other human beings, concepts, images you may have of yourself or anything you have a strong sense of identity with. See how you feel as you contemplate this potential reality! Feel it completely and make those feelings fully conscious! What do you feel ? Most feel a strong sense of confusion, bewilderment and even some sort of psychological death. That is your state of attachment. The stronger that feeling is , the greater potential for suffering to occur if in reality any of those things do disappear. Being free of those attachments is the only true freedom in life that is real. Otherwise your own personal vice grip is killing your heart and soul. They need beauty, freedom, and pure love to blossom and flourish. That cannot be if the grip is too strong!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sexual Repression

The life force energy of divinity expresses itself through sex . This is a divine impulse even more fundamental in many ways than eating. Why does a good deal of humanity believe sex to be sinful or dirty? Why are we so afraid to explore and fully understand such a essential part of our nature? Without breath we die. Without food and sleep we eventually die. If we suppress or repress sex we become out of balance with Life and nature. We should have an acute awareness and sensitivity to this fundamental aspect of our own divinity. We should be fully conscious of it. It is Life itself! When you repress sex , you kill your awareness of life. However , it is such a powerful force that we fear what will happen if we let this power loose. The moralists point to their evidence of moral and sexual degradation in our societies and say we must control this menace or we shall be destroyed! Sexual license comes from human unconsciousness ! When we are totally unaware of our own divine life energy , we either indulge or repress. It is two sides of the same problem. It is unconscious sexual obsession! Sometimes the celibate monk or priest is just as perverted as the child molester or the philanderer . They have simply repressed themselves into inacivity . The problem is still smoldering under the surface. It is stuck in their repressed mind waiting to explode. Then we read stories in the news of countless victims of sexual abuse and molestation and we are outraged and shocked by these accounts. Sexual unconsciousness is a major aspect of spiritual unconsciousness. The problem is lack of awareness. Without awareness we cannot be in control of the powerful energy within ourselves.
We become victims of the robot conditioned mind . It grabs us by the genitals and runs the show unconsciously. However repression doesn't help rectify the situation much. It creates a pressure cooker that builds and builds until it explodes all over everybody, or it kills the heart and soul and we become dead men and women walking. No wonder society has chosen indulgence over repression. At least their is some fun in mild indulgence! How can we be liberated from the prison of indulgence / repression. First we need a pure and healthy mind which is free and unattached. We need to loosen the ego's grip on our sexuality by recognizing the conditoned impulsive nature of it. This may require a period of abstinence for some time. The process is one of purification not repression. Through a purified mind we then need to make our sexual energy fully conscious by accepting who we are as divine sexual beings. Sexuality is our divine inheritance and birthright . Finally we need to allow our enegry to be expressed in a fully loving and conscious way to our partner and recognize that love making is divine. It is one of the tremendous and joyful experiences that we can have in life. Our partner becomes an extension of our own life force as we are united in the act of union. If the ego is still in contol, then your partner becomes a means to an end . They become just another object to use for temporary pleasure and discard when finished. If a husband has sex with that kind of mind he has raped his wife just like the rapists , except he is protected by the law. The quality of your consciousness determines the quality of your sex. Why be satisfied with the common ego driven obsession that permeates society . It is so much better in full divine consciousness . You are then free of the obsession.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Who is Responsible ?

Who is responsible for your salvation , liberation , awakening , or enlightenment, or whatever term suits you. Is it the priest or rabbi ?How about the reverend or minister ? Maybe the guru or spiritual master ? What about the cleric or imam. No!! It is not any of the above. Ultimately it is you!!! These middle men are their to help you take responsibility for yourself and your own heart and soul. Do not project that upon them! That attitude will eventually need to be replaced with one of total acceptance of your own life force and its complete realization. It is about Self realization! Finding the Buddha or Christ within. Getting completely in touch with your Being at the level of essence. The avatar or channel through which this happens is of vital importance! They can shine the light of consciousness upon your darkness and give you the possibility of tremendous Self realization! However, you must complete that process alone within your deepest dimension . It is in there already if you simply know where to look!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Chasing God

Chasing God is like chasing the horizon. You know he is there , but no matter how hard you try to reach him, you don't seem to get any closer! It can be and is frustrating. Sometimes you wind up feeling bad or guilty because this approach make you focus on your perceived shortcomings! If God is the ideal to be emulated, then look how far away I seem to be from that. Even if you look to Jesus instead, it can still lead you to the same place. If you are happy with your present state and feel completely one with God then you don't need to read any more. If not, why don't you try this method! Let God Chase You! Sounds radical ! How do you let God chase you. It is simple in concept but can sill be challenging. God is nothing! Indeed God is "NO THING" . He or she or it , whatever, is not an object both physical or mental. He is not an ideal to be emulated. He is Life itself living in your midst, within and without and beyond both! So how do you get God to chase you? Become nothing! Become "NO THING" . Or better yet, BE "NO THING". Or better yet, You already are "NO THING". That is your essence which is your real identity and being. When you are completely empty and void, the master of the universe will automatically fill you with his entire spirit and divine love. It is a metaphysical law! It Is!!! When is the best time to let God chase you? The eternal timeless NOW! He resides there!How do you become empty? Through meditation! Meditation can seem to be hard, however it beats chasing the horizon.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Life is full of uncertainty. It is almost synomonous with it. By looking to bring certainty into your life , you are in many ways closing the door to the mystery and opportunity life has waiting for you. Do not look for certainty out of unconscious fear of life or death. Life brought you into existence, so trust it! You belong to it. You are the blank canvas waiting for the greatest artist of all to create its masterpiece. The canvas cannot fight , fear or argue with the artist and his work. Enjoy the creation process! Enjoy the brush strokes as they caress your canvas with color, expression, and love! Be the naked, pure white linen that is aching to recieve each new creative experience. Then your life will be total and holy. You don't need to follow anything else to be who you already are. You are the divine manifestation and co-creator of Life itself. What an honor to Be That ! So Be That !

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Being Comfortable with Being Alone

Aloneness and Loneliness seem to be the same thing. They are not even close. Loneliness arises when something or someone that you are dependent is no longer in your presence. In extreme form it is an addiction to that person which can lead to great anxiety and panic. It feels like a huge whole in the center of your being. Your mind can then become torturous in the midst of severe loneliness.
Aloneness is completely different. When I was in deep meditation the other evening , I felt a great sense of aloneness come over me. However it had a totally different quality to it.I was void, empty, and nothing. There was a great sense of peace and tranquility. It was alive with vibrance and energy. Suddenly I felt a sense of transcedence no longer connected to the things of life. I was ready to die and ready to live and then beyond both. I had offered my life to Life. In that moment I felt complete and whole. It was a sense of complete reality. The reality of my Being. To know yourself in that place is the greatest joy! Nothing else compares in the world of form. To know your essence is to know Life!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Playing Semantics with the Ego

The concept of the devil in today's modern society is hard for many people to grasp.Is the devil real or is the devil the creation of the human mind. Certainly we see evidence of evil in the world .Humanity is dysfunctional on a daily basis Throughout the world so-called bad things happen even to so-called good people. But what is the origin of this dysfunction. Metaphorically speaking let's look at this story of Adam and Eve. Metaphorically speaking let's look at the story of our original human ancestors. It says that they lived in the Garden of Eden. There were two tree is in the Garden of Eden, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. There was also a serpent in the garden with our ancestors. We all know the story from here so I won't go into the details. But let's try to understand the deeper hidden meaning beneath the story. The tree of life in Buddhist terms represents nirvana, or the world of non-duality, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents samsara which is duality,. Good and evil, pain and pleasure, right and wrong, Birth and Death. I don't want to focus on the process of how the story unfolds, there are many different opinions and perspectives in the theological community. We know the identity of the serpent was Satan, the fallen arch angel Lucifer. Let's examine his mind before the fall. Lucifer was the angel of intelligence. He could therefore see that humanity was in the position of God's children. He also knew that as an angel he would never be a child of God. This realization began his thinking or thought that if he could not be a child of God, then he would not allow our original ancestors to feel connected to the One life. That connection represents the tree of life. Now let's play a little semantics here. Let's replace Lucifer or Satan with the word Ego. We all know that the Ego is a fact of human life. It manifests itself on a daily basis throughout the world. What is the origin of the Ego. When Lucifer took the position in his mind to block our ancestors from the tree of life, this was the beginning of the Ego. The human mind became split between I and myself, split into two. The I side of being or awareness, and the myself side, being the Ego Because of the split mankind was cut off from the tree of life. Because of this duality the Ego has dominated and we can even call it Posessed the human mind. In other words humanity lost its true identity as children of God and became trapped in in the world of form alone .This is the world in the Buddhist terms of Samsara, the world of duality, good and evil. From the perspective of this world evil is real. When we view the world from the ego mind, evil is very real and manifest itself in countless horrific Ways From the perspective of nirvana, which is the non-dual, one life ,evil is an illusion, a creation of the ego mind which is ultimately not real. When we know ourselves as the I in the equation, or the awareness of the forms of our life, as opposed to being trapped in form consciousness or ego mind, we free ourselves and understand who we truly are as children of God, reconnected to the tree of life. I know a few people that I'm working with on their awakening who are angry At God and cannot understand how God can allow evil in the world. However, from this perspective God does not allow evil in the world. Evil manifest itself in the ego mind world because the human mind is still unconscious of its true identity. It is trapped in the condition thinking of the ego mind. So ultimately, evil is not a personal problem. Only when we believe and identify with the Ego do we then personalize any sin that we commit and feel guilty about it. This is how the Ego keeps us trapped. When a human being awakens to pure conscious awareness it is impossible for them to sin. In Buddhist terms that is called right thought ,right action for conscious living. That is why Jesus led a sinless life. When someone says they're angry at God my response is “Who Said That?” If that thought comes into your mind ,asked yourself who is speaking through me. That mind is the same mind that Lucifer had in the beginning. The exact same mind, the origin of the ego. The original mind of man became separated from God. Do not split yourself into I and myself.. You are not your Ego! You are one awareness, connected to the one life and connected to all humanity at the level of super consciousness which we'll share in the depths of our soul. God and I are one, no duality, no splitting of our mind into separate identities. If we have a strong belief in a conceptual God, we are still living in the world of samsara or duality. From that place we'll never realize who we truly are, and we will continue to be cut off from the tree of life because we are still connected to the tree of good and evil in the world a duality,. If Lucifer was the arch angel of intelligence, and the ego has been dominating human consciousness ever since the fall, it makes total sense that we live in a world where intelligence, is thought of as primary. From the very beginning when a child grows up information is bombarded upon them from the Ego mind, the collective ego mind. If a child is smart he is raised up as an example and almost worshiped. If the child's intelligence is lacking somehow the family ,the community, the society look down upon them as if they're not totally human, or that they have some kind of fundamental problem.Our value system is all screwed up. Our educational institutions focus almost exclusively on developing human intelligence, and the more highly developed the human intelligence becomes, the more analytical it becomes, the more we lose touch with life, the flow of life ,the oneness of life. If you look in nature animals ,trees ,plants do not have an ego problem. They haven't split themselves into two. They are pure and present living in the now. They do not talk about their past or worry about their future. Humanity on the other hand spends very little time in full conscious awareness of the present moment. They are lost in thought in either the past or the future, and they miss the vibrant life and oneness that is right under their noses.

In conclusion, the Ego is not your ego unless you identify with it. The Ego is another name for Satan, Lucifer, the fallen arch angel of intelligence. This little secret and has kept humanity in the darkness for thousands of years. And the time for that dominance is over. Humanity is moving towards nirvana, non-dual consciousness, one life connected to the tree of life. It is essential that it happens at this time because the Ego working with unconscious humans has the capacity to destroy the human race. Unless the values of the tree of life, the one life, the one super consciousness that we all share which manifests itself by compassion and living for the sake of others and for the sake of our Selves because when we live for the sake of others ultimately we are living for ourselves because we are all one life .There is no us and them. So those in the world who are examples of true compassion such as the Dalai Lama and many others are beacons of light shining in a very dark world illuminating our consciousness back to its true identity reconnecting us to the Tree of Life.

How can we fight this darkness within ourselves. First of all you cannot fight darkness. As soon as you fight you have become the darkness yourself. The only way to transcend darkness is to Shine the light of truth and pure conscious awareness onto that unconsciousness and awaken our true nature, tapping into the deep compassion that comes when we realize we are one. The ego mind is about separation, envy, jealousy, hatred. The ego mind cannot survive in the present moment. Present moment awareness will suffocate the Ego mind. Life is only now, anything unreal or illusory cannot exist in the now. We must begin to live from being. We are not human doings ,we are human beings. When we truly realize this profoundly , then we will have reconnected ourselves to the tree of life, and the direction of our energy will flow from our life Chakra up through our seven chakras and out into humanity. In other words the movement is up and out through our pure consciousness as opposed to the ego consciousness where our energy is sucking everything into a bottomless endless hole, grasping, polling ,looking for the next thing, pulling everything into us like a vortex into the bottomless pit of total unsatisfactoriness, never finding peace or joy, because the ego is not real. Our energy movement must flow out of the depths of our being. We must reverse the direction of our energy flow from grasping, polling, sucking into ourselves to a 180° different direction. The only place to find the source of energy that can begin to reverse that direction is in the now. The Ego doesn't pay any attention to the now ,hates the now, and wants to distract you from the now by trapping you in the delusion of past and future. Let's all get reconnected through the now. The now is not this little fleeting moment . It is one eternal moment. It has endless depth. Now is forever and forever is now. Then we can truly rest in that awareness and began life again connected to the tree of life.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Be careful , if you practice any form of worship, that you are doing so in all earnesty and sincerity. In my opinion the best form of worship is not structured or formal, rather it is by living with complete reverence for Life in all its forms and aspects. Life is both without and within. It is the source of every thing, including yourself. Your are Life and cannot be separate from Life. It is One. When you feel that reverence in your heart for all things, remember to include your own Being, which is Divine. Do not worship any form of idol, including living ones that may look or feel superior to you. Superiority is an illusion. No one is special, because we all are special in so many ways. Look closely at that uniqueness and specialness in all people and everything. See how Life has endowed so much blessing throughout the Creation . When you feel that reverence deep in your soul, Immense gratitude and compassion for humanity will follow . This is the only basis for world peace !!! Let the leaders of all nations hear this teaching. We are all Divine awareness, Mind is Divine comedy, and Life is Divine opportunity for all !!! Amen

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Ascetic and The Mystic

There are only two basic paths to the truth which is one. As OSHO says, either via affirmativa or via negativa. These two paths in many ways are 180 degrees in a different direction. The affirmative path ,or yang way , is one of becoming or striving for the truth by following some example or belief system. It is the realm of the affirmative religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, & Hinduism. This path is based on doing, practicing , or exercising the faith in order to achieve something in the future. It implies great effort and therefore time to accomplish. It seeks truth indirectly or second hand from an outside source and follows a methodical step by step approach. This is the ascetic approach. It was the original path of the Buddha prior to his enlightenment. However he never found the truth through this path. Eventually he wound up in hopelessness and despair and he gave up this difficult path. He then tried the negative path of the mystic. The path of emptiness. This is the path of no effort, the path of being, not doing or striving to achieve. The path of aloness or solitude, which depends on no one or thing. It is the agnostic path of direct existential experience of the one truth. It is the path of unknowing. You are simply still and empty , and you wait for the truth to fill you fully and completely. It requires no time or exercise. It is the realm of Buddhism and Taoism.
It is not rational or methodical at all. It is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. All the so called rational thinkers ,including the theologians and philosophers, believe it makes no sense, indeed it is non-sense. It requires no knowledge or intellectual inquiry. In fact concepts of the truth block this path and can be a great obstacle. It is the path of awareness, observation, and meditation. This path transcends the thinking mind and leads directly to the source of universal wisdom , which is the one consciousness we all share. It is the direct, first hand way, or yin way to self realization. The truth is within ! Realize it now and you are liberated! As the great Taoist master Lieh Tsu said “ Best be Still , Best be Empty !!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Soul Couples

Most marriages or life partnerships start with a bang. Physical or sexual attraction progressing into the heat of passion. Huge wedding celebration with lots of hope and expectation for the future. The greater those expectations, the more likely there will be disappointment and heartache ias life itself doesn't match up to the preconceived expectation. Almost all marriages eventually develop into two categories. Number one, is the category of peaceful coexistence. This is a very shallow relationship that develops when each partner disappoints the other one in many different ways. However, because of the fear of failure or the fear of being alone, not knowing what the future will bring,and the disillusionment from the great expectations the beginning, the couple stays together in some kind of coexistence. Number two, is the gradual and sometimes , rapid deterioration of the relationship into the great drama of the ego game. This ego game can last for a long time and can take on many forms included infidelity, dishonesty, mental and physical abuse, and more often than not, wind up in divorce. In reality this relationship never happened because this was simply the ego manifesting itself on each side of the partnership, feeding on itself. There was never true heart to heart and soul to soul, spiritual relationship between the core essence of each partner, which is their divine nature. Ultimately no one is to blame except the ego. If they truly understood this they could forgive each other, and possibly get back on the path of the spiritual journey together which is what marriage is meant to be. There are rare occasions however were the partnership or marriage stays on the spiritual path even though it may go through many bumps and bruises. The couple learns to recognize the true self or divine nature in each other, and that recognition creates an ever deepening dimension of love, peace, joy and unity that is totally beautiful. If you look back at some of the famous soul couples that you know those, who are famous for not , maybe you know some personally, the evidence of this reality is profound. Hugh Cronin and Jessica Tandy, George Burns and his wife I forget her name, Christopher Reeves and his wife. There are many couples which we could call soul couples. However, compared to the rest of humanity they are a slight minority. The light of radiance of their union has created a memory and all of us. Look at your partnership or marriage.. Which direction is a heading ? Are both of you getting lost in the ego game and being taken over completely by the possession of the mind and the veil of separation that it creates, or are you walking together along the mysterious path of the soul journey. May we all find that path !!!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

What is Meditation ?

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about the nature of meditation. Because the mind thinks in terms of form consciousness, we think of it as a particular way of sitting or a particular way of focusing the mind. And although meditation may, from the outside, look like a particular form, that is not the essential nature of it at all. The biggest problem to begin with is the idea that it is" doing" something. Another obstacle to true understanding is when people meditate, they are looking for some type of special mystical experience, or state of enlightened consciousness. This is just another trick of the mind that it plays on you, in order to keep you trapped in illusion. The essence of meditation, in whatever form it takes, is to rest in being aware of your natural state of existence. In other words, to look inward at your natural state of being, or state of pure unconditioned consciousness that you were born with as a baby, and continues to be you, who you truly are at the deepest level of your mind. As you meditate in whatever form you choose, it is the process of separating your awareness from form consciousness or things consciousness, into the state of pure consciousness beyond form. It is to be the witness of the various forms in your life both physical , mental an emotional. It is to be aware that your essential identity of who you are is that witnessing consciousness. This is what Jesus meant when he said to live in the world but not be of the world. He also said" I have overcome the world" meaning he had developed that witnessing consciousness to the fullest degree ! Meditation can be done in many ways. The traditional method of sitting quietly and focusing on something , the breath ,a candle, a mantra etc.a physical sensations and so forth and so on, is just one way. You can also be in a meditative state with all the activities of your life if you continue in that awareness that you are the witnessing consciousness and not the form consciousness. There are also ways that are the opposite of sitting quietly called active meditation. Things like dancing, shaking, reading, breathing, holding your breath, pushing your breath out, screeming, simply becoming alive so that you get a full awareness of the life energy within you. This period of activity and intensity is usually followed by standing still or lying still on the floor as you become aware of that point of stillness at the center or core of your being. When you can find that stillness, this is the place where the witnessing consciousness lives. It Is not dependent on anything. It is a place where you truly separate yourself from form consciousness into the peace and bliss of no thingness. This is the ground of the unmanifested. It is the ground of essential life energy and pure consciousness. the place where all the forms of the world are born out of and return to when they inevitably dissolve. I think it is so funny when people talk about immortality on a physical level. Why would we want to remain trapped on the level of form, when the world beyond form could be so much more beautiful and ecstatic. It is this addiction to form, and the illusion of security it creates, that blinds us to ultimate reality. In meditation we began to get a glimpse of that ultimate reality which is our home and resting place, the source of who we are.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who is Leading You ?

There are many voices that we follow in Life. Most people listen to their mind or ego and are trapped in conditioned thinking and egoic emotion. This is not who they truly are. They are following a false voice in the head.Through the stillness of meditation, we can all cultivate the ability to listen to our deepest heart and soul . From that place your life can be lead to true authenticity and fulfillment! It is not hard at all, if we can learn to listen carefully. This is why meditation is so valuable and really our main path to freedom and liberation. In spiritual life there is Prayer and Meditation. Prayer is the act of communicating our mind and heart to Life in a sincere and genuine manner. Our desires , fears , longings and questions can be shared with Life. Meditation is the art of listening to Life’s response and being one with that essence, which is what we are. It is even more important and fundamental than prayer. I’m not saying to stop praying! That communication is very important! However, if we don’t learn to listen, how can Life truly lead us to where we should be? Be a king of Meditation! It is the first and last freedom. If you find it hard to sit and meditate, start with breath awareness. This will lead you into the body which is the doorway to the heart and soul. Remember, to quiet the mind, go through the breath and body awareness. At first the mind will try to distract and frustrate you. Just allow it to be. Be the witness of your chattering mind. At that moment, that is the reality of you. Don’t turn it into a problem. As you allow the present to be a new awareness will emerge that is beyond the mind! As this awareness emerges, a deeper sense of stillness will fill your consciousness. This stillness is where we find our true inner voice. So be that!

Breath is Life & Life is Breath

In Genesis, God breathed the breath of life into Adam. Thus began humanity with that primordial breath, which has continued unbroken to this moment. Without breath or prana , there can be no life. Breath is Life ! The breath only exists in this eternal moment. Nowhere else. How conscious are you of that reality? How many breaths do you take in one day, one week,or one year? Out of that number, how many are you truly conscious of? Probably not many! We have become robotic about breathing even though it is the most essential thing in life. You can go some time without food. You can go without sleep, water and many other things for a while. How long can you go without breath?
When you feel anxious, fearful, or uncomfortable in any way, stop for a few moments and breathe deeply! You will feel better almost immediately. There is more than oxygen to your breath. There is peace , presence, and joy in it if you are conscious of your breath. It is your connection to the now which is life itself. It is the basis for almost all meditation practice. It is the easiest and quickest way to be religious in a genuine sense! It connects you to the One Life that we all share! Please cultivate a genuine respect and reverence for the breath which is a gift of Life. How long can you go without breathing? Try and see. That exercise will remind you of who is truly in charge of your life, which is really not yours. It is a gift from heaven!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The devil is God in disguise

The devil is God in disguise . What blasphemy. How can anyone say that.? God and the devil are not the same. The pure divine nature of God could never be contaminated by the evil of the devil. From one perspective this is true, however from another perspective, one is dependent on the other. Let's look at the nature of opposites. How can we know good unless we know evil. How can we know light unless we know darkness. How can we know left, if we don't know right. Up and down. In and out, forward and backward. The world on the level form seems to be a dualistic world. Opposites are dependent upon each other. From the point of view of the one life, which is who we are , life itself, there is no division between opposites ,they are one, they just appear to be separate, which is an illusion.Let's take a look at the human being, who looks from the point of view of egoic consciousness, to be a mixture of divine nature and devil nature. In other words a core of pure conscious awareness wrapped in an obscuration of egoic consciousness or thinking form consciousness, the ego. When we finally wake up and realize the inner dimension of who we are as divine pure consciousness, it is a process of unmasking our ego disguises or the pretensions that covers up our true nature. Awakening means to return to our natural self our natural true state of being naked, with no pretensions, no drama, just being who we are. Well let's take that dynamic into the God/ devil debate. If our true essential nature represents God and is rooted in God or you could call it life, and the ego represents the disguise of the devil. From the perspective of egoic consciousness, the devil is God in disguise. So in order for us to know God we must face and clearly know the devil. However, most human beings spend their lives hiding from the devil, hiding from evil, avoiding pain, running away from the devil, and therefore never finding God. If God is the devil in disguise, and we run away from the devil, we are running away openly from God. If we avoid knowing the ego ,that part of us which is not a real self, or if we accept that as who we are, then we will never know our pure divine nature at the core of our being. It will remain obscure, never realized ,never fully blooming, and always, seemingly ,a mixture of good and bad, right and wrong. Let's look at the nature of the devil. Who is the devil. The Bible says the devil or Satan originally, was the archangel Lucifer. Then who created Lucifer? The answers is God. Therefore at the core of the devil is the original nature of God, a being named Lucifer. Just like at the core of your being, although it is being disguised by the ego,it is your pure divine nature. This is who Jesus was, fully realized pure divine nature. This is what the Buddha was, fully realized pure divine nature, enlightened Zen master. However, that is also who you are, pure divine nature, yet not yet realized. The process of realization is called conscious awakening. Now from the viewpoint of the one life, the devil is Lucifer in disguise, still divine pure consciousness at the core level. Therefore from the point of view of the one life, there is no duality, in ultimate reality there is only one life, pure divine consciousness. Who you are. Let's all wake up to that fact.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Melding

Across this country and throughout the world the awakening of consciousness is sweeping the land. In traditional organizations that have been around for many years, as well as new young organizations, the flowering is happening. Never forget this is a phenomenon of the individual .Without individual flowering of consciousness and a return to the state of humanbeingness , the organization is meaningless. Ultimately we don't need organizations. We really don't need organizations that fail to recognize an honor the fact that this awakening consciousness, in whatever form it's taking, is coming from the same source. As the Dalai Lama has eloquently pointed out, conversion is outdated. Our job is not to convert each other, it is to wake up as an individual. Based on full conscious awakening ,community and collective energy will blossom organically. It cannot and should not be forced by misguided zeal and naïve enthusiasm. The divinity in each human being is there already,. No one is special because we are all special and totally unique. The individual is a unique expression of life. That expression has never lived before in its current form, and will never live again in its current form. Imagine the kind of respect and dignity that life has given each one of us, because of our unique beauty and form. When you meet one person or any person, it is a unique encounter never to repeated again. Even if you meet that same person in the future, that person could be totally different or more evolved, and they may have a new perspective. Their physical appearance might be different. They may change externally and will certainly have probably changed on the internal level. Give you full attention to each encounter with another human being. The meeting in relationship of two individuals is a divine encounter. Let us honor the encounter and let it be all it can be. Let us look at this unique individual in relationship to organizations. No one organization can satisfy all the unique needs and difficulties of the unconscious person. There will be many that will wake up as the traditional organization evolves and wakes up collectively. They will not need to belong to or join the new organization. Others will not find what they need through an old established organization or religion. They will probably be more attracted to some of the new incarnations or organizations that are evolving and blossoming in many places in the world. The ego will try to create discord and dissension , competition and division among the new and the old organizations .That is why individual conscious awakening is ultimately all that matters. Individual is a religion of one. The body is the temple. There seems to be many paths, however ultimately the way is pathless. As humanity awakens, lines, barriers, and seemingly solid separations will dissolve into nothing as the One life wakes up and becomes aware totally of itself .

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Divine Love

There are two kinds of love . Ego love, which is a matter of degree of obsession, and Divine love which is pure and unattached. This love flows freely without agenda or memory and leaves no trace. It purpose is fulfilled by itself. It has no other reason to exist except to create joy and happiness for those who share it. The only result of divine love is a deep satisfaction of the soul. It then moves on and looks for the next opportunity to manifest itself in the lives of divine humans . The ego on the other hand, pretends to love in order to fulfill its own agenda, which is to control and use the other person for its own benefit. In other words , it is very sticky, calculating, and agenda oriented. This is not love at all !!! When the ego pretends to love , it suppresses and blocks divine love from emerging and blossoming. It is the biggest tragedy of human existence. Life has longed and longed for the time when divine love will be the only reality. It is in each one of us at our very essential level. Allow that reality to be!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Non- Conceptual Spirituality

In Life there is conceptual spirituality and non-conceptual spirituality. It is easy to follow and express concepts, both religious and philosophical, however these only represent an approximation of divine reality. They do not do the job completely, in bringing us all to heaven! The best they can do is get us to the edge of the cliff, and at the final stage before we must jump into the non-conceptual realm of heavenly love and joy. No one can make us take that leap . We all have to learn to fly!!! Are you ready to trust Life to that degree? Are you ready to let go of all of your concepts about God , love , spirit world, re-incarnation etc. and just let Life be as it is? As you approach the edge , you will see many there having the great last debates on the conceptual level and feeling very comfortable that they are almost there . However, they too still must stop talking and debating and jump into it. Only then will they know and become one with it. Humanity as a whole has done enough talking , arguing , and debating. Let’s get on with jumping!!! Maybe if we just join hands together and do it, it won’t be that frightening afterall.

Recognition Is The Key !

Recognition is the key to understanding who we are and what we are at the deepest level. If humanity's problem is basically unconscious conditioned mental patterns that we have inherited for generations, that are buried in our subconscious, bringing those patterns and compulsive thoughts to the surface and recognizing them is extremely important. It is in the recognition of those patterns that the new awareness, or should we say a deeper awareness that is not part of the pattern, emerges. Therefore any spiritual practice, whether it is based on bodywork such as yoga,or different types of meditation, or spiritual reading or contemplation is designed to help us recognize. Recognition is like a spiritual shower that allows us to wash ourselves clean, or scrape ourselves clean of the obscurations that the ego has covered us up with. Another name for this recognition or scraping is the word Christ, and or Krishna. They come from the same root. Their meaning is to scrape. The Presence, Stillness, Conscious awareness within us that his divine, is there all the time. It is not something we need to strive for or become in the future. Spiritual development should not be looked on through the eyes of the egoic consciousness. We will never receive a diploma in the future proclaiming our enlightenment. Enlightenment or awakening is a continuous process of uncovering or unmasking that which makes us unconscious and unaware of our own divine nature. Everyone ultimately is already enlightened, yet not fully realized at this point. If we start from that place we can recognize the common ground of consciousness and its source that is within us all. This is the basis and the beginning of true compassion. This is the rising of divine compassion that has been waiting for thousands of years to boom and blossom on the face of the earth in all its glorious splendor. In order for you to participate in that process you simply need to recognize that which is real in you so that the illusion will fall away. From a different viewpoint,we could also say ,if you recognize that which is not real within you ,that which is real will emerge completely and fully. In a sense you don't need to do or become anything more than you already are at your essential level. Therefore recognition is not a doing, it is part of being, part of the waking up process as we transmute the egoic consciousness of separation, division, deception, hatred and other ego based emotions into unity, clarity, compassion, joy, and even ecstasy. We were created for joy and ectasy!!!! Ultimately when we live from being which is our essential nature, we should experience the peace, joy, and even dramatic ecstasy emerging from the One Life that we all are at the deepest level. When this happens for all humanity, we indeed will be living in and on and new heaven and earth. This will be the time when all the ancient spiritual prophecies become fulfilled. When life itself wakes up from the illusion of form identity, and knows itself as pure conscious awareness ,or Divine Awareness. Awareness becoming aware of itself. We are all, everyone of us, part of that waking up process. That's rejoice and be glad!!!.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Do We Really Need to Know ?

Do we really need to know? Throughout human history mankind has been on a quest to know the truth. The truth has been sought in many ways by many different types of people, religious people, philosophers, and in the modern era scientists of all types. All of them looking for ultimate truth. All of them looking for the purpose and meaning of life. Looking for answers to the great questions of why we are here, who created us, and where will it all lead us in the end. But my question is this do we really need to know? What if that's not meant to happen. What if that was never the design for humanity to openly find the ultimate truth. Think about it. What if it is impossible to find the ultimate truth, . If the essence of life, the one life, cannot be found in the things of the world, of the universe, why are we looking to prove it and find it with the intellectual mind which is bound by form, material form, energy, and even thought forms. We know that things are impermanent, that forms are born and die.One of The basic tenets of Buddhism is the law of impermanence which has been proven time and time again by science. But because we know this to be true, there must be an aware consciousness that is not impermanent, it always was and always will be, eternal. If we ultimately find the one life and figure it all out, that could be the end. Where do you go from there once it's all been figured out. Maybe we should just let it be. Maybe it's better ultimately not to know. Maybe, our purpose is the journey itself. One of the most profound beauties of life is its mystery. Maybe our need to know is deeply rooted in insecurity or fear, the fear of the unknown or the fear of death. That fear comes from the fact that in the ego consciousness we don't know who we truly are. We are identified with the form level of things and not the essential level of things. If all we are are the forms of life and we know that they are impermanent, then the fear of death or rises dramatically. Maybe this need to know is the egos way of dealing with that fear. Life is insecure, there is no security in it. If we desperately try to know everything, then we are looking for or are obsessed with having something that doesn't exist. We may want things to be a certain way to make us feel better, but if that's not the way they are, the suchness of life, you'll never find peace in the obsession of knowing. Let life be as it is and be comfortable, happy, and rejoice in the not knowing. This is how we can become aligned totally with the one life. That is the only security, to be aligned and completely objective to the one life. That is faith, trust, and ultimately peace. Rest in that and watch your life unfold in all its magnificence !!!!!.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Enlightenment , A Viewpoint

Enlightenment is an oft misunderstood concept or state of consciousness. It simply means the moment, in the now, when a complete shift occurs from illusory mind consciousness to reality based, aware consciousness. It is an awakening of the human mind, heart, and souls inherent ability to see things as they are in complete purity of perception and awareness. In the history of the human species , humanity has been dominated by unconscious, conditioned thinking, that has distorted it perception of reality, including their own identity as divine beings. They have been lost in a sort of dream or fog perpetuated by egoic thinking and obscuration. This dream has fostered a distinct viewpoint of the individual being separate , isolated, and alone in the universe. In other words , lost or cut off from the source and origin of Life. In this state of confusion ,life has become a matter of survival of the fittest, or should I say of the cleverest. Each person, to one degree or another, seeing the other person as competition or prey to be taken advantage of! This sense of illusion, fostered by this viewpoint, gives rise to tremendous fear, loneliness, and despair. Not only does the ego not know its true identity, it also feels threatened by the others. Jean-Paul Sartre said “hell is the others”. Enlightenment is basically a liberation from this egoic dream and confusion. This is why the Buddha describe the human condition as confusion. This basic confusion gives rise to suffering caused by excessive desire or perceived need and want, whose source is the egoic viewpoint of separation and lack. We seem never to be satisfied by this moment and what we already have , which is an abundance of life and energy that constantly is here with us. Instead the delusion of egoic thinking creates a sense and perception of lack and need, thus resulting in excessive grasping and neediness towards life. The basic ego consciousness is a feeling or viewpoint of “ What can I get out of life” . In other words to take out from and possess or cling to. This is rooted in the insecurity and fear of loss or death. The ego does know that it is ultimately not real , and that when the person dies, it dies as well. This is why most humans suffer from an unconscious fear of death or loss. To compensate, we try to strangle life, until we squeeze the life and energy out of it. What a tragedy! Most of human history can be described by one word. “Tragic”!!! Enlightenment means to simply allow Life to be as it is, and perceive it clearly as such. The Buddha called it the “ suchness ‘ of life. Let us all awaken and end the dream or more accurately, the nightmare!

Losing Your Religion

Losing your religion to some is a negative thing. The concept of losing your religion may mean losing your values ,losing your direction in life and accepting indulgent behavior, without rules or regulations, as your basic outlook on life. If that is the result of losing your religion, then you're better off keeping your religion. To some though, their religion is a big obstacle to awakening to their true identity. Their religion or spiritual belief system ,masquerading for the truth, has them in prison and bound to dogma, ritual and an egoic sense of superiority towards other people of other religions. We should honor all the religious traditions in the past and understand their historic significance and benefit to humanity, however all the religions of the past have fallen short of the ultimate purpose of religion or spirituality, which is to awaken humanity to the pure state of consciousness that is free from illusion and ego. If your religion is a barrier to that awakening, you're much better off losing it. And awakened person no longer needs a religion or a belief system. The purpose of the Buddhist is to become a Buddha or actually not really to become a Buddha but to realize the Buddha that is already within them, therefore eliminating the need to be a Buddhist. The Christian purpose is to awaken and realize the Christ within themselves and therefore eliminate the need to be a Christian. The same is true for the Muslim. The ultimate purpose of any religion is to eliminate the need for religion. So just drop religion. Get rid of the organizations, and allow the individual be free to awaken and realize their own true nature. Then if we want to come together in community and share with each other the beautiful nectar of awakening, that will happen organically without any structure, or coercion, or sense of guilt ,or hierarchy. For as much good as religion has done in the past, there is an equal or greater amount of bad, or wrongdoing as well. When any religion or faith holds itself up as the truth proclaiming that it is the way and the only way to God, you should run away as quickly as possible from that ego system. It is nothing more than the collective ego looking to find itself or strengthen its sense of security from its own lack or sense of reality. That attitude is based on deep seated insecurity. Since when can the small minds of humanity, from the egoic perspective, limit and possess the way that the divine will manifest itself throughout humanity and creation. It is a false sense of certainty or knowing God absolutely, that strengthens the ego and prevents divine love and energy from being shared with all of humanity. It is the power of not knowing and the ability to keep an open mind and heart, with great humility, that puts us in the position to experience the profound dimension of the divine within ourselves. In the Tao Te Ching it says those who know, don't speak, and those who speak all the time don't know. It also says, if you can speak about it ,that's not it. The truth cannot be contained or expressed totally by words. Words are just an approximation or pointer to the truth. You are the truth. Your life existence at the essential level, beyond time, beyond concept or belief,, beyond words, that is it. That is why Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life, no man can come to the father but by me. He wasn't speaking in an egoic sense of superiority or exclusiveness. He simply means that we need to find our own salvation in the depths of our own soul, by realizing who we are as pure divine consciousness, which transcends the illusory egoic mind. Buddha expressed it in a different way. He said there is no self. The conceptualized, thought based, mind made little me ,that we have a dialogue within in our own minds, in reality, has no reality. That means there is no self. With the Buddhist perspective of no self or no ego, what is left when we realize what we are not ,is who we are as pure divine consciousness, just like Jesus taught. The Jesus and the Buddha were totally united as brothers, expressing in their own eloquent way the same essential truth. . Which leaves the final question. Do we have ears to hear, or can we realize truly who we are?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

From Insanity To Sanity

When the mind of a human being is dominated and lost in egoic consciousness, this is insanity to a varying degree. In other words until a person is fully awakened and their consciousness has flowered completely, they are suffering from a mental illness called egoism. This mental illness has plagued humanity since the beginning of the species. It came about because our original human ancestors somehow split their consciousness into two. In other words within one person there became two personalities or a split personality. They became I and myself. In other words they created a relationship within themselves with themselves. Let's be honest, we all talk to the little person in our head. We all create an ongoing dialogue and story with ourselves that we think is real, but in reality it is just a cheap fiction. It is just thought forms floating around in our head that somehow we've become attached to and totally believe in as who we are. This distorts and obscures and confuses the awareness and feeling of connection to life that comes from knowing the I or the I amness within that mind made relationship. Think about it, why do we need a relationship with ourselves? The answer is very simple.We really don't. We are searching for our true identity looking to find something in the world of form both physical and mental, a sense of self or identity because we don't know who we are at the essential level. How do we solve this fundamental dysfunction? The answer is simple but not really quite that easy. The simple answer is to just drop the myself side of the relationship with the fictitious mind made entity that we created in our psyche. When we understand this is not real ,that it is just a bundle of thoughts and emotions that seem to be real, but really have no substance or rootedness in life, it gets easier and easier to let it go. The problem when you let it go though, is a sense of fear or loss because it feels like you're giving yourself up. In a very real sense it feels like you're dying. However, what is dying is the illusion that you are the ego. This is the process of conscious awakening or enlightenment when the illusory self diminishes and your true reality or identity re-emerges from obscurdity where it was residing all along. It is not a process where you are becoming more and more special in any way shape or form. It is a process of going from the dysfunctional insanity of varying degrees to basic sanity of understanding your true identity. What is that true identity? It is divine pure aware consciousness. The I AM that exists and has existed prior to any of the manifested forms in the creation. This is what it means to know God. God, Life, Allah, Brahman, or whatever other name you want to call that essence of life, is in reality who you are. The last delusion is the delusion that I and God are separate. Many religions have a dualistic concept of God. Somehow God and I are separate. But from the viewpoint of ultimate reality, this dualism is just an illusion. Therefore the non-dualistic religions or spiritual traditions bring humanity closer to the actual experience of oneness with God. From this perspective of non-dualism ,there is no distance or separation between God and man. At the essential level they are one. This is the ultimate purpose of yoga, to connect or reconnect the individual consciousness with the ultimate divine transcendent consciousness. This is done by removing the obscurations and barriers or separations created by the fictitious ego which seems to be very real when you are lost in egoic consciousness or form consciousness.

So don't think of enlightenment or awakening as a special experience. Don't think of it as obtaining special status or position relative to other human beings in an egoic sense of achievement. Going through and fulfilling the process of awakening should bring the human being to a place of deep humility, basic sanity, and the tremendous feeling of compassion as the awakened person realizes that we are all one Life consciousness. And with that connectedness and compassion, all the profound and transcendent emotions of joy & peace, of love& bliss, become the experienced reality of life. Especially through the compassion you will feel a strong sense of urgency and commitment to help all humanity awaken to cross the bridge from insanity to divine sanity. It is my fervent hope to see that flower throughout the face of the earth!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Heaven & Hell

What is Heaven? What is hell? Do each of these have an address somewhere in the universe? Can they be scientifically analyzed, verified or pigeonholed objectively? Are these places that we go after death, in the afterlife, if there is one? The universe is definitely made up of two dimensions. The external or form dimension including thoughts and emotions as well as experiences ,and the internal invisible dimension which primary is characterised by consciousness or awareness. If we look at the human being, we can see that a human being is a microcosm of the universe. The human has an external form and an internal dimension that is invisible. Is there any way to prove objectively that this invisible dimension exist,or pigeonhole it, or quantify it scientifically ?The answer is no. The brain is not your consciousness. Science has looked into the brain, dissected it ,and traced all the neurons back into the brain and has found nothing. No evidence of consciousness. Yet somehow we all know that it is there, with us all the time. This consciousness or awareness is what allows you to read these words on the page, it's what allows you to experience and know anything. Without it there is nothing. This is the ground where Heaven and Hell both exists. Heaven and Hell both, are not things,and are not places or destinations, they are specific states of consciousness. If we realize it, the state of Heaven consciousness, which has been completely liberated from the ego consciousness, we are already in heaven and we will perceive the world as a heavenly world. If we are still dominated by the ego mind ,and living or experiencing and perceiving through the ego consciousness or the Hell consciousness ,then we are in Hell. This is a state of consciousness based on division ,separation, loneliness, comparison ,envy, jealousy, hatred, anger and all the other poisonous emotions associated with perceiving life through a Hell consciousness. If we die with that state of consciousness , we are still in Hell just like before we died. Nothing has changed except we have given our physical body back to Mother Earth, but our state of consciousness remains the same. If we realize Heaven's consciousness before we die, after we die we will still be in Heaven. Nothing has changed except we have relinquished our body back to Mother earth and our state of consciousness has remained the same. This is why Jesus said " What you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and what you lose on earth shall be lost in heaven. Do not look for Heaven and Hell outside yourself or through another person. Heaven and Hell exists within your own mind and state of consciousness. This is what all of the traditions and spiritual teachings have taught all along. We have simply forgotten or lost this perspective for some reason. Humanity is simply looking in the wrong direction, which is what the ego wants to happen. The ego is the master of deception in turning one's attention and focus of consciousness away from Heaven, thereby trapping it Hell.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Creating a Lifestyle of Divinity

Within you is the creative power of divinity. You are that! You have the power of intention. It is your inheritance. Whatever you experience in your life has come from within yourself , from your own spirit. You are not a victim of lifes circumstances or other human beings. That is an illusion. Your intention will create your reality. We all must learn to create a lifestyle of divinity. That will flourish when we transcend the illusory mind of ego. That illusory mind makes you think that you are separate and isolated from the rest of the universe. It leaves you feeling frustrated and alone. However, you are not alone at all! If you feel that way, then you have created that unconsciously. It is not so. The power and energy of divine life is always flowing into you. It is here and now! You may say, Why don’t I feel it? Because your antenna is broken! The illusory mind and your unconscious pain from past memories is blocking that energy from fully flowing through you as it should. These blockages cause pain , suffering , and anxiety. Your divine soul , which is untouched by this, knows that something is disconnected . It is somehow locked up deep inside your mind and heart longing to be free from that blockage. Your purpose in life now is to liberate yourself from this soul imprisonment. There is nothing more important than that for you and also humanity!!! When your divine soul is free to express and manifest pure love and compassion for others, naturally and organically, we will see the birth of a divine lifestyle in all of its expressions and glory. It will not be bound and encumbered by rules and principles. It will transcend all past religious doctrines and belief systems. Heart and compassion , which is the expression of divinity, will rule the earth and darkness will be no more!!! Let it Be !

Drop the Ego & Expand Your Awareness

Drop the ego. Just drop it . Don't fight it. Don't hide behind it. Don't identify with it. It is not you ! It sounds so simple, but is not that easy. Because we have such a sense of self invested in ego, we are afraid to drop it. It has become our security blanket. We have grown attached to it believing that is a part of us. The fact that we recognize it, the ego, means there is something else that is not the ego in us that has emerged. This is the presense or awareness emerging from the deeper dimension within us. This is not something new. If it were new it means it could revert back to the old and we could lose it. It is us our common collective consciousness. It is the place within all of us that we came from! You can call whatever you like, it doesn't have an identity crisis like humanity does. It is the place where God, ought o , there I said that word, resides in the bottom of each human soul. Yet, it is not limited to human beings. It is the essence of the universe. What an amazing realization!! The same creative power and energy that created the milky way and all the galaxies. The horsehead nebula, the moons of Jupiter, the red planet Mars, and all of heavens wonders . That same source created you and me and is living within all of us, whether we realize it or not!! How incredibly cool is that !!! The magnificance of that reality makes all of the petty ego dramas that play theslves out on a daily basis, seem so stupid and insignificant. Is your life a cheap fiction or the real thing? Wait , you don't even have a life. You are life living through the temporary residence you call me! Just Drop it! The ego that is. It is not who you are by a long shot.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Living with Compassion

Living with true compassion is effortless. That seems to be impossible. Don't we need to make effort, to strive, to be something more. This is not how compassion works. The feeling of compassion for others, another term for compassion is true love, or selfless love, comes naturally and flows from your heart . It does not come from trying to be something out of a sense of inadequacy or lacking within the bottom of our heart. In order to be truly compassionate,you must reconnect with the I AM ness of life. In other words, resting on the firm foundation of who we are at the central level. From that secret, sensitive and deep place, we can feel the total connectivity to the universe. This connectivity allows us to feel and see that no one is special because we are all special. It allows us to feel a connection of heart and a sensitivity of heart, and heightened spirit, effortlessly. From that connectivity, true love and compassion automatically flows with no barriers, no effort, creating divine joy, peace, and ecstasy. From that place you're able to see life as one with no division. Imagine the whole cosmos is one living organism similar to your own body. If you found discomfort or some problem in any part of your body, you would naturally sense and focus your attention and your energy, and your love in that area, in order for it to heal. The reason that most humans do not live with true compassion is because they feel a sense of separation from being cut off from their being by egoic consciousness. The sickness of the ego dulls that sensitivity and that feeling of connectivity. This cuts off the flow of natural compassion that automatically would flow in the awakened state of consciousness. Therefore our focus should not be on doing spiritual things or pretending to be spiritual, pretending to love out of the striving sense for future attainment. We need to look inward toward our deeper dimension, where the ego cannot live,where your true compassion is waiting to be ignited. You may say this sounds like an inactivity to me. Don't we need to take responsibility for the world? The answer is simply yes we do. But it needs to flow from our natural state of being within ourselves, not from the pseudo spiritual mask you try to put on, pretending to care in order to impress others, or to fill up the hole in your own soul. Fix the hole in the soul first, and at that point you will never need to try, or make effort ,to become compassionate. It is your natural state of being. Awakened it and see what happens .

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Beyond this world, these experiences, these sensation, this body, this mind, these thoughts, these emotions , there You are watching. You just need to watch the things in life. From that place of heart and consciousness you are invincible. This is your inner sanctuary, where life and you are inseparable, the One Life. Rest there now and forever. Do not move from the there. That place within is your root. It is totally still. It is totally unshakable. If you feel fear or are shaking inside, bring your consciousness back there. In that place there is no fear, there is no worry or anxiety,There is no shaking, there is no doing, and there is no need to do anything. That place will never leave you. It is eternal and cannot be destroyed. It is your rock, your foundation upon which all life flows. When the things of the world fill your life and your consciousness, let them flow in and out. Do not believe completely your thoughts, your human emotions ,or your experiences. Do not attach yourself and consciousness to anything. If you do you will create spiritual constipation. You'll get stuck and you will feel a diminishing of life's energy in you. Return to the source within, and find the place of stillness that you are, and watch again. Be the witnessing presence as your life unfolds in front of you. Be the Life, not the life situation. Just be yourself. Beyond the things in life you are there. Be still and know that I Am!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Bush & Bin Laden

The road to hell and destruction is paved with good intentions and noble idealistic deeds. Both of my friends here believe they are thinking and acting in the best interest of their people. They truly believe they are on a mission from God ( like the Blues Brothers movie ). The only problem with this is the idea of " my people or my country " is an egoic illusion. Us vs. Them is never right. It is always wrong, no matter how you want to try to judge the relative good or evil of either side. Ultimately, There is No " Them" . There is Only " Us ". Life is One !!!! Each human being is connected to the ONE BEING at its source. When you judge, blame, accuse, attack , or kill the so called "other" , You are doing that to your " SELF". This is the madness of the Ego plain and simple, both individually and collectively. Please George Stop ! Please Osama Stop ! Please Israel Stop !
Please Palestine Stop ! This may sound to simple to the mind. To the Heart and Soul of humanity it IS simple. Just Stop ! Both George and Osama are divine awareness at the deepest level. They are eternally connected as we all are fundamentally. Why not recognize who we are. Human Divinity at the essential level. Then forgive each other and recognize the only way to peace in the world is through peace in each humam mind and soul. We should remember who we are !!! Through that essental realization the whole world can change. This is not some Thing that we must try to achieve. It is . We are just asleep at the wheel , and this unconsciousness is creating confusion about who we are. George , wake up to who you truly are, pure divine consciousness. Osama , wake up to who you truly are, pure divine consciousness . Then you can recognize each other and forgive each other. This will begin the process of healing the world !!! This is not some far fetched idea. It is both of your Divine responcibilities NOW !!! From there we can all begin to see a new Heaven and Earth emerge !!! Let us all realize NOW before it is too late if you know what I mean!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Age of Divine Humanity

The age of religion is over. So is philosophy, including spiritual philisophication and all those other long confusing words . Who needs them anyway? Only a select few who still worship the intellect. If they usher in the conscious evolution of the planet, we may not be any better off! It is not that important to figure out reality or understand it intellectually. We should learn how to experience it in totality. In that sense method or technique is much more valuable . Life is existential and experience based. We know that Life Is. But how well do we know or experience it in bare naked reality. We need to practice Tantra. Tantra can liberate us from the mental prison most of us live in , unwittingly thinking that our thoughts and thought based emotions are real. They are not even close . They represent a wide spectrum from one perspective to total delusion!The mind is a servant of consciousness , soul , and compassion. Nothing more.
As such, the age of God the concept is over. We need to stop worshipping any form of idol or concept. Without the awakened divine human, what is the point of God anyway?
The divine man and woman are the center of the universe and cosmos. They connect the energy of heaven and earth. I hereby proclaim the Age of Divine Humanity !!! That is reality in its essence . When the divine soul of each human being realizes its true identity and wakes up from the dream of ego, heaven will also stop dreaming and just be. How life at this moment longs for its own true realization! Let it Be Now!

An Object of Life

Be an object of Life. That is what you are! So Be that ! Relax, meditate, rest. Let lifes energy flow through you unbstructed by concept or thought. Try it out and see how you feel . If that doesn’t work, go on with the mental exercise of subjective concepts or thoughts. They can become a prison of your consciousness if you don’t watch out. You don’t need belief systems or values based on preset conceptual thinking that is predominantly unconscious and conditioned. Challenge your concepts ! Test them out and know their reality or falsehood. This is a wise way of life. This is the Taoist way. Life is in control, not your mind! Does this sound scary. Damn right to the ego! It might lose its grip on your heart and soul. Your soul may be liberated and fly off into the clouds like an eagle.What would other people think if that happens? They might laugh at you. So what! Who cares! It is your soul and divinity expressing itself through an amazing original piece of art which is You! Let it Be. If you don’t , no one else will. It is up to you in the end. Live from your Being. Stop pretending or hiding in the corner in fear.There is nothing to fear . With courage and commitment let your light dissipate all darkness within and without. Then you will realize the deep joy and laughter from the depths of your Self. This is the only true freedom! All else is an illusion.

A Holy Man

What does it mean to be a holy man? First let's define the term holy. Holy doesn't mean to be special. Holy doesn't mean to be perfect. Drop your concept of holy that has been conditioned in your brain by your parents and ancestors. Another word for holy is total. We should think of ourselves as total men and women ,not holy, which is a misconception. What does it mean to be total? To be total means not to divide yourself at all. It means to be able to see life as one in totality or wholeness. It means to embrace life, and all of its forms,, and all of its energies, in all of its so-called perceived difficulties ,with an open mind and heart. This allows lifes energies to flow through you instead of the normal egoic resistance to life that humans tend to be stuck with. In other words most of humanity is spiritually constipated. When life energy gets resisted and we get stuck in our minds and hearts and even our physical body, there is a blockage that is created in that energy. This is spiritual constipation. This leads ultimately, to spiritual death. It leads to the false assumption and conceptual illusion that we are just the things in our life. And when that constipation gets bad, we become completely addicted and dependent on the forms in our life. If you want true freedom and liberation beyond form ,you need to take a laxative on the spiritual level. That laxative is called meditation in all of its various forms. Yoga is a good beginning place for that. Yoga will pry open and release the energy that is trapped in your addiction to form consciousness. Yoga is a profound form of meditation. It is definitely a cure for spiritual constipation. Not only are there tremendous spiritual, mental, and emotional benefits to yoga, the health of the physical body is greatly improved as well. The ultimate goal of yoga is stillness. That is why yoga for thousands and thousands of years has been a path to be coming a holy man, or should I say a total man or woman. Ultimately the purpose of yoga is to unite your individual consciousness with the transcendent divine consciousness that created us all, and to feel a total sense of oneness with the universe and cosmos. That oneness includes all of humanity as one family. Living as brothers and sisters united in that one consciousness, true compassion, peace and joy will flourish on the earth. Let it be!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happiness and the End of Suffering

Are you truly happy and completely without suffering in your life? I'm talking about freedom from psychological suffering, not physical pain .When I say suffering, I mean psychological suffering. If not, because most people aren't free from suffering, it simply means that there is unconsciousness in you. In other words the source of suffering in life is unconsciousness. How do we know this is true ? If you were fully conscious would you ever choose unhappiness or suffering. When you are fully conscious, you're fully aware of the consequences of your actions or thoughts. Therefore, the fully awakened conscious human being, a Buddha, would never choose suffering. He would never choose to think or do anything that would create suffering for himself or others. Therefore the fact that there is suffering in your life, is a result of spiritual unconsciousness. What is spiritual unconscious? Unconsciousness is created by conditioned mental patterns that we inherited throughout the generations from our ancestors. This is mental conditioning that has been alive in the human psyche for thousands and thousands of years. This compulsive mental conditioning has obscured our ability to see reality as it truly is. When we are unconscious we cannot see clearly. Our mind and perception is colored by thinking or compulsive thinking ,labeling, judging as well as with our obsession with past and future. Trapped in the past, our consciousness being absorbed by thinking about the past or living in the past, or worrying and projecting about imaginary things that might happen in the future. When we enter this mind set, we are in that state of unconsciousness ,in other words, not here fully in the present moment, It is kind of like being asleep spiritually. We do not feel, nor are we aware of the life energy that is within us and within all of the creation. This is a creation of the ego which is a mind made illusion. It is a bundle of thought forms and identification that we confuse ourselves with and call me or myself. It is the story of my life that continues on and on like a recording in the brain never stopping, never ceasing, and in many cases torturing us continuously. So what is the purpose of spiritual practice? Any type of spiritual practice, whether it is the study of spiritual teaching, yoga, or different types of meditation , they are all designed to do one thing. Their purpose is to make us awaken. To wake us up spiritually into full conscious awareness, based on the present moment in the now. Which is all there is. Life is only here in the now, and when our minds and consciousness are acsorbed by past and future, we lose touch with the now which is who we are, the life energy and awareness that exist only in the now. Once we are free from compulsive thought or conditioned reactive mental patterns that control us unconsciously, we will experience life in all its fullness and abundance. Life as it really is, vibrant, alive, and full of wonder and beauty. We will be free from the possession of psychological time because in the now, there is no time, there is just one eternal moment. We never experience life in the past or future. They are just thought forms in our mind. They have no substance. The past is a memory and the future is a mind projection without reality. We can never find ourselves in the future or in the past. We can still plan to develop our life situation freely and beautifully, however do not expect to ever find yourself in the future, some future moment that we imagine is better than this moment. Let's explore this moment first. When we bring our full attention and consciousness into this moment ,we will find that it has infinite depth and beauty. Let us immerse ourselves in this moment, which is life itself, all there ever is and will be. Now is forever, forever is Now. Let it Be!!!