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This Blog is a compilation of revelations, inspirations, and meditations that come from the distinctive perspective of eastern spirituality and mysticism! Please enjoy and share your thoughts, impressions and inspirations if any.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Sacred Vow

I hereby pledge to my beloved and to Life Itself that I will only love you as my partner.!
I will never make love to another as long as I live in this world!
If you accept this sacred love, I will be the happiest man that has ever lived!
If you do not accept this sacred love, then I will remain as a monk until I die!
Either way, my devotion to you and our friendship will remain unchanged!
This is Holy Love not ego!
I am not just a man! I am a buddha as well!
Please understand my heart and intention for us as well as all humanity!
Humanity needs an example of this divine love now more than ever!
The Age has come for divine human love to flourish accross the earth!
So let us be that!

Losing a Spouse

When we lose someone that we love in any way, it is not necessarily a bad thing alone. Even though it is painful and difficult, it may be the only way in which to truly find oneself, which is much more important than having the "other"! The others existence is ultimately there to help us on our inward journey, not to become a fixed dependency which is then a barrier to our progess! Any loss in life has the seed of this potentiality! On the wisdom path one can recognize this and use it to grow and benefit! This then will help others realize as well. Your tragedy becomes a portal into the Tao of existence!

Parallel Journeys

Life is a combination of external and internal journeys! The external is made up of places, people, time and circumstances! It has physical space and dimension to it! The internal journey which happens in conjunction with and through the external, is made of different stuff! It is a journey of energy elevation and spiritual realization! It is not bound by time and space but by ongoing levels of higher and higher consciousness. It is also a journey from ego based emotion to enlightened emotion and compassion. When we learn from our external joueney the lessons Life is trying to teach us, we progress on the internal path. When we don't learn, we then must repeat the same onoing conditions on the outside until we do get it and can progress further on the internal path! This is universal principle and cannot be changed or circumvented in any way! When you are able to embrace Life completely no matter what happens, and do it with awareness and intelligence, that is the secret to moving forward internally! Meditate frequently about your Life circumstances and all answers will eventually come!!! It is real so be it!

The Path of Intelligence vs. the Path of Wisdom

Most of humanity is treading on the path of intelligence. Itellectual knowledge and prowess are placed at a high priority and position by society in general! This is cause for great imbalance within the individual and is reflected in the world everywhere! We human beings have two other centers of intelligence besides the rational mind in the head. They are located in the heart chakra and in the hara, or dahn center located just below the navel. These other centers are equally important if not more important that the head! It is through the awareness and creative mastery of tese three energiy centers that one can move from the limited path of intelligence to the Path of Wisdom! The heart chakra center is there for emotional intelligence and compassionate action and the dahn center is there for awarness and enlightened consciousness! These aspects Allow us to experience life in all its breadth and fullnes ratrher than through the limited spectacles of the intellect!

Two Aspects of Sacredness

There are two aspects of sacredness! Aloness within oneself is the most fundamental and sacred of all. The second is love which has a partner in the process. Spiritual aloness is the primordial base of all existence! Through this sacred practice you can know Life as it existed before creation. This is fundamental sacredness! Through sacred love you can know the other as a partner in love. Through this experience you can know Life's motive for creation! This is why Jesus taught to love God with all your being and to love each other as you love God! Everything sacred exist within these two aspects!

Love Demands

When Love turns from a spontaneous flow of caring energy to expectations and demands, it is nearly on its deathbed! When partners in love lose that freedom and creative spontenaety, the ego has sunk its vicious teeth into something divine and turned it into something ugly! Ego love is not love at all. It is ego disguised as love! Please recognize this before it is too late and your precious love falls victim to the minds demand for control and certainty!

Friday, June 19, 2009


You should only worship your own Buddha nature and everyone else's as well! The Ego's function is then to simply serve The Buddha within us all!

Measuring The Ego

The size of a persons ego and measuring it is of the Ego. It is ultimately meaningless! So don't focus on doing that! The problem arises when we don't know our own essential Buddha nature and mistakenly identify with the Ego function of the personality as who we are. This then becomes a grasping attachment because of the fear that arises when we don't know who we are and when we feel cut of from the Source energy.The Ego function is a natural part of life! It is healthy when it serves our deeper essential nature which is Buddha (awake).

Monday, June 15, 2009

Judgement and Tonglen

Only a totally enlightened being has the right to judge others. Even, so they would probably prefer compassion to judgement. Thus is the way of the Bodhisattva!This is the practice of tonglen, exchanging places and karma. There is no higher love than this!

A Long Way To Go

There is always a long way to go on a endless journey!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Night

Last Night I went to my new home to prepare it spiritually for when I move in next week, I did energy cleansing and sage smudging to purify the energy field there! As I was doing pujas at midnight, I felt your divine presence there so strongly! It came into my spirit and lifted my soul to a great awakening of bliss and ecstacy!My soul was profoundly purified and enlightened with your prayers and love like never before in my life! I am so grateful to you my love for the grace and power of your eternal light! May all sentient beings be blessed with this!

Cascading flow

Since meeting you I have never felt so much love in my heart as now! It is like a wellspring of divine love creating a cascading flow of pure emotion and compassionate energy. My soul is alive with Life and brilliance! It has never known such intensity and depth! You are the spark of eternal bliss I have longed for for many many lifetimes! I haven't felt this good in centuries! My beloved Dakini!Om Mane Padme Hung!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Precious One

To my beloved! You have graced my life and spirit with such divine presnce and energy! I am totally slain asunder with the vajra sword of the Buddha's peace and compassion, flowing from your glowing eyes and heart!I long for the day when it might be possible to embrace you completely with my entire being of light, heart and soul!How I long to kiss every freckle, every strand of your long beautiful hair, and every cell of your glorious body! In your presnce the world of stress and complexity melt away into the great Tao of Life! You bring me such Joy and happiness as I have never expeienced and enjoyed before. I offer you all that I have and all that I am! Even this is still not nearly enough to repay your gentle kindness and wisdom! May our path together be a tremendous celebration of the Joy of Divine Life as it unfolds in this most marvelous Age! NGA KHYE-RANG DGA PO

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Means

The means and motive by which we act are very important! It is impossible to create a heavenly world thru hellish means. Samsaric motives and means invariably result in more of the same samsaric karma. Einstein said the any problem in life will never be solved at the same level of consciousness that which it was created! It is only through a higher level of consciousness that the motives, inspirations, solutions and means can solve humanities tremendous challenges and problems today. The first place to look is at the heart. We need an awakening of higher and higher demensions of heart and compassion to truly bring about change and growth for society! Otherwise seemingly solved problems today will re-emerge in a new form form later!

The Spontaneous Emanation of the Heart

Genuine Love is a spontaneous flow and emanation of the heart and soul! It cannot be forced, regulated, or manipulated in any way. It comes from the deepest recesses of your being. If you are graced with an experience of real love in your life, you are truly blessed! If you are married, a great challenge will be to keep this love from going stale and becoming dead through moralistic tenets and high expectations and demands of each other. Inevitably when the high expectations of love become too hard to fulfill between marriage partners, the love can evaporate like the early morning fog over the mountains! This then can turn into an ego love, hellish prison. In this environment love quickly turns to indifference and sometimes hatred of the other. This is an all too familiar pattern in our society. The ego crushes love by the weight of its desire to contol and manipulate it!