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This Blog is a compilation of revelations, inspirations, and meditations that come from the distinctive perspective of eastern spirituality and mysticism! Please enjoy and share your thoughts, impressions and inspirations if any.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Lesson from an Iron

I started to iron a sweater in my bedroom this morning . After about five minutes the sweater was still wrinkled. I didn't understand why until I looked down at the electrical outlet and realized that the iron was not plugged in! This then reminded me of the current human condition. Most of us are not plugged in to the Source of life and don't realize it. We are like an iron with no power trying to get the wrinkles out with no success. We all need to find the right plug so we can feel the full power and magnitude of Life in all its glory and abundance. Whether that plug is Jesus , Buddha , Mohamed , Krishna , Yoga , Tantra , Deeksha , Mantra or something else, the most important things are to be plugged in, and to realize that there is only one Source. Debating whose plug is true or right automatically gets you unplugged! Those are the rules like it or not. When you feel the Source, all debate is meaningless, so drop it! Let the energy flow through your whole being into all aspects of Life until you are immersed in the profound Oneness!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Belly Full

Chi is the life force energy that permeates all matter and sustains our life. The ancient Taoists masters realized the importance of cultivating and storing this energy in the area just below the navel called the Tan Tien. Science has now shown that this area of the stomach contains neurotransmitters which are similar to the brain. The Taoists called the Tan Tien area the second brain. It is the center of awareness and energy. If this area has low energy and it out of balance with the rest of the body and brain we become imbalanced and centered in our head which causes all kinds of problems & issues. The ancient art of Chi Kung ( energy work )
was developed to create harmony, vitality, and balance to the body, mind, & spirit.
Without this balance we cannot make progress in our spiritual development. It is the foundation of higher celestial work. It is also important to develope a strong base physically and energetically in the calves and thighs , otherwise our thoughts and emotions will blow us around in all directions.
Chi exists in everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat. It can also be cultivated from the sun, moon, and other celestial bodies. The human being is a chi receptor and can receive and store this vital life force energy if they understand how. With no understandng and training we unecessarily lose and waste our precious chi resulting in illness and ultimately death. Chi cultivation & management is the great secret of ancient Taoism ! In ancient times when life expectancy was around 35, the Taoists masters live to bewteen 80 to 100 years and sired children even in their late seventies. We should pay attention to these secrets !!!

Melting Into Heaven

Heaven is not a place you go after death if you have been good or you believe in a certain religion. Heaven is within you in your state of consciousness. When you have completely relaxed all tensions and stress both consciously and in your unconscious mind and have let go all fears and expectations, you will simply melt into a state of samadhi or heaven. It is totally natural and beautiful to taste that sweet nectar of life experience. Be careful though, you may not want to return to the mundane awareness of egoic consciousness. Once you have gotten a glimpse of heaven it is impossible to completely go back !!! It is an inward journey to realize who you are at your essence!

An Exquisite Silence

Last night I awoke at 3 AM! I coudn't sleep, not because of my troubles, but because everything was as it was meant to be . As I wandered downstairs I found myself walking out the back door and into the yard. It was then I noticed an exquisite silence that was as thick as the cream on the milk I had just purchased the other day. It was as if I was swimming in an enegry of peace and stillness that was almost palpable. I then found myself lying naked in the grass feeling every blade caress my back. I felt the gentle breeze play around me in a swirling dance of ecstatic bliss as the subtle sound of night insects serenaded me to sleep. When I awoke, it was a morning that felt like a new awakening of life in all its splendor and mystery. I then realized it is this way every new day, the rebirth of heaven in all its glory is there only just for us to see!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Practice

Finding a spiritual practice is the beginning not the end. The end is dropping the spiritual practice. The End

Good, Bad, and Is

Most of us label our daily circumstances and experiences as either good or bad. This is all there is to the comparative dualistic mind. However, there is one other response which to label that most of us miss. IS . Is is. Good and bad are subjective perspectives and judgements on life . IS is objective reality. To live authentically in the present moment we need to relate to reality and go beyond the
illusion of the subjective mind. This is true of our on self image. We need to look at ourselves as we are . This is the beginning to liberation!

Beyond the Pain , The Stillness

There are two types of pain we experience in our lives. Physical pain and psychological pain. One of the four noble truths the Buddha spoke of is the truth of suffering. He was primarily referring to psychological pain in this case. This kind of pain is not caused by circumstances, but by our resistance to our circumstances. So what is the antitote to suffering ? Accepting and embracing our circumstances whatever they may be. The path is beyond!!! You can also experience this with physical pain as well. When you go beyond pain in all it's forms there is stillness. And in the stillness you meet your soul! When you meet your soul in stillness you experience the Tao!!! At that point you bless your pain as the pathway in to your true Self!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Naturally Divine

Don't expect God to be unnatural! God or divinity is the most natural thing in the world. It is our distorted , illusory consciousness that is unnatural! From that kind perspective we seem to expect God to prove him/herself by acts of the supernatural. This is unfortunate and the tragedy of the current state of human awareness. Humans were, and still are, created by life in God's image and likeness. We cannot and should not use our humanity as an excuse for unconscious behavior and selfish destructive thoughts and actions! Now a new age of divine humanity is arising as a shift in conscious awareness is transforming humanity back to the garden , as Joni Mitchell put so well years ago. Embrace this transformation and see what happens !!! You will realize your true state of total naturalness !

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Okay to just "Be"

It's okay to just "be". In the hustle and bustle of modern life the intense mindstream of doing, acheiving or getting someplace, can pull us away from our beingness. This creates a disunity of mind and body which causes all sorts of problems. It can cause severe stress which leads to physical, mental, emotional, and spirtual breakdown!!! We become disconnected from life and our consciousness becomes trapped in our thoughts and emotions. We need to allow ourselves to "JUST BE".
Not to be something or become somebody. To know our Real Self as we are. Unfortunately this can also be a problem even with so called religious people who are on a mission to save the world. They get so wrapped in the "mission" that they forget who they are and lose themselves in a world of delusion! Two thousand years ago Jesus said " The Kingdom Of Heaven is at Hand". So where is it now? It is hidden in your own beingness. You need look no further!!!