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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Be Who You Already Are

Be who you already are. You are the divine light and consciousness of life itself. Allow your self to be who you already are and shine that light from the depth of your soul where you are connected with th one life, out through your energy chakras to your heart and mind, your voice, and your actions as a witness to the one life. When you try to become more and more out of a sense of inadequacy or guilt about being the unconsciousness within you in your past, you have forgotten who you truly are. You still believe that that unconsciousness and conditioned mental patterns, which is beyond your control, is you. If the one life created you as an expression of divinity , if we came from that place, why can't we recognize who we are. How do we recognize who we are. First we must recognize what we are not. We are not our thoughts, we are not our emotions, we are not our possessions, we are not our life story, we are not our body, we are not any of the things in our life. We are life itself, pure consciousness, pure eternal awareness just like we were when we were born as a child, before the conditioned thinking of the ego mind started to program are minds into thinking unconsciously. This is why Jesus said to enter the kingdom of heaven you must become like a child. He didn't mean to shrink our physical body, or to act in childish ways. He meant that we needed to free ourselves from the possession of the ego mind and the compulsive conditioned thinking that keeps us trapped in unconsciousness, trapped in the world of form. He pointed us in the direction to return our state of consciousness to that of the newborn child as it looks at the world freshly, with awareness, curiosity, with the wonder that sees simply the beauty of creation in the present moment. That is who you were when you are born, bright eyed, open-minded, open hearted, absorbing all in wonder and splendor and beauty and Joy. Do not think that you need to be more than you already are. This compulsive drive based on future accomplishment for future achievement both spiritually and materially is an illusion designed to keep you trapped in the past or in the future. This trap is a kind of spiritual sleep or obscuration created by the ego mind that covers up your true pure divine nature. You will never find that nature in the world a form. You will never find it outside of your deepest self. It is an inward journey. A journey that doesn't require time, that will bring you back home where it all started. If you think you need more time to realize that, then you will, until you realize that you don't need time anymore. If you think you need another life or to be reincarnated again ,then you will ,until you realize that you do not need to be reborn again . Reincarnation will not ever help you if in your future life you still don't know who you are. Spiritual realization ,which happens in the now, in this moment, in the depths of the present moment, is a process of waking up to your true identity as a human being not a human doing. It was created by the one life which we can never separate from who we are. From the realization of that connection, comes the greatest sense of compassion that transcends right and wrong ,good and bad ,egoic grasping love ,wanting and desiring. It comes from a place of total stillness, which is who you are. If you know the stillness ,then you know you have all you need already, and you don't need to get anything more. You can watch your life situation as forms,come and go,as the rhythm of life brings you more and less and less and more, like the gentle waves on a river, just like the passing clouds in the sky. You can never find yourself in those forms, period. Stop trying to become something more than you already are. You already are universal intelligence, infinite wisdom, and an ocean of compassion that reaches every corner of the universe. As vast as the universe is, the space of your consciousness is just as vast. Be still and know who you are!!!!!. I AM

God and I are One

How it can be otherwise!! When an artist paints a master piece he puts all his heart, effort and soul in it. His very essence is there on the canvas in the colors, in the brush strokes you will find him there hidden, but yet fully exposed. Our lives run the same whether we realize it or not, God is hidden yet fully exposed. Even when we sleep we rest in his bosom and he replenishes our energy, heart and mind in the bottom of dreamless sleep. He is there every night and all day long even though when we are awake we unconsciously ignore, denigrate and resist his touch. When we embrace the essence of life we can feel it guide and caress our minds and souls and those around us who share the common connection, and even those who don’t realize it yet, because they are trapped in their conditioned thinking. We are a symphony of love and life being played out on a cosmic scale daily at the present moment, which is eternal and timeless. Let it flow!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yoga & Tantra

Yoga is based on the resistance. Tantra is based on acceptance and alignment with life energy. On the surface to the little mind they look like opposites or two different techniques to awakening. Either practice one or the other. Yoga is the meditation way and tantra is the way of love and devotion. However, all opposites are actually united and dependent on each other. In other words, their duality is just an illusion. The very wise practice is to learn and master the art of unity between yoga and tantra. As yoga allows you to open more fully and your life energy begins to flow more abundantly, the ego will try to block and oppose that energy and prevent you from awakening. This is where tantra can be useful to the yogi. As the energy flows through the practices of yoga, receive it and allow it to be with the tantra mind of complete acceptance and surrender, feeling all of your life energy with total conscious awareness. In this way the flow from yoga will purge and dissolve the many fears that block your Chakras and allow the energy to progress easily and beautifully. Without tantra, the ego will react to the opening and flow from your yoga practice and you will struggle more with these opposing life energy directions. Life energy is pouring and flowing abundantly all the time, however without the opening created by yoga and the receptivity and alignment of tantra it will be fought and blocked by the ego energy that flows in the opposite direction against life’s flow seeking to grab and attach, smother, distort, obscure the direction and flow of life.

The Way of Yoga

Yoga is not simple exercise, or physical workout. Whatever you do to your body affects your mind, heart, emotions and soul. If you practice yoga, do so whole heartedly with awareness and understanding of it’s true purpose and nature. It is not a religion either. It is one way of spirituality that will help you find the place of stillness and peace within you. It can help you awaken to the knowledge of your true identity. It can also help you master your life energy and grow your awareness. It is not the only way to awaken, but it can be right for you.

Tantra & Sex

Tantra is not about free and indulgent sex. It does not promote promiscuity on licenscious behavior. Too many people misunderstand the message of tantra. It is about exploring our nature and feeling our energy fully and completely. Thus finding true freedom in knowing life, sex, love, anger, greed, death, depression, joy, hope, sorrow. All of life’s energies. It is about facing our fears of life and moving through them with awareness, then we can be liberated from our fears. Do not let the ego twist and distort the true meaning of tantra. Unconscious indulgence in any of life’s energies as well as repression and avoidance keep you trapped by the ego. The ego wants you to misunderstand and distort the truth so it can keep you in prison.

Embrace all of life completely and know it thoroughly and you will transcend the ego’s grip on your true nature. Your soul will then blossom in all it’s full abundance and bring to you the joy and peace of knowing and being.

Now and Tao

Hanging out in the “Now” is the way of the Tao.

Letting life’s energy carry you on it’s wings without a care of where you go and what you experience is the greatest of all adventures!!!

Drop your goals, drop your doing

Drop your pretense of who you think you are and see what happens.
The so called miracle becomes your everyday path with life as your guide.
Can you trust life this deeply? This is true faith! Not the psuedo faith that requires a belief or expected outcome. Not the faith that is practiced for some ultimate reward in the future.

Life here and now is enough!!!

Enough said.

Sobul Now Pointers

Now is forever
Forever is now
Life is spirituality
Spirituality is life

Life is death
Death is life

Form is emptiness
Emptiness is form

Form is consciousness
Consciousness is form

I am not my little self

I am not living my life
Life is living through my form and consciousness
Life is tired of egoic obscurations
Life wants us all every human and future human to be fully and completely awake
Free from the possession of the ego mind!!!
Now is the time!!
Egoic obscurations were inevitable
Just as it is inevitable that every human eventually will wake up!

The Courage to Surrender

Have the courage to surrender
Don’t Try
Drop the Effort
It will never be enough if you try
Let it be
The courage is in you already
When you want and desire for your own life you have divided yourself from life
Have the courage to surrender to complete stillness within your true essential nature.
Life will take you on it’s wings and show your the wonder that was meant to be all along.
You can never lose when you are complete stillness.
Life will live through you in all it’s abundance.
Have the courage to surrender.
It is in you. Now and forever!!!

Two Kinds of Fear

We are in the present moment our physical body is threatened by some outside force. We all have an instinctual fear that is triggered as a protection or defense mechanism for our body. This is the primordial intelligence that lives in every cell of our bodies and controls all the thousands of functions that keep us alive. Breathing, heartbeat, circulation, nervous system etc. This type of fear defense mechanism is perfectly natural and normal. It is beyond the minds control anyway.

But there is another type of fear that we sometimes feel which is psychological fear. It is primarily based on a mind made projection about what’s going to happen in the future or about the uncertainty of the future. It is future based not based on the present moment. It’s rooted in our unconscious fear of death and sex. It has been reinforced by our societal obsession with sex and the fear of death. Drilled into us by the collective conditioned mind patterns of the ego. It is totally baseless and illusory. It prevents your life energy to move up through your seven charkas or energy centers and prevents you from becoming totally awakened. Fortunately there is a way to be liberated from this illusion. Embrace all your fears that are future based. Accept them “totally” in the moment you feel their energy. Do not fight or repress or avoid them. Otherwise you will be stuck with their negative energy forever. Feel them deeply. Only then can you realize that it’s true nature is not real. It will then move through you and be released. You will feel tremendous peace and liberation when you open that door and allow it to be in the present moment. Only that which is real can survive and live in the present moment. Illusory psychological fear will dissolve and transmute into deep peace. The same is true for pain. Do not resist pain, feel it deeply. Embrace it and transmute it into peace and liberation. Your awakening can then move on to the next charka above the second charka. These are Charka #’s 3,4,5,6 &7. They are not damaged and pure. Your progress to awakening will then move smoothly after the fear of death has been transcended.

Cults Today & Yesterday

What is the definition of a cult? Where can we see examples of cults? They are everywhere, and in places we don’t realize. Whenever a group of people raise up a leader
And worship him or her as superior to themselves, or look to them for salvation, you have the recipe for a cult. The problem lies in both the leader actually believing the he or she is superior, and the followers affirming and supporting that illusion. This happens in New Age religious sects, political organizations, and even countries, such as North Korea, Cuba, etc. You could also see this phenomenon in the corporate world and in the cult of celebrity that Hollywood and the media perpetrate daily on TV, in the movies and other medium. Look at the phenomenon of “the apprentice “with Donald Trump or Martha Stewart. Although pretty harmless at first glance, the basic elements are in place for cult like following or behavior. The idea that anyone would want to emulate these people is pretty sad in our society.

But contemporary culture or New Age religion is not the only area that we can see this. How about Christianity, Islam, Marxism, Maoism, Stalinism, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and so on and so forth. Now I’m not making value judgments here. However, each one of these situations is cult like. Jesus didn’t establish Christianity, his followers did. They made him into an idol and deceived humanity by proclaiming that he could save them. Jesus never actually said this. He rightly pointed that through his state of consciousness,

Which was egoless and pure, one with life, humanity could be saved. He also said that we must become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven, once again pointing to the state of pure conscious awareness that we can see in children. Free from the obsessive thinking ego mind. He said that the Father was within him as well as within us all. In the Gospel of Thomas he clearly states that each of us must find salvation within the deepest dimension of our minds, hearts, and soul, not by some magic hocus pocus. He said that we must take up our own cross and follow.

Today’s religions, both old and new would still prefer to hide in the shadow of their leaders so they can avoid the naked process of true salvation, which means to surrender completely and align themselves with the such ness of life in every moment. Jesus was simply the profound teacher and Zen master. Not someone to create a cult around.

Humanity must find this pure conscious awareness that is beyond form that can liberate us all from the dominance and suffering of Ego. Ego is the fundamental illness of all humanity. It makes us all insane to one degree or another. Whenever you suffer there you will find Ego and its drama. Pure Conscious Awareness doesn’t make anyone special or better that the other. It is within all of us as our true divine nature. It allows us to see the sameness or connection to the one life that we are. It helps us completely recover our basic Sanity as human beings, and frees us from the burden of human doings. If we believe that our basic identity is defined by what we do and not who we are already as a human being, then we suffer from the mental disease of thinking we are a human doing. This is insanity at its basic level. Have you ever watched a person on the street talking out loud to themselves? Most people think that such a person is crazy. However, almost all of humanity does the same thing in their mind all the time as well. At least the so-called crazy person has the guts to do it openly. The rest of us are cowards! Drop the mental dialogue to your illusory self the Ego. It is a fiction that lives on psychological past and future mind made thought forms. If we also raise it up within ourselves to a position of superiority or give it any sense of self, we are our own cult!

Hidden Agenda's

Almost all of human interaction is more than it seems on the surface. Most often there is a hidden motive or agenda. Usually it is almost always apparent even though it lies just under the surface of the interaction. The Sales person will obviously try to present more of the positives about his or her product than the negative. In the business environment these agendas are mostly transparent although unspoken. In the strictly human relationship area though , some are hidden deeply or disguised cleverly by the Ego in it’s attempt to get what it wants. This phenomen happens because we are almost always wearing an Ego mask or disguise when we interact with each other. Some human interaction is genuine and pure, however this is only on occasion. Most people are afraid to be totally open and naked out of the psychological fear to be hurt or rejected, or because the Ego has convinced them to believe that they are bad or unworthy. We also try to be or act in sort of an Ego drama because we still don’t know who we are on the essential level. We therefore try to be more good or more spiritual out of this sense of deficiency or confused identity. Just be your natural self which is full of life and vigor. Don’t pretend to be something that you are not. Live with full consciousness and explore and know all feelings, emotions, and energy that flows through you every moment. Our fundamental identity crisis causes us allow the Ego to cover our true Divine Nature with delusive thinking and obscuration. This cuts us off from being fully alive and vibrant as we should be always. How can we lift off this yoke of Ego. By recognizing it in our minds when it arises. Whenever you feel or say something that causes you unease or disturbance within your mind and heart or within another person , ask yourself” Who said that?” was it my pure divine nature or was it The Ego.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Finding The Essence

What Are We anyway? What is our life made up of? On one level we have our body, our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Most of us think that that is all there is! Some even think that they are their possessions, my car, my house , my position at work, in government, my role as husband , parent, child etc. And this is all true on the level of form. However form is dependent on one other factor most of us miss that is right under our noses. Consciousness! We are also Consciousness. Our form is dependent on our perceiving awareness. Without it there would be no form . no me . no my story. Now let’s ask this question, If form is dependent on consciousness, is consciousness dependent on form. The answer is maybe , maybe not! Consciousness seems to just be. It Is period. No beginning and maybe no end. Eternal? Form definitely has a beginning and an end. All forms both physical and thought based forms are first manifested then return to a state of unmanifested, however consciousness doesn’t seem to work that way . The fact that we know that all forms are impermanent would point to the possibly that there must be an aspect of life that is the permanent perceiving awareness that allows us to know the fact that forms are fleeting or impermanent! If the world was only the color blue, we wouldn’t even know it without any thing to contrast it to . Like wise if all forms are impermanent which science has proven in many different ways, then that which knows it, our consciousness, must be permanent or eternal.

How do I know if I have truly realized this or if it is just an intellectual concept. Do I really know that I am eternal? Imagine this is the last day of your life and your form identity is dissolving at 12 midnight. How do you feel, or what would you do? Is there any fear, concern, or uneasiness is your heart. Do you worry about extinction or annihilation? Are you afraid to let your pure true reality be exposed because of your past life situation, or are you just returning your physical body peacefully to the place that had loaned it to you in the first place! Back to your true home in the unmanifested ground of life. This is what Jesus meant when he said “ I am the way to eternal life” He knew that he was pure consciousness and therefore eternal!!

That is why after his form identity was brutally killed , he was resurrected back to the source of life. The question then becomes, “ do you know your self at the deepest level , in other words your essential nature of pure beautiful conscious awareness that is one with the one eternal life that is beyond birth and death , the Alpha & the Omega, Omniscient , Omnipotent, Omnipresent. Do not get fooled into a belief system that says I just have to believe this on the level of intellectual concept. That is an egoic trap. The Ego wants to keep you there with a false sense of security that I am saved!

Jesus will magically rescue me after I die ! This is an egoic delusion!

We must know in the marrow of our bones, in every cell in our body, and every corner of our consciousness our true identity as pure consciousness. We must be aware of awareness at the deepest level. And we must know , not just believe in , the fact that we are eternal. Only then will we also be resurrected . Otherwise , If we only know ourselves at the form level or egoic consciousness level we will surely die because all forms both visible and invisible ( thought , emotions , my story ) are impermanent.

So the urgent purpose of your life is to wake up to know your true essential identity. This is the meaning of Buddha Realization! Jesus was a Buddha. He fully and completely woke up to his true essential nature as pure Divine consciousness . That is why he said “ I have overcome this world” In other words transcended the level of the egoic, form level identity and consciousness.

He also said , you must take up the cross and follow me if you want eternal life! That cross is the sometimes excruciatingly painful process of moving from egoic form identity and consciousness to your true essential identity of awakened pure divine consciousness. In this process you must face life totally naked without pretense , feel all of lifes various energies flow in you and through you, including your deepest fears, and be cleansed of all traces of unconscious mental conditioned thought and emotion. In other words liberated from the possession of the Ego. Ultimately , You are not the Ego. You are not your fleeting thoughts and emotions, or the story of me that plays almost on auto pilot in your head constantly. You Are Life itself living through your temporary form. Let the false identification with the Ego Go!!!
Drop it completely!!! Only then will you find the Joy and Ectasy of Being that transcends all dualty, pain and pleasure, birth and death , God and me, love and hate, up and down, inside and outside. samsara and nirvana .

You are that already, realize it Now. You are being, consciousness, and bliss !!!