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This Blog is a compilation of revelations, inspirations, and meditations that come from the distinctive perspective of eastern spirituality and mysticism! Please enjoy and share your thoughts, impressions and inspirations if any.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Tip of Your Nose

The Source is as close to you as the tip of your nose. It is just as natural for human beings to be connected to the Source, as is it for the Sun to rise every morning! Don't try to find that connection by searching outside yourself. Instead, focus on removing the barriers and blockages that have cut you off from that connection. These blockages are caused by tension, stress, and negative emotions which prevent that energy from flowing naturally in and through you at all times. This is why it is so important and essential to exercise, meditate, and practice some form of spiritual bodywork ( yoga, tai chi, kigong, reiki etc. ) When these things become a natural part of your everyday routine and practice, you will see and feel the Source close by both within and without. Your world then becomes a divine sea of Ki life energy to swim and play in!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Instruments of Spirit

We are all born with manys gifts that can take a lifetime to develop full awareness of. These are the gifts of body, mind, soul, and spirit. They are not in our sole possesion, but are instruments of the Great Spirit as the native americans call it. This is why Saint Francis of Assis prayed " Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace". We are spiritual beings in a material world so goes the song by Sting. To allow that to manifest fully, our body mind and soul must vibrate and resonate at a similar frequency as that Great Spirit ( Tao ) does. Our whole spiritual life focus should then be centered on fine tuning that vibration. Each day and moment is then an opportunity to move closer to that resonance, or move further away. Ask yourself every day " Are my thoughts, emotions, and deeds bringing me closer, or creating more distance from that reality". Ah, the razors edge!

The Cure

The fundamental afflication of humanity is samsaric consciousness created by the illusion of separation and ego identification. This gives rise to all illness, misery, and suffering on the planet at all levels. The cure or medicine for this insidious malady is meditation. This includes sitting meditation, moving meditation ( yoga, tai chi, kigong, and other forms of conscious excersise), and active meditation ( dynamic, kundalini, gourishinkar, and others). When meditating, imagine that you are treating yourself and your fundamental illness with the most profound and natural medicine available in the world. It is Life's prescription for you at no charge.It also works on every level of your being ( physical, mental, emotional, astral, spiritual, and akashic ) What more could you ask for from a medicine! It is Life's gift. Use it well and daily. Over time see how much of a profound impact it can have on you.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Three Basic Minds

As Life has created each of us, we all have three minds. The first and most recognized is the center in the physical head where we create ideation, intuition, and intention. This is our guiding or directive energy of thought. The second mind, which is located in the heart area is our emotional center and emotional intelligence. Through interaction with the first and third minds we experience love, compassion and other emotions. The third mind which is located in the abdominal area, is our fundamental energy center , which also has its own intelligence. We experience this throughout our lives as a gut feeling or foresight. Understanding, managing, and balancing these three centers or minds is the great, mysterious challenge of living Life. When they are in conflict, or are out of balance, we suffer. This suffering is not necessarily a bad thing. Many times it is Life's way of letting us know where we are unbalanced, and acts as a tool of our awakening out of unconsciousness. We aso have three basic types of Ki (life energy) that relate to these minds. Jungki (pro-creative), Ki(vital), and Shinki(directive or intention)are these energies. Jungki is centered in the sexual center, Vitalki is in the kidneys, and Shinki in the mind and heart center.When you master these minds and energy centers,you become a master of Life itself.

True Heart and the Ego

Where there is true heart and compassion, there can be no ego. Where there is ego, there can be no true heart. They cannot exist in the same place or space. They are like water and oil. They don't mix at all. Becoming egoless as a goal or focus on the spiritual path is not attained or realized by fighting or negating the ego. It is realized through the realization and practice of true love and compassion. The ego will naturally diminish in that environment and energy. True love comes from and is connected to the Source. Ego is just a manifested form that originates in the mind and thinking. It serves a certain function in relating to others and the rest of the manifested world. However, it is not who you are at the deepest level. This forgetting and substituting of ego as our fundamental identity is called ignorance and spiritual slumber. We should awaken out of this unconsciousness to realize our true nature and identity as a buddha!