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Monday, January 31, 2011

Page 1 The Book of Amorology by Robert S

The Book of Amorology

Only Love is eternal
Infinity is eternal
Infinity must be Love.

Love is the essence of all physical matter.

Love transcends the laws of physics.
Love obeys the laws of God.

Love is the Force of the Source.

Love is limitless in power and in peace.

Happiness is an attribute of Love.
Joy is an attribute of Love.
Peace is an attribute of Love.
Attack is the opposite of Love.

Those who attack feel strong but are powerless because they lack Love.
Those who forgive feel weak but are powerful because they contain Love.


The meek shall inherit the earth.

Time and space are different perspectives of the same phenomenon.

If there is space, there must be time.
If there is time, there must be space.

“Empty space” is a contradiction in terms.

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