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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Of Ascetics, Hedonists, and Survivalists

Through my many years of living in this lifetime I have met all kinds of people from all different cultures and countries. The experience of diversity has been very rich and precious. However, almost 99.9% of them fall into one of three categories. These are Ascetics, Hedonists, or Survivalists. Survivalists are centered on the root chakra and the predominance of their thinking and energy is focused on the best way to survive in this world. The Hedonists are centered in the second or pleasure chakra and their thinking and energy focus on any and all kinds of pleasure typically purchased by money or ego centered relationships. The Ascetic or moralists is centered on the third or manipura chakra and their thinking and energy is focused on right and wrong or good and evil according to their beliefs, values, and viewpoints. It is however still dominated by ego. It is also true that at different points in my life experience I have been in one of these three categories and know them well.

What I have recently found over the past five years or so is another way of being called the Middle Way. It is cultivated by the experiencing and balancing of all of these fixed positions by becoming aware of their center in the middle. It embraces all the chakras including the highest and lowest, and is closely related to the way of Tao and Tantra, which teach the way of acceptance and flow without getting stuck in fixed positions.

It embraces the idea that a true holy life is not one of pursuing moralistic idealism, but of living without denial, and accepting all things as holy and divine. It embraces all of life's energies in a continual flow of peace and surrender so that not even one speck of the universe is considered bad or wrong. This is life as a whole, not dividing anything.

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